contract_edit Nuisance Bat Work

This page and form is intended for Animal Damage/Pest Control professionals to report nuisance bat work conducted in Vermont.

ADC and Pest Control contractors need to become familiar with the document Best Management Practices for Excluding Bats from Vermont Residences. Work conducted by contractors following the best management practices outlined in the document are exempt from requiring a State Threatened and Endangered Species Permit from the Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Animal Damage/Pest Control professionals following the best management practices and reporting their activities will be identified for public inquiries as Animal Damage/Pest Control professionals in compliance with Vermont Endangered Species law.

While the Best Management Practices are primarily directed at addressing potential take of state endangered little brown bats, they may also serve as a reference for addressing big brown bats. For all species, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is interested in receiving reports of:

  • location and size of bat colony
  • bat exclusion work completed
  • abnormal bat behavior or mortality

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(Identifying Big Brown vs Little Brown Bats)
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