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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
1R0458-6A Spring Lake Ranch Inc; Spring Lake Ranch Inc; 1144 Spring Lake Road Cuttingsville, VT To amend the current pending permit to allow for site and foundation work only to begin on the building with no water or wastewater construction to begin until the WW permit is issued. Withdrawn Shrewsbury Yes 07-22-2024
4C0034-7A BURL. INT. AIRPORT; CITY OF BURLING; 450' DRIVEWAY EXTENSION Dismissed South Burlington 08-25-1986 Yes 07-22-2024
4C0847-2 Adm. Amend Martin Lee City of Burlington Public Works; City of Burlington DPW; 3080 North Avenue / 267 Riverside Ave Authorization for the Permittees to construct Phase II Upgrades to the City of Burlington’s North and East Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), located on two parcels (7.19 and 3.6 acre) in Burlington, Vermont. These upgrades include process improvements/modifications to the influent screening system, grit removal system, headworks building, and associated architectural/structural, mechanical/plumbing, instrumentation, and electrical components. Building modifications are primarily interior and will not impact the footprint of the existing buildings. Proposed sitework includes installation of new blower pads (12’x5’) at the North and East facilities. The Project is located at 3080 North Avenue and 267 Riverside Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. Permit Burlington Yes 07-22-2024
4C0658-13C Adm. Amend Jennifer Silpe-Katz; Jennifer Silpe-Katz; 81 MAPLE LEAF FARM RD This permit revises the previous design (LUP AA 4C0658-13B) of a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit inside an existing detached garage building. Instead of utilizing a proposed on-site drilled well water supply, the project will utilize the existing onsite well water supply. The project is located at 81 Maple Leaf Farm Road in Underhill, Vermont. Permit Underhill Yes 07-08-2024
5L0590-2 Adm. Amend Kathryn Kiernan; Kathryn Kiernan; Louis Kiernan; 577 High Farms Road construct a replacement, in-ground wastewater disposal system, as depicted in the approved plans. Permit Stowe Yes 07-15-2024
6F0032-3 Adm. Amend Tod Granger Fairfax West Supervisory Union; Georgia Elementary & Middle School; 4416 Ethan Allen Highway Construction of a new gravel wetland stormwater treatment system with pretreatment provided by a proprietary swirl-separator unit, to bring the existing school into compliance with the 3-Acre Stormwater Rule. Permit Georgia Yes 07-22-2024
JO 1-478 JO 74 Traverse Place 20 unit housing project with associated access, parking, and green space for residents. Related to LUP series 1R0957. JO issued Rutland City Yes 07-15-2024
JO 1-480 JO 4293 Route 4 After-the-fact interior improvements to increase the number of rooms. JO issued Mendon Yes 07-22-2024
JO 1-481 JO 155 Olde Pine Lane This is a request for reconsideration of a jurisdictional opinion on a project review sheet dated April 15, 1988. Matthew McClallen asks whether the district coordinator was in error when counting the creation of lots. JO issued Wallingford Yes 07-08-2024
JO 2-354 JO 3000 Sunset Lake Rd Engineered site plan dated November 16, 2023 (see 2W1278-2 permit record or this JO record for site plan) shows a slight and non-material change to the project resulting in no impacts to the Act 250 Criteria nor the permit conditions. JO issued Newfane Yes 07-22-2024
JO 4-414 JO Peter Pizzagalli P and S, LLC; 1028 South Brownell Road An after-the-fact (ATF) determination of whether the construction of two structures on 1028 S. Brownell Rd. Williston, VT, Lot 1 of Production Park, were material changes to Land Use Permit series 4C0648-27, thereby requiring an ATF permit amendment. JO issued Williston Yes 07-22-2024
JO 5-120 JO 73 School Street Relocate the Johnson Public Library out of the floodplain by moving the building into the village center and onto a new foundation with an addition, as more particularly described in documents submitted with the request. The Johnson Public Library would be moved from the parcel owned by the Town of Johnson at 7 Library Street (SPAN 336-104-11558) to the parcel owned by Lamoille North Supervisory Union at the intersection of School Street and the street variously referred to as George Hill Road, Elementary School Drive, and Sterling Hall Drive (SPAN: 336-104-11545). JO issued Johnson Yes 07-08-2024
