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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
5W1612 Copley Health Systems Inc.; Waterbury Ambulance Service Inc.; Charles Sayah; 0 Waterbury-Stowe Rd. To subdivide the existing 53+/- acre Sayah parcel on the West side of Route 100 to create Lot 1 of 5.1+/- acres for a new Waterbury Ambulance Service facility & Lot 2 of 18.9+/- acres for a Copley medical office facility. Remaining lands of 33+/- acres will be retained by Sayah and not involved in the proposed development. Please note Sayah also owns a 16+/- acre parcel East of Route 100 as part of the project tract (total tract = 73+/- acres). Waterbury Ambulance and Copley Health are co-applicants. A shared access drive via new curb cut off Waterbury-Stowe Rd is proposed for both lots. A wetland crossing permit is required for disturbance to the 50' buffer. No wetland impact results. Each lot is proposed with building/parking/septic and water on-site. A stormwater management system is proposed for impervious surface run-off. A construction general permit is for coverage of the required earth disturbance during construction. Please see cover letter and exhibits for further details. Pending (Comment Period) Waterbury No 09-26-2022 10-10-2022
JO 6-025 1199 Fairfield Road, Fletcher Quarry/sand gravel extraction pit JO issued Fairfield Yes 09-19-2022
5W1406-C Adm. Amend Greg Pelchuck Black Rock Coal Inc.; Black Rock Coal, Inc.; 7972 County Road, Calais, VT This application is to extend the construction completion date for the existing rock quarry from October 8, 2022 to October 8, 2032. Of the originally permitted 80,000 cy of stone, 12,000 cy has been extracted. See attached cover letter for an explanation of the circumstances that necessitate a permit extension. Permit Calais Yes 09-19-2022
6F0458-5 Adm. Amend Franklin Foods, Inc; Franklin Foods, Inc; 68 East Street This permit specifically authorizes: (1) demolition of a single-family residence and construction of a gravel trailer drop lot in its place on a parcel to be conveyed to the Permittee; (2) removal of an existing gravel drop lot to accommodate construction of a new stormwater treatment system; and (3) improvements to the existing gravel drive extending from Pleasant Street. The Project is located at 68 East Street in Enosburgh, Vermont. Permit Enosburgh Yes 09-26-2022
6G0196-11A Adm. Amend Eric & Barbara Saviskas; Eric & Barbara Saviskas; 11 Ladd Point This permit specifically authorizes a shoreline stabilization project to stabilize the failed/failing shoreline embankment in order to protect the single-family residence approved in Land Use Permit #6G0196-11. The Project is located at 11 Ladd Point in Grand Isle, Vermont. Permit Grand Isle Yes 09-26-2022
9A0063-6(Corrected 2) Adm. Amend kevin harper Bristol Works, LLC; Kevin Harper Bristol Works, LLC; 72 Munsill Ave Bristol Works LLC. has permitted a PUD though the Town of Bristol to sell Building #4 to the existing tenant. This building is to be transferred as Condominium Unit 1. This unit is comprised of Building #4 on 0.635 Acres with access to common elements and limited common elements of the site. No new construction or infrastructure is proposed and the uses remain as permitted. Additionally, a small 0.289 acre lot with frontage on Maple Street will be subdivided (Lot #2). This lot is part of a residential lot that was purchased and incorporated into the overall Bristol Work lot. Lot 2 constitutes roughly half the acreage of the original lot. The prospective purchaser is in the process of obtaining the necessary permits to construct a 3 bedroom single family residence on the lot. Permit Bristol Yes 09-26-2022
9A0132(Revised)-4 Adm. Amend Addison County Community Trust c/o Elise Shanbacker; Addison County Community Trust; lindale circle, midleberry, VT 05753 This permit specifically incorporates the most current site plans for the project authorized under Land Use Permit #9A0132(Revised)-3, which approved installation of a small community wastewater collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal system for the existing homes located within the Lindale Mobile Home Park. The project is located at Lindale Circle in Middlebury, Vermont. Permit Middlebury Yes 09-26-2022
9A0158-15 Adm. Amend Benjamin Bamford; State of Vermont; 467 Airport Road This permit specifically authorizes the replacement of an existing gravel ramp with a concrete ramp of the same dimensions on the approach to an existing hangar leased by the Permittee at Middlebury State Airport. Permit Middlebury Yes 09-26-2022
