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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
2S1373-A Adm. Amend Robert Wachtel; Sugar Maple Mountain Retreat, LLC; Wendy Wachtel; Sugar Maple Mountain Retreat, LLC; 746 Chaos Turnpike Three upscale short term vacation rental homes and one utility building set back on the property in the woods. Changes requested: 1. UTILITY BUILDING - a). Reduce the utility building size from 12 x 28' to 12 x 20', 12' in front, 10' in rear with standing seam roof. Exterior siding, color and lighting will stay the same as previously permitted, b). c. Move the location of the utility building approximately 75 feet away on the other side of our driveway. We have applied for a revision to the current state approved septic plan to reflect the new layout. Note, there are no changes to capacity or design of the system. 2.) HOT TUB - Move hot tub to prior utility building location. 3.) TINY HOUSE - a.) Construct tiny homes on site and increase the front height of tiny homes from 13.5' to 16' in front and keep 13.5' (already approved at 13.5') in rear. Permit Cavendish YES 05-09-2022
4C0449-7 Adm. Amend Hazelett Strip Casting, Inc.; Hazelett Strip Casting Corp.; 135 West Lakeshore Drive Construction of a replacement hydrogen tank and acetylene tank enclosure, including a new concrete pad and outdoor covered area. The new pad will replace an existing smaller pad and will be fenced in. A replacement dust collection system will also be installed on a new concrete pad. Permit Colchester YES 05-16-2022
5W0721-10A Adm. Amend FHS Holdings, LLC.; FHS Holdings, LLC.; 154 Carroll Road To administratively amend permit 5W0721-10 to reflect a revised site plan for FHS Holdings, dba RK Miles. An existing lumber storage building will be removed from the site and replaced by 3 new rack material storage structures. As previously reviewed with Dist. Coordinator Susan Baird, the new material racks are infill development within the existing developed footprint on site. No new disturbance occurs, no new underlying permits are required. Please see site plan enclosed. Permit Waitsfield YES 05-16-2022
5W0863-D Adm. Amend William Bond; Elizabeth Bond; William Bond; 265 Morrison Road To adjust the boundary between the Bond property (Lot 1 of 5W0863-C) and the adjacent lands of Metro Development, LLC (Lot 2 of 5W0863-C) to convey Metro Development fee ownership of 0.33 Ac. over which the existing sewage disposal easement of Metro lies. The resultant areas of the parcel are: Bond (Lot 1) - 62.07 Ac.; Metro (Lot 2) - 6.43 Ac. Permit Barre Town YES 05-09-2022
5W0868-6 Adm. Amend Matt Krebs The Green Mountain Club, Inc.; Matt Krebs The Green Mountain Club, Inc.; 4711 Waterbury-Stowe Road Reconstruction of the Herrick Building at the Green Mountain Club headquarters, including the demolition of the existing portion of this building and reconstruction of a new building wing in the same general footprint, with minor associated site improvements. Permit Waterbury YES 05-09-2022
9A0358-2A Adm. Amend Firehouse Apartments Limited Partnership; Firehouse Drive construction of a 3-building housing development Permit Bristol YES 05-09-2022
9A0063-6(Corrected) Adm. Amend Kevin Harper Bristol Works!; Kevin Harper Bristol Works LLC; 73 Munsill Ave. Bristol Works LLC. has permitted a PUD though the Town of Bristol to sell Building #4 to the existing tenant. This building is to be transferred as Condominium Unit 1. This unit is comprised of Building #4 on 0.635 Acres with access to common elements and limited common elements of the site. No new construction or infrastructure is proposed and the uses remain as permitted. Additionally, a small 0.289 acre lot with frontage on Maple Street will be subdivided (Lot #2). This lot is part of a residential lot that was purchased and incorporated into the overall Bristol Work lot. Lot 2 constitutes roughly half the acreage of the original lot. The prospective purchaser is in the process of obtaining the necessary permits to construct a 3 bedroom single family residence on the lot. Permit Bristol YES 05-09-2022
JO 1-403 JO 963 South Main Street Parcel 1 (SPAN 216-070-10297) includes a bowling alley constructed in 1961; it had been transformed into an auction house and used car dealer, but the parcel/building were recently sold to a church. It is not currently under Act 250 jurisdiction. Parcel 2 (SPAN 216-070-11039) is permitted under Land Use Permit 1R0005, which authorized a mobile home assembly plant (only). More recently (currently), Parcel 2 has been leased out for storage of cars for importing, storage of house trailers, and mobile home and auto repairs. Parcel 3 (SPAN 216-070-10184) is permitted under Land Use Permit 1R0816, which authorized construction of a building and five parking spaces for same, related to the slate business and onsite slate storage. Parcel 4 (SPAN 216-070-11274) is currently undeveloped and used for agriculture, and is not under Act 250 jurisdiction. The Project would be to subdivide five to seven acres off Parcel 2 and create a right-of-way on the west side of Parcel 3, in order to store additional vehicles on Parcel 3 (in addition to continued use of Parcel 2) along with use of the building on Parcel 3 for related activities such as auto repair; the stored vehicles would be auctioned online. A portion of Camara Slate would be moved onto Parcel 2. Received Fair Haven YES 05-16-2022