JO 5-128 JO Stone Path Academy; Convert an existing barn previously used and permitted for commercial purposes to a six-unit multifamily dwelling, as described and depicted in documents submitted with application 5W0100-2. Each unit in the proposed multifamily dwelling would have two bedrooms. The project also involves construction of improvements ancillary to the proposed six-unit multifamily dwelling, including a new well, wastewater disposal system, covered porch, and deck. No subdivision is involved. JO issued Moretown Yes 07-22-2024
JO 5-129 JO Verizon proposes to replace 9 of its existing Antennas with 9 new Antennas, 6 of which will measure 72” x 11.9” each and 3 of which will measure 28.9” x 15.75” each. Verizon also proposes to replace 6 of its existing RRHs with 6 new RRHs, each of which will measure 14.96” x 14.96”.The Antennas are mounted in a triangular configuration, with five (5) panels per side. JO issued Montpelier Yes 07-22-2024
JO 7-399 JO 1304 Scott Hgwy The existing Groton Free Library will receive a new standalone shelter to provide after-hours internet access, a new roof, lighting, windows, porch screens, locksets, air-source heat pump, and security cameras. The existing loft will be expanded to support a space to host community meetings, guest speakers and other special events. JO issued Groton Yes 07-08-2024
JO 7-400 JO 1363 RT 105 the portion of the earth extraction project (sand and gravel pit, subject to Act 250 7E1063 as amended) where earth extraction has been concluded to support the solar array project has been suitably graded and satisfactorily reclaimed with vegetation subject to the reclamation requirements of Act 250 permit 7E1063 as amended JO issued Brighton Yes 07-08-2024
JO 8-301 JO 5403 Rte 7A After-the-fact and proposed improvements to permitted restaurant JO issued Arlington Yes 07-15-2024
5L1500-5 MajorMinor Sharon Rowell Greaves Farms Corp; Sharon Rowell Greaves Farms Corp; 941 Washington Hwy Applicant proposes to create 2 lots out of 'Development Area 3', creating "Lot 3" of 103.6 acres +/- and "Lot 2" of 42.4 acres +/-. There is no planned development or construction for the new lots. Lots 2A, 3A, 3B, 3C are revised lot numbers from the original 5L1500-1; these lots will require an amended ACT 250 permit application, survey, and Wastewater permit to develop or sell. Pending (Comment Period) Morristown No 07-22-2024 08-13-2024
2W0111-3 MajorMinor Margaret Gallagher Greater Rockingham Area Services; Greater Rockingham Area Services, Inc.; 1 Hospital Court, Bellows Falls, VT 05101 the replacement of the existing heating system within the 1 Hospital Court building with a biomass steam boiler (interior), a low-pressure (LP) back-up steam boiler (interior), and the construction of an exterior wood chip silo (maximum height 24 ft). The scope of work also involves the relocation of an existing generator shed, the removal of an inactive 10,000-gallon heating oil UST, and the removal of an existing 15,000-gallon heating oil UST and replacement with four (4) 1,000-gallon propane USTs. Permit Rockingham 06-07-2024 Yes 07-08-2024 04-23-2024
2W1306-1 MajorMinor Palmer & Laurie Goodrich; Jahangir Mozaffari; Richard Palmer; 1465 Eastman Rd documenting the 3.12-acre expansion area that was extracted under Executive Order 03-23 (for a total extraction area of 19.42 acres) and approval of the proposed reclamation plan for this expansion area. Pending (Hearing) Grafton 08-22-2024 No 07-15-2024 05-21-2024
2W1364-1 Minor Hunter Excavating, Inc.; Paul Agate; 332 Wild Turkey the construction of a residence and the site work to level the property for construction. Pending (Comment Period) Jamaica No 07-15-2024 08-08-2024
2W1388 Minor Nikolas Katrick The Nature Museum at Grafton, Inc.; The Nature Museum at Grafton, Inc.; 186 Townshend Rd the construction of a 24'x40' pavilion; improvements to a natural playscape (small seating area w/ 8x10' rain shelter, kid's play campsite w/ 6x8' Adirondack shelter); and two hemlock boardwalks in the wetland. Permit Grafton Yes 07-08-2024 05-21-2024
300007-17 Minor RMH Management, LP; Royal Group Mochi Investments, LLC; RMH Management, LP; 151 Avenue C This permit specifically provides after-the-fact authorization for the construction of a 10,800 square foot warehouse building and supporting infrastructure on a 1.4 -acre parcel within the Griswold Industrial Park. This permit also approves modifications to the grade on the east side of the building, the installation of three 12x12 foot overhead doors, and the installation of new, compliant site lighting. The project is located at 151 Avenue C in Williston, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Williston No 07-15-2024 07-30-2024