3W0159-4A Adm. Amend Moseley Associates; Frederic Mackler; Jeffrey Mackler; Stephanie Mackler; Susan Mackler; 155 Granite Way #6B Administrative amendment of existing Act 250 permit to allow for construction of one single car garage between Buildings 5 and 6. Garage was shown on the original plans as a two car garage. Permit Hartford Yes 09-12-2022
3W0637-2I Adm. Amend Daniel S. Clay; Daniel S. Clay; Intersection of Route 14 and Whitehall Terrace Extend construction completion date from 10/15/22 to 10/15/23 for a project permitted under Land Use Permit #3W0637-2H on Whitehall Terrace in Hartford, VT. Mr. Clay is seeking ot extend the construction deadline due to delays arising from delays in supply of steel. No changes are proposed to the previously approved project. Permit Hartford Yes 09-19-2022
4C0388A-10C-1 Adm. Amend VT Hotel Group, LLC; J&J Vermont Properties, LLC; 34 Blair Park Road, Williston, VT This project is for the redevelopment of a portion of Lot 9 in Blair Park where a 4 story, 58,000 sf, 91 room hotel with 136 underground parking spaces is currently under construction. The existing four-tenant commercial building will remain on the same lot. The current construction completion deadline is October 1st, 2022. Construction was delayed due to COVID. The applicant is seeking a 12 month construction completion extension. Permit Williston Yes 09-12-2022
4C0903-5 Adm. Amend Geraldine Villeneuve Villeneuve Revocable Living Trust; Lucille D. Allen Allen Revocable Living Trust; Neil Villeneuve Villeneuve Revocable Living Trust; Paula A. Longe Allen Revocable Living Trust; Susan Fowler Allen Revocable Living Trust; Geraldine Villeneuve Villeneuve Revocable Living Trust; Lucille D. Allen Allen Revocable Living Trust; Neil Villeneuve Villeneuve Revocable Living Trust; Paula A. Longe Allen Revocable Living Trust; Susan Fowler Allen Revocable Living Trust; 21 Saxon Hill Road Proposed Boundary Line Adjustment between two existing lots. The adjusted boundary line is less than 500 feet from the existing dwelling on the lot that is being reduced in size. A designated replacement wastewater site was located for the dwelling of this lot. No change to the shallow well water supply of this lot is proposed. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 09-19-2022
5L0480-8C Adm. Amend The Manor, Inc.; The Manor, Inc.; 577 Washington Proposed subdivision of 0.5 acre of its existing parking lot, parcel 24019-1 ("The Manor") to be conveyed to Copley Hospital. No change to existing uses or structures. Permit Morristown Yes 09-19-2022
5L1066-17A Adm. Amend Stowe Hollow Road, LLC; Stowe Hollow Road change approved buildings from five-bedroom dwellings to three-bedroom buildings with two-bedroom accessory dwellings Permit Stowe Yes 09-26-2022
JO 1-404(Corrected) JO 149 Countryside Drive Commercial microbrewery to be conducted entirely within a minor portion of the existing residence. No construction is proposed, there will be no changes to existing footprint. Microbrewery operations permitted under wastewater permit amendment WW-1-3529. The product will be self-distributed to farmers market or local accounts due to the very small production volume. The brewing process will create some odors, but the process includes a steam condensing hood so all steam will not be directly vented outside. Spent grains will be stored in buckets in the garage temporarily until they can be moved to a farm for animal feed. JO issued Rutland Town Yes 09-26-2022
JO 1-412 JO 194 and 196 Columbian Avenue Rehabilitation of 9 affordable residential units located within two existing structures at 194 & 196 Columbian Ave., Rutland City (no new units created), and conversion of existing, vacant residence with construction of an addition to create 13 new affordable residential units located on adjacent parcel at 200-202 Columbian Ave., Rutland City, for a total of 22 affordable housing units. The four existing parcels will be merged into one parcel under common ownership (a limited partnership will be formed). Common infrastructure (access drives, parking, sidewalks, bike rack, community/recreation areas) will be shared by the entire property and 22 units. The Project is not located in a Downtown District or other area designated under 24 V.S.A Chapter 76A. JO issued Rutland City Yes 09-12-2022
