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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
4C0331-14H-1 Art Klugo Beta Technologies, Inc. (BETA); Nicolas Longo City of Burlington, Burlington International Airport; 1200 Airport Drive BETA would like to continue construction for the assembly facility at Burlington International Airport and incorporate blasting. A detailed blasting plan has been provided in the exhibits for review. Withdrawn South Burlington Yes 06-05-2023
3W0941-1A Adm. Amend Jamie Teague Dresden School District; Jamie Teague Dresden School District; 223 US Route 5 South The project consists of modifying the existing baseball field to make is smaller and to change field grades and install an underdrain system to make the field more playable. Permit Norwich Yes 06-12-2023
5L0015-1A Adm. Amend Greg Tatro 1159 Foote Brook Road, LLC; Greg Tatro 1159 Foote Brook Road, LLC; 405 Railroad Street & East River Road This permit specifically authorizes the subdivision of a 4.30 acres tract into two lots. Lot A, comprised of 1.85 acres with frontage on Railroad Street, will include an existing building containing (6) 2-bedroom units and (2) 1-bedroom units with parking spaces and served by municipal water and sewer. Lot B, comprised of 2.45 acre with frontage on East River Road, will include an existing building containing (6) 2-bedroom units and (2) 1-bedroom units with parking spaces and served by municipal water and sewer. Permit Johnson Yes 06-12-2023
9A0353-1 Adm. Amend Diane Norris Adison County Fair and Field Days; Addison County Fair and Field Days, Incorporated; 1790 Fair and Field Days Road This permit specifically authorizes demolition of an aged and deteriorating open dairy barn and construction of a ±15,400-square-foot new pole barn structure in its place. The Project is located at 1790 Field Days Road in New Haven, Vermont. No new water or wastewater services are proposed or approved. Permit New Haven Yes 06-05-2023
7C0718-1-A Adm. Amend Dana Gravel Gravel Construction; Dana Gravel Gravel Construction Company Inc; Dean Gravel Gravel Construction Company Inc; 20 Blizzard way This is for the reclamation of the property. It was supposed to be completed by October 15, 2022 and we missed the deadline. We are about 3/4 done the project but need more time. We are looking to get it extended until June 2024 Permit Hardwick Yes 06-05-2023
8B0474-11 Adm. Amend Town of Bennington; MSR Holdings, LLC; 25 Morse Road Replacement of 40 ft. long x 5 ft. wide log bridge across the Furnace Brook for access to existing pathway. Previous bridge failed and was removed. Replacement bridge will be the same size and constructed of the same materials as the previously permitted bridge. The replacement bridge will be placed in the same location as the previous bridge. The bridge will be temporary (24 months or less). The bridge supports for the previous bridge (large concrete blocks placed on the ground) will be used for the replacement bridge. There will be no ground disturbance. Materials (logs and lumber) will be brought to the site over the existing trail easement from Morse Road (same as when originally constructed). Staging of materials will occur within the trail easement area adjacent to the bridge location. Permit Bennington Yes 05-29-2023
JO 2-325 JO Trail alterations JO issued Wardsboro Yes 05-29-2023
JO 2-330 JO the construction of 5 tiny house cabins for residential and rental use on so called Parcel 2 JO issued West Windsor Yes 05-29-2023
JO 3-298(Reconsidered) JO 6565 Woodstock Road Build a 12’x36’x8’ commissary to house a food preparation area for the 36 or so resident birds that are housed at VINS and used on VINS environmental education programs. A frost-free water supply will be incorporated into building and heat will be delivered using propane and Modine Heaters. The building is Quaker-style and is attached to a a 4-foot frost wall foundation JO issued Hartford Yes 05-29-2023
JO 3-302 JO 39 Ward Hill Rd. Build an approximately 32’ x 14’barn with a woodworking shop on 84 acres with an existing singe-family residence. The shop will be “solely for hobby use and there is no intent to sell any of the items created or to run a business from the property. JO issued Tunbridge Yes 05-29-2023
JO 3-303 JO 1251 Grandview Lodge Road Remove an existing earthen dam (Rockefeller dam) that impounds an unnamed tributary to the Woodward reservoir. JO issued Plymouth Yes 06-05-2023
JO 8-286 JO 4659 Main Street This JO considers the following activities: 1) Change of use from a retail space to a first-floor restaurant and a second/third floor apartment, and 2) Reconstruction of an existing rear deck and stairs (including cutting away of parking lot curbing). Relates to project permitted under 8B0334-5. JO issued Manchester Yes 05-29-2023
