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Sewage Overflows and Incidents Reported in Date Range

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Public Alerts
Newly Reported Overflows
Authorized Wet Weather Combined Sewer Overflows
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The following are Public Alerts submitted by Wastewater Treatment Facilities for prompt public awareness of untreated discharges and their locations. These alerts have been directly reported by Wastewater Treatment Facilities and may have not yet been reviewed by the State. Wastewater Treatment facilities are required to submit a public alert as soon as possible, but no longer than one hour from discovery of an untreated discharge from the wastewater treatment facility. This time requirement is extended to no longer than four hours if the operator does not have telephone or internet service at the location or they are working to control or stop the untreated discharge. Additional details regarding sewage overflows and incidents are required to be reported within 12 hours of discovery and available below.
Facility NameTownLocation DescriptionReceiving WatersDate/Time Submission EnteredID
RutlandRutlandCSO #001 - CalvaryOtter Creek2/8/2019 11:04:26 AM1331
St JohnsburySt JohnsburyCSo 16. Concord ave by Fred Mold parkPassumpsic2/7/2019 4:04:55 PM1330
St Albans CitySt AlbansWe were not feed Sodium Hypochlorite in chemical buildingStevens Brook2/7/2019 7:59:15 AM1329
RutlandRutlandCSO #1 - Calvary Cemetery & CSO # 4 - Meadow Street - Third Base Ball Field Combined.
High flows through storm drains and the collection system due to rapid snow melt, runoff, and "ponding" of water in streets and road ways caused by warm temperatures.
East Creek & Otter Creek2/5/2019 3:32:11 PM1328
Vergennes Vergennes Below falls in Vergennes cso outfall 002Big Otter Creek2/5/2019 12:24:47 PM1327
St Albans CitySt Albanslower welden st. CSOStevens brook1/24/2019 9:06:36 PM1326
Vergennes Vergennes Below the falls in VergennesOtter Creek1/24/2019 3:18:13 PM1325
Essex JunctionEssex JunctionLang Farm pump station forcemain break located at 55 Essex Way in the Town of Essex.

Tributary to Indian Brook1/24/2019 1:11:10 PM1324
RutlandRutlandCSO # 1 - Calvary Cemetery
CSO # 2 - Home Plate - Ball field
CSO # 4 - Meadow Street & School Street Combined - Third Base - Ball field
Heavy Rain, Melting Snow, Flooding in Streets & Roadways are overwhelming storm drains and collection system.
East Creek & Otter Creek1/24/2019 6:51:11 AM1323
NEWLY REPORTED OVERFLOWS. These overflows are pending review from DEC Wastewater staff
No Records Found In Date Range
Start DateEnd DateStart/End TimesMunicipalityLocationWaterbodyNature of IncidentEstimated Volume (gallons)Wastewater Treatment FacilityContact PersonSubmission NumberID
View2019-02-082019-02-0808:31 am to 07:11 pmRutland CityCSO #001 CalvaryOtter CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow1,220,564 GallonsRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-E58Y-YG40P4541
View2019-02-072019-02-0712:30 pm to 02:30 pmst. jojnsburycos 16 where out fall enters passumpsic riverpasssumpsic riverAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow>100 to 1,000 gallonsSt JohnsburyHugh Wescott Public Works DirectorHNM-D4CD-3G0BW4542
View2019-02-052019-02-0502:55 pm to 06:51 pmCity of RutlandCSO #1 - Calvary CemeteryOtter CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow358,028 gallonsRutlandJeff Wennberg, Commissioner of Public WorksHNM-BS9F-RAFXZ4539
View2019-02-052019-02-0501:33 pm to 03:38 pmCity of RutlandCSO # 4 - Meadow Street - Third Base, Ball Field, CombinedEast CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow12,959 gallonsRutlandJeff Wennberg, Commissioner of Public WorksHNM-BSNH-YZE5F4540