JO 1-417 JO 3471 Route 4 Luce Farm Wellness is leasing the existing, permitted building for both retail and light manufacturing of wellness and hemp-derived CBD products; manufacturing process includes botanical extraction to process raw hemp into oil, and food processing. Interior and exterior modifications have been undertaken, including interior partitions, flooring, cosmetic updates, construction of second means of egress for fire safety, and ADA access. Exterior freestanding sign will be replaced in-kind. No proposed changes to permitted parking, infrastructure, utilities, and/or exterior lighting. The Project is located at 3471 Route 4, Killington, Vermont. JO issued Killington Yes 09-26-2022
JO 4-339 JO 1094 Camp Kiniya Road Request for opinion for PRD for BLA between parcel one and parcel two; remaining lands on south side of Camp Kiniya Road will be subdivided to create nine new single-family lots and one open space lot on south side of property. JO issued Colchester Yes 09-26-2022
JO 7-340 JO 160 Dune Way Verify compliance with conditions 4 and 10 of Act 250 permit #7C0645, as it pertains to Lot 9, located at 160 Dune Way, Lyndonville, and owned now or formerly by William and Wanda Waugh who constructed a 4-bedroom residence on or before November 21, 2003. JO issued Lyndon Yes 09-12-2022
JO 7-341 JO 200 Morgan Road East replace six (6) Remote Radio Heads (“RRH”s) with different models, each to be mounted behind an Antenna JO issued Wheelock Yes 09-26-2022
JO 7-342 JO 119 Clermont Terrace Gut-rehab and expand the existing convent and school to create 26 housing units (Phase 1). JO issued Newport City Yes 09-26-2022
9A0033-7 Minor Tamara Boise B.I.Y.D; Tamara Boise B.I.Y.D; Joey Boise B.I.Y.D Properties LLC; Tamara Boise B.I.Y.D Properties LLC; 130 Ethan Allen Hwy (1) construction of a ±9,000 square foot addition to an existing building for a total new building footprint of ±15,500 square feet; (2) relocation of a ±2,000 square foot existing storage building to the rear of the main building in order to expand to the north side; and (3) expansion of the front parking area by creating ten new parking spaces. The project is located at 130 Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7), New Haven, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) New Haven No 09-26-2022 10-12-2022
9A0177-6 Minor President and Fellows of Middlebury College; President and Fellows of Middlebury College; 24 Hillcrest Drive Renovations to the Prism Center (Farrell House), including (1) building and foundation rehabilitation; (2) site-related modifications aimed at improving pedestrian and vehicular access; and (3) regrading to improve site drainage. The project is located at 24 Hillcrest Road, Middlebury, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Middlebury No 09-26-2022 10-12-2022
7R1272-1 Minor Center for Mindful Learning; Center for Mindful Learning, Inc.; 751 Page Rd This permit specifically authorizes the construction of two small satellite bedroom cottages, where identified as “A” and “B” on Exhibit 007b, heated and without plumbing, with occupants to be served by the existing previously permitted water supply and wastewater disposal systems on the campus. Permit Lowell Yes 09-26-2022 08-31-2022
8B0035-1 Minor BENNINGTON, VERMONT CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES; Armstrong Holdings Inc.; US Route 7 to divide 122+/- acres into two lots consisting of: one lot with 119+/- acres and existing permitted warehouse and other structures; and a three-acre lot approved for the construction of a 3,960-square foot main building to be used as a worship center (a Kingdom Hall) and a 12-foot by 12-foot auxiliary storage building. There shall be 5 acres of Primary Agricultural Soils (“PAS”) set aside on the 119+/- acre parcel to mitigate the loss of PAS soils. Pending (Comment Period) Pownal No 09-12-2022 10-04-2022
6F0677 Minor John Bordeau; Wendy Bordeau; John Bordeau; Wendy Bordeau; 2 Waters Edge Drive “as-built” approval for construction of a single-family residence upon ±10.30-acre Lot 2 within the 7-lot “Water’s Edge” Subdivision created in violation of Act 250 in August of 2001. The project is located at 2 Waters Edge Drive in St. Albans Town, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Saint Albans Town No 09-26-2022 10-13-2022
6F0678 Minor Donald Lambert; Melissa Lambert; Donald Lambert; Melissa Lambert; 5 Waters Edge Driv “as-built” approval for construction of a single-family residence upon ±10.65-acre Lot 5 within the 7-lot “Water’s Edge” Subdivision created in violation of Act 250 in August of 2001. The project is located at 5 Waters Edge Drive in St. Albans Town, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Saint Albans Town No 09-26-2022 10-13-2022