JO 3-248 JO 713 Hartford Ave. Construction of a new building to house an adult homeless shelter and office/programming space JO issued Hartford YES 05-09-2022
JO 3-249 JO Tucker Mountain Road Create a 1/4 mile multi-use gravel trail to replace an old dirt farm road with serious erosion issues. This road leads from a Class IV town road (Tucker Mountain Road) on the summit of Tucker Mountain. As a farm road, it has been used for nearly 200 years. This is town owned land JO issued Newbury YES 05-09-2022
4C0566-3B Major Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp.; Vermont Blacktop Corp.; 115 Whitcomb Street Request for approval of the 350,000-ton annual Hot Mix Asphalt production limit as set forth in the company's current Agency of Natural Resources Air Permit #AOP-20-016 as well as permission to install various physical upgrades to its HMA plant located in Colchester to include: (1) Maxam Raptor Mixing Drum and associated emission capture equipment; (2) Two additional Astec HMA storage silos and additional associated conveyors with additional silo and conveyor emission control system and truck load-out emissions control system; (3) Additional silo and conveyor emission control systems and truck load-out emissions control systems for the existing two HMA storage silos and associated conveyors; and (4) Raising the HMA plant stack from 78 feet to 98 feet tall. Pending (Hearing) Colchester 05-26-2022 NO 05-09-2022
4C0685-15 Minor JDC Vermont Properties, LLC; 1218 Thompsons Point Road Construction of a swimming pool and patio on Lot 1 of the Bucklin Lots of the Black Willow Farms subdivision. Permit Charlotte YES 05-09-2022 04-19-2021
1R0976-2 Minor Brown's Auto Salvage; Mark and Joan Brown; 170 Depot Terrace The project involves the construction of a 40 ft x 40 ft addition on the southwest side of an existing building. The space will provide an area for parts receiving and an area for preparation of parts for sale. Permit Castleton YES 05-09-2022 05-03-2022
2S0488-3B Minor Gaboom, LLC; Gaboom, LLC; 104 Baileys Mills Road This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a two-bedroom home and associated utilities. Pending (Comment Period) Reading NO 05-16-2022 06-08-2022
4C0526-2C Minor Scott Rieley Rieley Cohen Partnership, LLC; Scott Rieley Rieley Cohen Partnership, LLC; 4 Harbor View Road Construction of a 5,280 square foot addition to an existing property management and landscaping company building, and expansion of the outside storage area with associated utility and sitework. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington NO 05-16-2022 06-06-2022
4C0560-4 Minor David Crean; David Crean; Heidi Crean; 222 Mcneil Cove Rd To re-align driveway and construct a new accessory barn at the existing residence located at 222 McNeil Cove Rd in Charlotte. Minor building additions for the main residence are also included. The existing WW permit will be amended to show a new connection for the accessory barn. No change in design flow. No stormwater permit is required, see attached correspondence with ANR staff. All construction takes place in area of previous disturbance near the existing driveway and residence. Pending (Comment Period) Charlotte NO 05-16-2022 06-08-2022
2W1378 Minor Rodney L Rogstad; Sandra J. Rogstad; Rodney L Rogstad; Sandra J Rogstad; 31 Rogstad Lane off US Rte 5 Earth removal to create garden space and access to back of property Permit Westminster YES 05-16-2022 05-18-2022
3W0713-6 Minor Andrew Jones Jones Veterinary Properties LLC; Jessica Jones Jones Veterinary Properties LLC; 1533 VT RTE 107 Paving a 50'x 60' area to add 10 additional parking spots. Permit Royalton YES 05-16-2022 05-10-2022
4C0331-14G-1,4C0949-5,300007-10A-1 Minor Nicolas Longo City of Burlington, Burlington International Airport; Nicolas Longo City of Burlington, Burlington International Airport; 1200 Airport Drive Relocating soils off-site from the existing quarry at Burlington International Airport to Green Acres Quarry off South Brownell Road in South Burlington (4C0949-4) and to a material storage yard off Avenue A in Williston (300007-10A). Permit South Burlington YES 05-16-2022 05-11-2022
4C0331-14I Minor Blain Newton Beta Technologies, Inc. (BETA); Nicolas Longo City of Burlington, Burlington International Airport; 1200 Airport Drive BETA is proposing to construct a general aviation hangar for aircraft maintenance and storage at the Burlington International Airport (BTV). The hangar is approximately 24,000 gross square feet and 35 feet tall. The proposed project is located off Eagle Drive at the corner of the future truck access road that will be constructed as part of the BETA aircraft assembly facility project. The proposed hangar will open onto BTV’s Valley West Apron via sliding hangar doors. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington NO 05-16-2022 06-13-2022