3R0199-6 Minor Justin Beaulieu I-91 Auto Recycling, LLC; Justin Beaulieu I-91 Auto Recycling, LLC; Justin Beaulieu I-91 Auto Recycling, LLC; Justin Beaulieu I-91 Auto Recycling, LLC; 293 Industrial Park Road I plan to have an auto recycling center. There is an existing 80' X 120' cement slab on this lot. I plan to haul vehicles in, drain all the fluids on this slab then stock pile the vehicles at the back of the lot. The fluids will be stored in a 20' ship container that will be placed on the slab. Once enough fluids have been collected, a licensed fluid recycling company will come take these away. This lot will have an 8 foot fence on the Industrial Park road side. The back side will have a natural screen due to elevation. The other side has a natural border of trees to shield the operation. The remaining side will not require a border as this property owner has agreed this is not necessary. Once I accumulate around 100 vehicles, a mobile car crusher will come in and crush the vehicles on the slab. After being crushed they will be transported out of the Industrial park to a shredder. The entire process will be done within compliance of the Vermont Salvage Yard Program. Pending (Comment Period) Newbury No 07-22-2024 08-07-2024
3W0179-1 Minor Royalton Terrace, LLC; Royalton Terrace LLC; Upper Royalton Terrace Construction of a new water distribution system for a 28 home mobile home park (replacement of an existing system), as well as connections to 2 neighboring properties. This project includes approximately 1,500 feet of new PVC water mains and service connections, as well as construction of a new water pump building with two 5,100 gallon water storage tanks, pumps and pressure tanks with additional space for treatment equipment if needed. Pending (Comment Period) Royalton No 07-08-2024 07-22-2024
1R0591-5 Minor CHARLES BARKER GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION; HEATHER DUDKO AGENT PHILADELPHIA SIGN; GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY; 210 COLUMBIAN AVENUE RUTLAND VT 05701 1) the replacement of an existing building-mounted 4-foot diameter painted white logo sign with a 2-foot diameter white logo sign and the addition of ~10-inch-high branded white dimensional letters, overall width ~8.5 feet; and 2) installation of new/additional building-mounted 8-foot-diameter blue logo sign and ~3-foot-high branded blue dimensional letters, overall width ~34 feet (total ~272 square feet). The signage is non-illuminated. Permit Rutland City Yes 07-22-2024 07-15-2024
1R0695-3 Minor MPH Holdings LLC; Branch Brook Holdings LLC; WC Holdings Inc; Station Road Construction of a +/- 6,300 sf mixed use commercial/residential building on a previously approved lot. The lower floor will be the shop and offices for a plumbing company with up to 12 employees, and the second floor will have two 3-bedroom apartments, which may be used as short term or full-year rentals. Improvements include the building, parking/driveway, landscaping, well, wastewater and stormwater management systems. Pending (Comment Period) Mount Holly No 07-08-2024 07-24-2024
2S0271-7 Minor Fletcher Farm Foundation; George Thomson President, Fletcher Far Foundation; 611 VT Rt 103 the construction of a 9-car gravel parking lot and a trail approximately 4.5 miles in length and 6 feet wide (to be used for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing). Pending (Comment Period) Ludlow No 07-15-2024 08-08-2024
2S1108-6 Minor Kinhaven Music School; Kinhaven Music School; 354 Lawrence Hill Road the construction of a 1,430 sf footprint, two-story addition to the Concert Hall building to increase the seating capacity of the building from 120 seats to 240 seats as well as provide additional practice area for students. There will be no increase in the number of students or staff at the school and no increase to the seasonal operational schedule. The project includes a new mound leachfield for wastewater disposal and gravel wetland for stormwater treatment. Pending (Comment Period) Weston No 07-22-2024 08-13-2024