View2019-02-052019-02-0512:00 pm to 04:30 pmVergennesOtter CreekOtter Creek below the falls VergennesAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow79,800Vergennes Rick Chaput, Chief OperatorHNM-BKP5-A962K4538
View2019-01-24  Rutland CityCSO 001 - CalvaryOtter CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow2,686,426 incident on-goingRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-2BCQ-Y1FFD4527
View2019-01-24  Rutland CityCSO #002 Home PlateEast CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO OverflowOtherRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-2BR2-DNPDV4528
View2019-01-242019-01-2411:26 am to 07:26 pmRutland CityCSO #005 West StEast CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow149,915 gallons in two periodsRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-2BZ9-W4BPQ4529
View2019-01-24  Rutland CityCSO #003 and CSO#004 - Third BaseEast CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO OverflowCSO#004 is not reporting due tRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-2BJM-G7M6H4530
View2019-01-242019-01-2404:45 pm to 05:11 pmCity of st. Albanslower welden st. CSOStevens BrookAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow>10,000 to 100,000 gallonsSt Albans CityMarty Manahan Public works directorHNM-2DBC-N1NK84532
View2019-01-242019-01-2403:00 pm to 11:00 pmVergennesMacdonough Dr. Pump Station CSO #002Otter CreekAuthorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow167,900gallonsVergennes Rick Chaput, Chief OperatorHNM-2789-6D1574526
ALL OTHER OVERFLOWS Reviewed by DEC Wastewater staff
Start DateEnd DateStart/End TimesMunicipalityLocationWaterbodyNature of IncidentEstimated Volume (gallons)Wastewater Treatment FacilityContact PersonSubmission NumberID
View2019-02-152019-02-1507:25 am to 07:25 amPittsfordPittsfordOtter CreekDischarged treated and partly disinfected effluent>10,000 to 100,000 gallonsPittsford Shawn Hendee Chief OperatorHNM-M05N-7GF064546
View2019-02-072019-02-0703:00 pm to 04:45 pmEssex JunctionEssex Junction WRRF DischargeWinooskI RiverDischarged treated and partly disinfected effluent>100,000 to 500,000 gallonsEssex JunctionJames Jutras, Water Quality Superintendent, Chief OperatorHNM-DZ3B-Z06GE4543
View2019-02-062019-02-0701:00 pm to 07:30 amCity of St.AlbansCity wastewater plantStevens BrookDischarged treated and undisinfected effluent>1,000,000 gallonsSt Albans CityMarty Manahan Director of public WorksHNM-D08Y-QR11A4545
View2019-01-25  WallingfordOtter CreekOtter CreekOther>1,000 to 10,000 gallonsWallingford FD 1 Christopher HayesHNM-2NCJ-RZ2744535
View2019-01-242019-01-2608:30 am to 02:30 amTown of BrandonWastewater plant outfallNeshobe RiverDischarged partially treated disinfected effluent>1,000,000 gallonsBrandon David Atherton Town ManagerHNM-3NKS-MQVQ04536
View2019-01-242019-01-2410:00 am to 07:00 pmTown of ManchesterDepot StreetBattenkill RiverDischarged untreated sewageOtherManchester John Okeefe, Town ManagerHNM-2EFX-HD28B4537
View2019-01-242019-01-2401:00 pm to 03:00 pmProctorStiles Meadow Pump StationOtter CreekDischarged untreated sewage>1,000 to 10,000 gallonsProctor Christopher HayesHNM-2CFY-J8QQS4534
View2019-01-242019-01-24 Rutland CityManhole A13-15 near Ronaldo CourtMoon BrookDischarged untreated sewageUnder 100 gallonsRutlandJeffrey Wennberg, CommissionerHNM-2SF1-DBDP24533
View2019-01-232019-01-2408:00 am to 09:00 amludlowwwtfBlack riverDischarged treated and undisinfected effluent>100,000 to 500,000 gallonsLudlow Scott Murphy Municiple ManagerHNM-22E1-XVAP14531