JO 8-287 JO O'Donovan Sean; Dean Road Construction of a town-owned and maintained access road across the parcel owned by Mr. O’Donovan and permitted under Land Use Permit series 8B0473. The road will provide public access to the town’s [landlocked] town forest lands. The project also includes an ~10-space parking area surrounded by split-rail fencing, installation of access gates, kiosk, and solar charger. JO issued Pownal Yes 06-05-2023
1R0322-15 Major Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC; Ottauquechee Realty Advisors, LLC; 970 Bear Mountain Road Master Plan Approval for a two-lot subdivision; a phased, planned unit residential development adjacent to Bear Mountain Base Lodge (“Bear Mountain Base Camp”), consisting of Phase 1 (12 duplexes, or 24 four-bedroom residences), Phase 2 (72 residential units configured in townhomes and multi-family buildings), and Phase 3 (six single-family residences), for a total of 102 units; and construction approval for Phase 1, to also include a gatehouse, access road, drives, parking, wastewater and community water supply distribution systems, and underground utilities. The project is located at 970 Bear Mountain Road in Killington, Vermont. Permit Killington 02-28-2023 Yes 06-05-2023 04-29-2022
2W1383 MajorMinor David Meyer; Raleigh Brown; David Meyer; Raleigh Brown; 86 Shearer Hill Rd This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a 40x60 Steel building for the purpose of growing cannabis. Permit Halifax 02-15-2023 Yes 05-29-2023 01-26-2023
7R0841-13-1 MajorMinor John Gay New England Waste Services of Vermont, Inc.; New England Waste Services of Vermont, Inc.; 21 Landfill Lane Under Condition 15, the independent third party contractor may not have worked on the project authorized by the permit either on behalf of NEWSVT or any other party to the permit proceeding. NEWSVT has posted three separate requests for proposals and communicated directly with several qualified consultants regarding the independent third party contractor services, but has not received any proposals for such services to date. See attached Stowe Club Highlands memo. NEWSVT files this amendment request to modify Condition 15 in an effort to revise the condition such that qualified consultants will be more likely to submit a proposal for the independent third party contractor services. This amendment request seeks the following changes to Condition 15: (i) allow the independent third party contractor up to 90 minutes to respond to off-site odor complaints; and (ii) allow the third party contractor to have worked on the project previously on behalf of NEWSVT or another party to the permit proceedings. This amendment request also seeks removal of the reference to “full-time basis” in the description of the independent third party contractor services. The approved form of Landfill Inspection Agreement requires the consultant to (i) be available twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week to respond to odor complaints, as needed; and (ii) conduct random load inspections and odor monitoring patrols two times per week. Permit Coventry 04-12-2023 Yes 06-05-2023 03-01-2023
7R0841-14 Minor New England Waste Services of VT, Inc.; 21 Landfill Lane installation of treatment vessels at the Phase III underdrain discharge location to reduce per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the Phase III underdrain discharge. The proposed treatment system will consist of gravity-driven treatment vessels filled with granular activated carbon. The Project will require about 300 cubic yards of excavation, the installation of concrete walls, treatment vessels, piping, and may include the installation of a removable roof, if needed. Permit Coventry Yes 06-05-2023 02-17-2022
7R1284-1 Minor Neil F. Mead; Debi D. Mead; Joseph Mead; Neil F. Mead; 1488 Alderbrook Road Subdivide existing Lot 6 into three lots: Lot 1 = 2.9 +/- acres with an existing 3-bedroom house; Lot 2 = 2.0 +/- acres with an existing 3-bedroom house; Lot 3 = 6.1 +/- acres to be approved for the construction of a 3-bedroom house. Pending (Comment Period) Coventry No 06-05-2023 06-20-2023
7R1408 Minor Charles Traniello; Charles Traniello; 1292 Alderbrook Road This project consists of amending land use permit 7R1076 to subdivide the existing lot 3 into two lots. Lot 3A will contain 4.65 acres with the existing mobile home and detached garage. Lot 3B will contain 5.4 acres and will be developed with a single-family residence served by on-site sewer and water. The new home will be a cottage style house with two stories. There will be 1655 sq ft of finished living area with an attached two stall garage. The house will be finished with blueish gray vinyl siding and charcoal asphalt shingle rooting. The property will be accessed by a 50 foot right of way off the Alderbrook Road in the town of Coventry, VT. Permit Coventry Yes 06-05-2023 05-09-2023