2W0511-11 Minor Robert Spencer Windham Solid Waste Management District; Windham Solid Waste Management District; 327 Old Ferry Rd the construction of a covered active composting building with aeration and a liquid collection sump tank, a mixing pad, and a biofilter. Pending (Comment Period) Brattleboro No 07-22-2024 08-15-2024
4C0557-9A Minor Renee White; Scott Strode; Scott Strode; Strode Farm Lane This permit specifically authorizes construction of a single family dwelling unit on Lot 21 of the Paramount Farms Subdivision, including the addition of a two (2) bedroom accessory dwelling unit. The principal dwelling unit, previously approved for four (4) bedrooms, will be reduced to three (3) bedrooms, with corresponding water & wastewater system capacity. The building envelope will be adjusted, as will the gravel driveway accessing Lot 21 and Lot 22 will be reduced from 13% slope to 12% slope; further construction of improvements on Lot 22 is not authorized through this permit amendment. Pending (Comment Period) Richmond No 07-08-2024 07-24-2024
4C0645-1 Minor Andre & Gisele Thibault; 4350 sq ft addition to existing 6000 sq ft bldg Dismissed Colchester Yes 07-22-2024
4C0971R-5 Minor Champlain Valley School District; Champlain Valley School District; 497 Talcott Road This permit specifically authorizes the installation of one modular temporary classroom unit, containing two classrooms, adjacent to the main entrance of the Allen Brook School building. The project is located at 497 Talcott Road in Williston, Vermont. Permit Williston Yes 07-15-2024 06-05-2024
4C1042-3 Minor Tyler Billingsley East Engineering, PLC; Eden Sand & Gravel Company, Inc.; Kenyon Road The project is generally described as the subdivision of a 39.6 +/- acre parcel into Lot 1 of 38.1 +/- acres, which will continue to be operated as a sand and gravel pit as authorized in Land Use Permit Amendment 4C1042-2, and Lot 2 of 1.54 +/- acres, which will be improved with a 1,500 +/- square-foot commercial office/shop structure, a 600 +/- square-foot one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit, and associated driveway, parking, wastewater disposal, and water supply improvements. The project is located off Kenyon Road, approximately one half of a mile south of the I-89 overpass, in Richmond, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Richmond No 07-15-2024 08-02-2024
4C1128-5A Minor JJJ South Burlington, LLC; JJJ South Burlington, LLC; 1699 Hinesburg Road The application is to request a modification of condition #44 in 4C1128-5 to pay a retroactive Act 145 'fair-share' impact fee to VTrans, rather than the City, for improvements to the Cheesefactory Rd/VT-116 intersection. Permit South Burlington Yes 07-08-2024 07-01-2024
4C1200-2 Minor New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC; Nancy Jenkins LLC; 271 Leavensworth Road Modifications to an existing telecommunications project including construction of a new 4-foot x 10-foot concrete pad with a generator, installation of electrical conduits, and associated grounding. All proposed excavation and construction work will take place within 30 feet of the existing AT&T Shelter Area. The project is located at 271 Leavensworth Road in Hinesburg, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Hinesburg No 07-15-2024 07-30-2024
4C1353-1 Minor Gabriel Handy Handy's Hotels and Rentals, LLC; Gabriel Handy Handy's Hotels and Rentals, LLC; 227-229 Pearl Street The project is generally described as revisions to the previously approved Sunderland Apartments project (LUP 4C1353) consisting of changing the placement of the building on the parcel and increasing the number of units from 34 to 39. The project is located at 227-229 Pearl Street in the City of Essex Junction, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Essex Junction, City of No 07-15-2024 08-02-2024
5L0400-4 Minor Edward French Jr., Esq. 5 Roads Stowe c/o; 5 Roads Stowe LLC; 434 Edson Hill Rd. Demolition of the Stowehof Inn and all associated structures; site restoration; no new development proposed at this time. Site to be returned to a natural vegetative state. Pending (Comment Period) Stowe No 07-15-2024 08-01-2024
5W1243-9 Minor Ray Daigle Crossett Brook Middle School; UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 45; 5672 Vt Route 100, Duxbury, VT 05676 An infiltration basin with pretreatment forebay will be installed at the southeast corner of the school’s property to improve stormwater management and stormwater runoff quality on the site. Permit Duxbury Yes 07-15-2024 07-09-2024