4C0339-8B Minor Abel Toll RHTL Partners, LLC; Abel Toll RHTL Partners, LLC; 1795 Shelburne Rd. The project involves an approximate 3,155 sf building addition associated with rebranding for the existing South Burlington Mazda car dealership located at 1795 Shelburne Rd. in South Burlington, VT. Supplemental parking, sidewalk and utility revisions and improvements are proposed to support the project. The existing municipal water and sewer services will be retained. No change in use, increase in employees or anticipated patrons is proposed with this project. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington NO 05-16-2022 06-06-2022
4C0824-4B Minor Rice Lumber Company; Rice Realty, Inc.; 4188 Shelburne Road Extension of time, until October 15, 2023, to remove the previously-permitted excess blasted rock from the property, including temporary allowance of 50 (round trip) truck trips per day. Permit Shelburne YES 05-16-2022 05-16-2022
4C1005-15 Minor Neagley and Chase Construction; Northeast Territories, Inc; 39 Bowdoin Street Construct a 21,790 GSF office building and contractors yard with supporting utilities, parking lot and stormwater management facilities on a 3.96 acre parcel located at 39 Bowdoin Street (on Lot 7) within the Meadowland Business Park in South Burlington. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington NO 05-16-2022 06-01-2022
4C1106-3C Minor Andrew Gill O'Brien Farm Road, LLC; Thomas Getz Green Mountain Development Group, Inc.; O'Brien Farm Road, LLC; 255 Kennedy Drive O'Brien Farm Road, LLC and Green Mountain Development Group, Inc. (collectively "Applicants") are seeking to amend Act 250 Permit 4C1106-3B to approve construction of multifamily dwellings on lots 10 and 11 of the Hillside at O'Brien Farm Community, plus roadways and infrastructure supporting these lots. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington NO 05-16-2022 06-07-2022
4C1153-7A Minor Pizzagalli Properties, LLC; 350 Tilley Drive Construction of 1,910 sf. addition to an existing 57,090 sf. medical office building on Lot 5. The addition will result in a loss of six parking spaces. Permit South Burlington YES 05-16-2022 04-08-2022
4C1186-4 Minor C.J. Knudsen Huskies Kapital, LLC, d/b/a Vermont Lake Monsters; University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; 110 University Road - UVM Centennial Field The project proposes to install a canopy roof over a section of the right field seats at Centennial Field to provide protection from the sun and rain. The awning will be forest green to match the stadium and others areas of the ballpark. As part of the proposed project, the area under the canopy covered seats will be converted to concrete and a 6' wide pervious walk will be installed along the backside of the covered area. The pervious walk and underlying stone will create an infiltration trench for stormwater treatment. Permit Burlington YES 05-16-2022 05-11-2022
4C1346 Minor Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; 3164 Shelburne Road Demolition of existing buildings as the first phase of a redevelopment project that will ultimately trigger the jurisdiction of Act 250. Pending (Comment Period) Shelburne NO 05-09-2022 05-31-2022
5W0427-3 Minor Northeast Washington County Community Health, Inc.; 157 Town Avenue construction of a stormwater settling area and stabilization of the eroding gully Permit Plainfield YES 05-09-2022 04-27-2022
5W1040-6 Minor Jane Brodwyn; Center Fayston Road This application is an amendment to 5W1040 to remove a fourth acre from current use and add it to the previously permitted 3 removed acres. Pending (Comment Period) Fayston NO 05-16-2022 06-14-2022
8B0079-15 Minor Carrols Corporation; BLS Bennington Outlot LLC; 216 Northside Drive The project consists of constructing a 3,200 sq.ft. restaurant on an existing unimproved lot. Overall impervious surface would be reduced from 88.0% to 68.7%. In addition to the new building, the existing drive aisle will be repaved along with new LED lighting and landscaping on the site. A sidewalk will be provided that connects to the existing bus stop in front of Price Chopper to the sidewalk that runs parallel to Northside Drive. Pending (Comment Period) Bennington NO 05-16-2022 06-06-2022
8B0565-6 Minor Eric Subik Burr & Burton Academy; Trustees of Burr & Burton Academy; 57 Seminary Avenue Demolition and reconstruction of the existing BBA maintenance building, including a small increase in parking and extension of the municipal sewer. The project also includes construction of a "media tower" building adjacent to Taylor Field for announcing and videotaping of games. Pending (Comment Period) Manchester NO 05-09-2022 06-02-2022
9A0177-5 Minor President and Fellows of Middlebury College; 356 College Street a variety of interior and exterior improvements in and around Johnson Memorial Building, including: (1) interior renovation of Johnson Memorial Building, (2) construction of a new pavilion, (3) replacement of the water main connection, and (4) exterior walk and landscape improvements. Permit Middlebury YES 05-16-2022 01-26-2022