9A0065-2 Minor Clark Investment Properties, LLC; Clark Investment Properties, LLC; 65 West Pleasant Street This permit specifically authorizes construction of a single-family residence on ±0.30-acre Lot 4 of a previously approved subdivision. The project is located at 65 West Pleasant Street in Bristol, Vermont Permit Bristol Yes 06-05-2023 05-31-2023
9A0227-5 Minor Todd Hardie Champlain Valley Grain Center, LLC; Town of Ferrisburgh; Town of Ferrisburgh; Corner of Route 7A & 22A This project is located on the corner of US Route 7 and 22A in Ferrisburgh, VT, east of the existing Park and Ride facility. This is a Partial Findings application for specific criteria; the project does NOT propose construction at this time. The project proposes development of Lot 1, a 5.2 acre parcel within the overall subject parcel currently owned by the Town of Ferrisburgh. Lot 3 contains 25.55 acres of conserved, agricultural land. No development for Lot 2 is included in this application. The proposed development includes grain center and distillery with retail, a tasting room, restaurant, and site features like driveway/access, parking, sidewalks, stormwater treatment, and other site features and appurtenances. Up to four grain silos are also proposed as part of the project. Findings Ferrisburgh Yes 06-05-2023 05-10-2023
1R0790-5 Minor Devon Gulick; Devon Gulick; Lot 20, Barrows Town Rd. 2 bedroom house, Primary residence, 1,500 sq ft, 1 acre of land, 1 lot. WW permit approved for 2 bedroom home. Permit Killington Yes 06-12-2023 06-05-2023
2W0583-4 Minor Renaud Bros., Inc.; 283 Fort Bridgman Road the prior construction of a 3200 sq.ft. addition to an existing industrial building; installation of a Quonset hut for storage; a crane affixed to a previously permitted and approved mounting system for solar array (CPG#NM-2147); restoration of a vegetated wetland buffer at the southern edge of the parking area; and used car sales. Pending (Comment Period) Vernon No 05-29-2023 06-20-2023
4C0190-12B Minor Justin McCabe, Gen. Counsel Greenfield Capital, LLC; Justin McCabe, Gen. Counsel Greenfield Capital, LLC; 435 Community Dr This permit specifically authorizes signage and an updated lighting plan for a 3-story office building and warehouse with 400 parking spaces on a 20-acre parcel, previously authorized for construction in LUP 4C0190-12A (the Project). The Project is located at 435 Community Dr in South Burlington, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington No 06-12-2023 06-26-2023
4C0329-17U-1 Minor Jim Ewing Jim Ewing Property, Inc; Jim Ewing Jim Ewing Property, Inc; 6 Corporate Drive This permit specifically authorizes clearing of existing wooded Lot 6. Future development on Lot 6 will require a land use permit amendment. The project is located at 6 Corporate Drive in Essex, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Essex, Town of No 06-12-2023 06-26-2023
4C0395-11 Minor Jeff O'Hara Reperio Properties, LLC; Jeff O'Hara Reperio Properties, LLC; 1233F Shelburne Road This permit specifically authorizes the retrofit of the existing building at 1233F Shelburne Road, used previously as commercial retail space (Building F). The building will be retrofitted to accommodate a daycare. The majority of the proposed work will take place within the existing structure, and a playground will be added to the exterior of the building (the Project). The Project is located at 1233F Shelburne Road in South Burlington, Vermont. Permit South Burlington Yes 06-05-2023 05-25-2023
4C0550-7D Minor Bill Sawyer Clapper Road, LLC; Clapper Road LLC; Clapper Road Construction of three additional warehousing units to each of two existing warehouse buildings. Each building addition will be 3,750 square feet. The project is located on 3.61 acre Lot 1 at 28 and 30 Clapper Road in Milton, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Milton No 06-05-2023 06-21-2023
4C0688-3A Minor Joanne Johnson; Keith Johnson; Joanne Johnson; Keith Johnson; 13 South Hill Drive This permit amendment specifically authorizes the construction of a new wastewater disposal system to replace the current system which serves a four bedroom single family residence, which is inadequate for the addition of an in-law-suite in an existing space above the garage, as well as the rough-in plumbing for a three-quarter bathroom in the existing barn. The property is served by an on-site drilled well and wastewater disposal system. This permit also authorizes burying currently above ground electric lines between existing poles on the project tract (the Project). The Project is located at 13 South Hill Drive in Underhill, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Underhill No 05-29-2023 06-13-2023