6F0680 Minor Heather McDonald; Michael McDonald; Heather McDonald; Michael McDonald; 3 Waters Edge Drive “as-built” approval for construction of a single-family residence upon ±10.10-acre Lot 3 within the 7-lot “Water’s Edge” Subdivision created in violation of Act 250 in August of 2001. The project is located at 3 Waters Edge Drive in St. Albans Town, Vermont Pending (Comment Period) Saint Albans Town No 09-26-2022 10-13-2022
5W0531-7 Minor Ivy Ventures, Inc.; Ivy Ventures, Inc. C/o George Pierce, President; 2933 Waterbury-Stowe Road The purpose of this project is to mend existing permit 5W0531-6 to remove buildings #1 & #3, propose a new office building #3 with 150 employees and reduce building #4 from 60 employees to 48 employees. Lot #2 has been combined with Lot #1 making Lot #1 8.1 acres. The existing wastewater disposal system for building #1 will be abandoned in place. The existing shared in-ground wastewater disposal system for Buildings #3,#4, and #5 will be reconstructed to be a pressurized in-ground wastewater disposal system. The existing municipal water supply for Building #3 will be changed to a 2" service line and will have additional storage added to handle the increase in flow. No changes are proposed for the water supplies for Buildings #2, #4, and #5. There are no proposed changes for the existing wastewater disposal system for Building #2. Pending (Comment Period) Waterbury No 09-19-2022 10-04-2022
5W1045-47 Minor Margo Wade Sugarbush Mountain Resort Inc.; U.S. Forest Service; Sugarbush Access Rd. Realignment of the existing Reverse Traverse ski trail to provide a more convenient guest experience by providing a consistently down-sloped trail with snowmaking coverage. Project would involve the clearing of trees from an approximate 1.0-acre area, comprised of a 905-foot length for the realigned trail and one additional small area along the route to the Heaven's Gate lift. The middle 15 feet of the trail would be comprised of native gravel material for use as a work road, replacing the existing work road. Approximately 3,600 feet of snowmaking pipe (water & air lines), both above and below ground, would be placed along the edge of the realigned trail and the remainder of the route to the Heaven's Gate lift with the addition of snowmaking hydrants (Exhibit 005). Brush cutting of small vegetation would occur along the edge of existing trails as needed to accommodate the snowmaking pipe placement. The existing Reverse Traverse ski trail would be abandoned and left to revegetate. Pending (Comment Period) Warren No 09-26-2022 10-11-2022
5L0874-1 Minor Michael Krancer; Barbara Krancer; Michael Krancer; 456 Bullmoose Run Rd To construct private residential recreation pond Lot 3 of the Bull Moose Ridge Rd. subdivision. No increase in impervious surface results. The existing subdivision where the project is located has many private ponds and therefore the project fits its surroundings. Permit Stowe Yes 09-12-2022 09-06-2022
4C0910-2 Minor Lori Bruce Estate of Shirley Bruce; Mike Dunbar Charlotte Village Partners, LLC; 251 Ferry Road Construction of a replacement septic system at 251 Ferry Road for use by the residence at 213 Ferry Road Pending (Comment Period) Charlotte No 09-26-2022 10-07-2022
4C1144-3A Minor K. Camp Camp Holdings LLC; 78 Precast Road Demolition of a 2,600 sf covered storage building and construction of a 6,654 sf building consisting of 3,254 sf of covered storage and 3,400 sf of office space on Lot 2. The new building replaces a 6,000 sf office building that was previously permitted under Land Use Permit #4C1144-3 but was never constructed. Permit Milton Yes 09-19-2022 09-29-2021
4C1198-6 Minor Camp Dudley at Kiniya, LLC; Camp Dudley at Kiniya, LLC; 1317 Camp Kiniya Rd. Construction of five (5), two-bedroom counselor cabins (each ~800 SF), a shared bathhouse with laundry room (~800 SF), associated utility connections, and updates to an existing dirt road. Pending (Comment Period) Colchester No 09-19-2022 10-06-2022
4C0155-3 Minor Scott McClure Fab-Tech Inc.; Frank Cioffi Cynosure, Inc.; 480 Hercules Dr Construction of a 62' x 80' tent structure in an underutilized section of the existing paved parking lot. The tent structure will provide covered material storage and will replace multiple dry van trailers presently being used to store materials. Permit Colchester Yes 09-26-2022 08-30-2022