5W1431-2 Minor Peter Forbes Knoll Farm; Helen Whybrow; Peter Forbes; 700 Bragg Hill Rd Fayston, VT We are not seeking any changes to land use or permitted numbers or any aspect of our existing Act 250 permit except that we seek to move our kitchen from the farmhouse into the barn. The barn is the heart and soul of our farm. Our goals are to improve farm viability, handicap accessibility and long-term sustainability while honoring its historic qualities and significant beauty. Farm Viability: we seek to add a commercial kitchen, a shop, new food storage facilities, and to remake our sheep operation with a new structure that is more suitable to sheep than to dairy. Handicap Accessibility: Through this renovation, specifically with the addition of the deck on the eastern side of the barn, we will be able to make the two public floors of the barn handicap accessible. Long term sustainability of the barn: removing all of the aging electrical systems and replacing them in conduit, adding significant new drainage systems extend the life of our barn for another 100 years. Permit Fayston Yes 07-08-2024 04-16-2024
5W1621 Minor Joel Baker; Lisa Ransom Grow Properties, LLC; 2016 US Route 2 The project involves commercial use of the existing property and commercial building. The applicant will be using the property for the storage and distribution of Insulated Concrete Forms for construction projects, which will involve the addition of a 12' x 36' carport to the existing building. A portion of the existing building will be leased for office and garage space. Permit Moretown Yes 07-08-2024 07-02-2024
5L0679-4 Minor Wolcott Elementary School; Wolcott Elementary School; 320 School Hill Dr, Wolcott, VT 05680 The project consists of the construction of trails to connect the school to Flat Iron Rd in order to access the ball fields, as well as connecting to the trails that will be constructed on the new Wolcott Community Forest. The total length of trail to be constructed on school property is approximately 1,605 feet, and will include the installation of one culvert and one 16' bridge at the exit to Flat Iron Rd. The trails will be natural surface, utilizing existing woods roads in some portions, and be a constructed width of 3.5’ and are designed to be for bike and pedestrian traffic. They are designed and will be constructed to be easily maintainable and be resistant to erosion, according to professional level, industry best practices in trail design and construction. Pending (Comment Period) Wolcott No 07-22-2024 08-05-2024
4C0742-4 Minor Mark Koob; Bianca Moses; Church Hill Homeowners Association, Inc.; Mark Koob; Homestead Drive This permit specifically authorizes the relocation of the approved building envelope for Lot 4 and realignment of the Lot 4 driveway, within the approved right-of-way. Additionally, this application seeks approval for construction of one three-bedroom residence, the necessary blasting, and the construction of two subsurface gravel stormwater treatment wetlands. The project is located on Homestead Drive in Charlotte, Vermont. Permit Charlotte Yes 07-15-2024 06-04-2024
6F0221-2 Minor Tyler Stanislas Stanislas Sand Pit LLC; Tyler Stanislas Stanislas Sand Pit LLC; 1635 Frontage Rd, Highgate, VT Continued operation of an existing, previously permitted sand extraction pit, pursuant to a Notice of Alleged Violation issued by the Natural Resources Board Compliance and Enforcement Office. The approved annual extraction rate is not to exceed 40,000 cubic yards per year. Construction of a previously approved storage shed, and previously approved sand and topsoil screening are authorized. No changes to existing permitting or operations are authorized. Permit Highgate Yes 07-15-2024 07-08-2024
6F0669(Corrected)-1 Minor Sandy Birch Road LLC; Sandy Birch Road LLC; Sandy Birch Road Construction and development of “Phase II” of a previously approved residential subdivision, as follows: a 7-lot, 6-unit Planned Unit Development of retained Lot 14. New Lots 15-20 are proposed for single-family dwellings to be served by a new shared private road, communal wastewater disposal system, and individual drilled wells. Permit Georgia Yes 07-15-2024 07-01-2024