4C1336-1 Minor Town of Hinesburg; Town of Hinesburg; 290 Lagoon Rd, Hinesburg, VT 05461 This permit specifically authorizes the construction of Phase II upgrades to the Hinesburg Wastewater Treatment Facility (the Phase II Project) including (1) sitework and yard piping; (2) new headworks structure; (3) new two-basin sequential batch reactor treatment system including pre and post equalization basins; (4) new building to house tertiary filters, UV disinfection system, positive displacement blowers, sludge and chemical storage tanks; and new control building structure to include operator laboratory, offices, locker room, electrical room, and vehicle garage (the Project). Operation of the Phase II Project is not approved until a subsequent permit amendment is issued by the Commission specifically authorizing the operation of the Phase II Project. The Project is located at 290 Lagoon Rd, Hinesburg, VT 05461 in Hinesburg, Vermont. Permit Hinesburg Yes 06-05-2023 10-24-2022
4C1352 Minor Daisy Properties, LLC; Daisy Properties; 253 South Union Street Construct five (5) studio apartment dwelling units as an addition to the existing building located at 253 South Union Street. Permit Burlington Yes 05-29-2023 04-25-2023
5L1033-12 Minor Maxwell Properties, LLC; Maxwell Properties, LLC.; 45 old farm road To construct a retail pharmacy building with a visiting doctor on existing Lot 5 of the former Moody Farm subdivision on Old Farm Rd in Stowe. The site is benefitted by an existing off-site leachfield with existing capacity permitted for the project. The project includes a WW permit for approval to relocate and upsize septic system tanks on the site. The project also includes a construction general permit (9020) &stormwater discharge permit application (9050). Please see site plan, landscaping plan and building elevations for the proposed project. Pending (Comment Period) Stowe No 06-12-2023 06-27-2023
5W0542-7 Minor Bradley Opsahl; Blake Opsahl; Bradley Opsahl; Cider Mountain Road Revised building envelope for a previously approved single-family residence, garage with one-bedroom apartment, and associated infrastructure on Lot 3 of the subdivision approved in Land Use Permit 5W0542-6. Pending (Comment Period) Warren No 06-05-2023 06-14-2023
5W1017-3 Minor Jeff Ramsey Vermont Agency of Transportation; Jeff Ramsey Vermont Agency of Transportation; US Route 2 the reconstruction and widening of U.S. Route 2 beginning in the Town of Cabot at Station 500+00.00 (MM 5.269) and extending into the Town of Danville, ending at Station 569+00.00 (MM 0.366). The project includes minor realignment, new drainage, subbase, pavement, and associated highway improvements. Permit Cabot Yes 05-29-2023 03-21-2023
5W1617 Minor Tim Jones Green Mountain Power; Green Mountain Power; Beaver Meadow Road Proposed installation of approximately 3,500' of overhead electric distribution line to serve a new private residence on Beaver Meadow Road, Roxbury. The proposed line will extend from the existing overhead line, near the junction of Tracy Hill and Beaver Meadow Roads, entirely along the developed road corridor to the new house site. A portion of the new line will extend to the new house site adjacent to the new access drive. Permit Roxbury Yes 05-29-2023 05-15-2023
6F0435-21 Minor Jeff Ramsey Vermont Agency of Transportation; Jeff Ramsey Vermont Agency of Transportation; 629 Airport Road, Swanton VT 05488 This project includes a 1000' full depth extension of the existing runway. A new taxiway will also be constructed to connect to the runway threshold. New pavement markings, signage, and lighting will be installed in conjunction with the runway and taxiway. Pending (Comment Period) Highgate No 05-29-2023 06-15-2023
6F0514-8 Minor DFA Northeast Logistics, Inc.; Ronda McAllister The Learning Tree Childcare Center; DFA Northeast Logistics, Inc.; Gibson Drive, Lot 3 Construction of a ±9,000 square foot childcare facility upon ±2.95-acre Lot 3 of the Enosburgh Business and Development Center, including a paved driveway loop, drop-off, and parking areas. The project will be served by existing municipal sewer and water connections. Permit Enosburgh Yes 05-29-2023 05-18-2023
6F0681 Minor James Cushing; James Cushing; 51 Meadow Brook Lane “As-built” approval of a single-family residence upon ±1.40-acre Lot 3 served by a private road, on-site well, and an inground septic system. Lot 3 is within the 4-lot “Meadowbrook Subdivision” created in violation of Act 250 by a previous landowner. The project is located at 51 Meadowbrook Lane in Fletcher, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Fletcher No 05-29-2023 06-15-2023