Project Details
Project Number4C1358
Project NameLaurel Hill Apartments
Project Address4 Laurel Hill Drive
Project TownSouth Burlington
DescriptionThe project is generally described as Redevelopment of an existing multi-tenant commercial building into a mixed-use building to host six (6) 1-bedroom/studio units, one (1) studio unit, four (4) 2-bedroom units, in addition to two (2) commercial suites. The commercial suites are not authorized for use or occupation until allocations and a Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit has been issued by the ANR Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division. The project is located at 4 Laurel Hill Drive in South Burlington, Vermont.
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeResidential - Apartment

Project Status
Date Application ReceivedApr 03, 2024
Date Deemed CompleteMay 14, 2024
Notice IssuedMay 16, 2024
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineJun 10, 2024
Date Decision Issued 
Current Status Pending (Awaiting Information)   Status Definitions

Project Participants
ApplicantLaurel Hill Apartments, LLC232 Mount Philo Road Shelburne VT 05482
Land OwnerLaurel Hill Apartments, LLC232 Mount Philo Road Shelburne VT 05482
Primary ContactMichael Koch Civil Engineering Associates, Inc.10 Mansfield View Lane South Burlington VT 05403
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View 016 A-2.2 Exterior Elevations, 01-25-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04974 KB
View 015 A-2.1 Exterior Elevations, 01-25-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/041,955 KB
View 017 Construction Site Waste Management Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2024/04/04359 KB
View 020 Municipal Sewer Allocation Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2024/04/04600 KB
View 018 Construction Site Waste Management Plan Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2024/04/04359 KB
View 021 Design Flow Summary.pdfApplication DocumentsTables, Charts, & Graphs2024/04/04321 KB
View 019 Municipal Water Allocation Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2024/04/043,356 KB
View 024 Housing and Vermont School Enrollment Excerpt.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2024/04/04456 KB
View 023 School Impact Questionnaire.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2024/04/04269 KB
View 025 Existing Conditions Photo.pdfApplication DocumentsPhotos2024/04/046,370 KB
View 022 ITE Traffic Data.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2024/04/04727 KB
View 027 Local Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2024/04/04568 KB
View 028 ANR Wildlife Mapping.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2024/04/04877 KB
View 026 C1.0 Existing Conditions Plan, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/041,616 KB
View 000a Exhibit List.xlsxApplication DocumentsExhibit List2024/04/0470 KB
View 000 Exhibit List from Applicant.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/04/04386 KB
View 005 C2.1 Proposed Utility Plan, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04587 KB
View 007 C3.1 EPSC Notes and Details, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04703 KB
View 010 C4.2 Details, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04629 KB
View 008 C4.0 Site Details, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04812 KB
View 001a Act 250 Application - Revision 2.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/04/04357 KB
View 003 Cover Letter.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/04/04322 KB
View 004 C2.0 Proposed Conditions Plan, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04856 KB
View 006 C3.0 EPSC Site Plan, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04567 KB
View 009 C4.1 Site Details, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04395 KB
View 001 Act 250 Application.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/04/04388 KB
View 012 C5.1 Specifications, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04989 KB
View 011 C5.0 Specifications, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04923 KB
View 013 C5.2 Specifications, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/041,228 KB
View 002 Application Signature Form.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/04/04371 KB
View 014 C5.3 Specifications, 03-05-2024.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2024/04/04998 KB
View Schedule_G 4C1358.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2024/04/05117 KB
View 001b Act 250 Application - Revision 3.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2024/05/14390 KB
View 022a ITE Traffic Data.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2024/05/141,234 KB
View 003a Cover Letter Revised.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2024/05/14322 KB
View Minor Notice and COS 4C1358.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2024/05/16202 KB
View Minor_Notice_Publication 4C1358.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2024/05/1679 KB
View Payment Receipt_4C1358.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsFee Documents2024/05/16165 KB
View Permit_Draft 4C1358.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2024/05/16262 KB
View 029 VTrans Comments and Certificate of Service dated 05-31-24.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2024/05/31531 KB