6G0056-2 Minor Danielle Fitzko VT Department Forests, Parks and Recreation; VT State Parks VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation; 3803 Lakeview Drive North Hero, VT 05474 Construction of a variety of improvements at the previously approved State Park, to include: (1) removal of existing buildings and structures and associated reduction of existing impervious surface, while retaining ADA-compliant access to the Park; (2) general stormwater improvements; and (3) expansion of the existing parking area at the Park entrance and installation of a new interior security gate. Pending (Comment Period) North Hero No 07-22-2024 08-07-2024
700002-20E Minor Angelo Poulos; Hermitage Members Club, Inc.; Stags Leap Lane the construction of one single-family residence at #19 Stags 2-Leap Lane (H2(3) of WW-2-0100-13) and one single-family residence home at #27 Stags Leap Lane (H1-3 of WW-2-0100-13). The road, Stags Leap Lane, water and sewer mains, and the driveway for unit #19 are constructed. Permit Wilmington Yes 07-22-2024 07-17-2024
700023-2 Minor Town of Brattleboro; Town of Brattleboro; Memorial Park Drive the replacement of two existing maintenance buildings with one larger maintenance building (3,900 sf); replacement of the upper softball lighting system; expanding the parking area that serves the uppermost areas of the park, including the Kiwanis Shelter/overlook structure. Pending (Comment Period) Brattleboro No 07-15-2024 08-08-2024
7C0205-17 Minor Shawn Tester Northeastern VT Regional Hospital; Northeastern VT Regional Corp.; Northeastern VT Regional Hospital,Inc.; 1315 Hospital Dr. a 4900 square foot addition to the emergency room; 950 square foot expansion of the pharmacy; new 3200 square foot emergency generator and replacement chiller system building; replacement cooling tower; new buried 10,000 gallon fuel tank; parking expansion; revised connections to municipal water & sewer; and revised on-site stormwater treatment system Permit Saint Johnsbury Yes 07-08-2024 05-30-2024
7C0950-2 Minor Roy Grant Grant Construction LLC; Roy Grant Grant Construction LLS; Red Village Road Amendment of existing ACT 250 permit or permit condition: Extend expiration date from May 30, 2024 to May 30, 2034. No change in design or extraction rate., no increase in volume of sand & gravel to be removed (the project was previously permitted for removal of total 180,000 cubic yards in 3 phases, no change is proposed) Pending (Comment Period) Lyndon No 07-08-2024 07-23-2024
7R0226-7-3 Minor Mark Pernokas; Julie Pernokas; Mark Pernokas; 247 Red Fox Lane Rebuild 3 existing cabins on a single 1.64 ac lot at 247 Red Fox Lane in Westmore, VT. The cabins will be reconstructed in the same location and same footprint as exists. There are no plans for additional exterior lighting. Design difference: Instead of a hip roof the roof will be a traditional gable style and instead of an open porch it will be enclosed. The cabin construction activity will be limited to an area of about 9000 sq. ft. The use will remain as cabins, additionally equipped with toilet facilities as described in Permit# WW-7-1490-10. The grassy area will remain as exists, and there will be no additional parking area. As described in WW-7-1490 the adjacent Lot 1A (4.5 ac) will contain a portion of the designed permitted wastewater system via access granted by deeded septic ROW. Pending (Comment Period) Westmore No 07-15-2024 07-30-2024
7R0854-20 Minor Jay Peak Pacific, LLC; Jay Peak Pacific, LLC; 830 Jay Peak Road The project involves formally subdividing three parcels, which are currently undeveloped, from the master property used in connection with Jay Peak Resort operations. The proposed residential subdivisions are as follows: (i) the Balsam Lane subdivision, an undeveloped 1.7 acre parcel consisting of one lot with existing access; (ii) the Bridge Road subdivision, an undeveloped 5.58 acre parcel consisting of one lot with existing access; and (iii) the Chalet Meadows subdivision, an undeveloped 5.65 acre parcel consisting of one lot with existing access. No further construction is planned at this time. All site plans are provided in the exhibits. Permit Jay Yes 07-08-2024 06-24-2024
9A0034-26 Minor Robert Mucciarone FW Webb Company-Middlebury; Dealineation Corporation; Industrial Avenue Construction of ±25,800 square foot F.W. Webb industrial building upon Lot 3 within the previously approved Middlebury Industrial Park, with associated parking and infrastructure. Building uses will include general warehouse use, showroom, office, and a self-service area. Permit Middlebury Yes 07-22-2024 04-03-2024