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This page is for the reporting of bat colonies.

Female little brown bats typically return each spring to maternity colony sites to give birth and raise young. Colony sizes may vary from a few individuals upwards of several hundred and are often located in attics, barns or under shingles.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is monitoring these colonies and we are asking for your help. We are interested in any information you can provide about current or historic colonies. For example: note if you have always had a colony in the past and now you have no bats, the total number of bats, any change in colony and any mortality or sick bats seen.

Once you submit our Bat Colony Reporting Form, use our list of nuisance wildlife control professionals if you would like professional help excluding bats from your home.

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To help us with species identification: If you see, or have seen, bat guano (droppings) at the colony's location, would you like us to mail you a pre-paid package to put a sample of bat guano in?  
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