3W0217-2 Minor Quechee Lakes Landowners' association, Inc.; Quechee Lakes Landowners' Association, Inc.; 3277 Quechee Main St The project includes expansion and improvements of the amenities at The Quechee Club in Hartford VT. An existing tennis court shall be redeveloped and expanded to include 2 additional pickleball courts. A historic 900sf historic barn will be moved from a parking lot and placed on its own concrete pad. The parking lot of the Quechee Base Lodge shall be squared off, expanded, and better marked for parking. A new 2,500sf snow groomer barn building shall be built at the base of the ski hill, with an expanded road to provide firetruck access. A 1200 square foot trash compactor pad will be built for waste storage and disposal. A new 1800sf building will be build on Murphy road for a Kids' Camp. The existing parking lot shall be squared off and striped. Finally, a snack stand, outdoor shower, and a handicap accessible ramp shall be added to the bathhouse on lake Pinneo. Pending (Comment Period) Hartford No 09-19-2022 10-03-2022
1R0401-10 Minor Town of Rutland; Rutland Town School District; Town of Rutland; 229-300 Post Rd. Extension construction of approximately 2.1 miles of single-track, mountain bike trails and install a boardwalk in wetland areas at Northwood Park. Pending (Comment Period) Rutland Town No 09-26-2022 10-17-2022
1R1024(Altered) Minor Alexandra Allan; Scott Allan; Alexandra Allan; Scott Allan; 654 US Route 4 E Replacement of an onsite wastewater system with a new municipal sewerage connection to the Alpine Sewer Pipeline for an existing mixed-use building. There will be no design flow increase. The sewer will be directionally drilled under Tenney Brook. The project is located at 654 US Route 4 E in Rutland Town, Vermont. Permit Rutland Town Yes 09-19-2022
2S0638-10E Minor John Watanabe Winterplace COA; WCOA; Stewart Lane Project is for the construction of one duplex ( Building V ) that will be essentially the same as the four (4) duplexes that were previously approved by LUP #2S0638-10 (i.e.- 4 duplex project). Each proposed unit of the duplex has three floors, four bedrooms, ~2100 SF of interior conditioned space, and an attached deck. There will be ~0.5 Acres of earth disturbance associated with the project. Water service lines and building sewer services will be connected to the existing Water distribution System and Wastewater collection system respectively, which are located adjacent to the proposed duplex. Pending (Comment Period) Ludlow No 09-12-2022 10-13-2022
2W0060-6 Minor Trevor Stannus; 27 N. Ryder Pond Road Construction of a 768 sq. ft. single family home and water system, a 206 sq. ft shed, a 64 sq. ft. utility building, and a 50 ft. driveway with turn around. Permit Whitingham Yes 09-19-2022 09-22-2021
2W0519-5Y3 Minor Village Watch Condo Association; 790 Stratton Mountain Access Rd New stairway Permit Stratton Yes 09-19-2022 01-13-2022
2W1380 Minor Tim Jones Green Mountain Power; Green Mountain Power; Howe Pond Road This is a proposed Green Mountain Power electric distribution line relocation project in Readsboro, VT. Scope of project is a combination of: 1) New line/new corridor development (relocation); and 2) Cross-country line retirement. Total scope of the project covers approximately 4,650 feet: 2,450 feet is new corridor (~1.1 acres) and there is approximately 2,200 feet of line retirement. The project generally runs from the intersection of Howe Pond Road and Goldmine Road to the intersection of Howe Pond Road and Ross Road. Proposed project is consistent with existing land use for utility corridors, for both roadside and cross-country alignments. Project construction for new/upgrade of corridor will be completed from the roadside, earth disturbing activities will be minimized/confined to discrete auger locations for pole placement and anchor installation. Pending (Comment Period) Readsboro No 09-26-2022 10-19-2022
3R0853-2 Minor The Aloha Foundation, Inc.; 3873 VT Route 244 Removal and replacement of waterfront changing building Permit West Fairlee Yes 09-19-2022 02-17-2022
4C1346 Minor Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; 3164 Shelburne Road Authorization for the first phase of construction for a multi-unit residential housing project, only including the demolition of five existing buildings. Permit Shelburne Yes 09-12-2022 05-31-2022
8B0266-2 Minor Prospect Mountain Association, Inc.; Prospect Mountain Association, Inc.; 204 Prospect Access Road, Woodford VT Project consists of the proposed addition of approximately 4,771 linear feet of cross country ski trails to the existing Nordic ski center. Project will also include the widening of seven (7) existing trail segments and the installation of infrastructure to support snow making activities on site. Permit Woodford Yes 09-26-2022 06-17-2022