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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
4C0192-4 Adm. Amend Lisa Campion LMC Law, PLLC; Bette Lehneman; 56 Barbara Terrace 56 Barbara Terrace (Lot 6 of Overlake Estates) - We are not sure if the replacement system is inside or outside of the continuous area. We have been advised by Stephanie Monaghan than an AA would be required. I compared the plan for the town septic permit with the plan for the Act 250 permit. It appears to me that the replacement septic system is located within or at least very close to the continuous area on the approved plan. P & P Septic verified with a camera that the leach lines are located as shown on the plan for the town permit. A Letter was sent to Colchester today and was accepted to close out the permit. Withdrawn Colchester Yes 01-30-2023
3W0759-B Adm. Amend Richard & Linda Lunna; James Gage; 2519 Music Mountain Road The applicants are the proposed grantees of a 2.76-acre parcel owned by James Gage. There is no proposed project on this parcel. Permit Stockbridge Yes 01-30-2023
4C1128-6 Adm. Amend Edgewood of South Burlington Homeowners Association, Inc.; JJJ South Burlington LLC; JJJ South Burlington, LLC; 1699 Hinesburg Road Authorization for a change in the previously approved carriage home footprint lots #67-82 and #87-100, located on Russet Road and Liberty Lane, into single-family building lots. Additionally, an open space lot of 0.195 acres will be created adjacent to the Pippen Lane right-of-way and dedicated to the HOA rather than owned by the City Permit South Burlington Yes 02-13-2023
5L0371-11 Adm. Amend LC1 Owner Stowe VT LLC; LC1 Owner Stowe VT LLC; 58 Golden Eagle Drive To incorporate WW permit for subdivision of the existing Golden Eagle Resort property on Mountain Road in Stowe. Proposed Lots: Proposed Lot A of 14.82 +/- acres with no development existing or proposed (access provided by existing private road) Resort Lot of 15.30+/- acres that will contain the existing 88 motel units/restaurant/spa (access provided by existing curb cuts on Route 108) 1865 House Lot of 1.02+/- acres. This lot will contain an old house on the property that has no motel or resort function. Currently unoccupied with no active water/sewer connection (access is provided via existing curb cut on Route 108). No construction is proposed with this application. Permit Stowe Yes 01-30-2023
5W0790-2 Adm. Amend Jonathan Adler The Rider's Outpost, LLC; Madbush Holdings, LLC; 7575 Main Street The installation of a replacement wastewater disposal system, and interior renovations to the existing motel/restaurant, which includes bringing the water system, plumping, electrical, mechanical, heating system, bathrooms, emergency doors etc. into compliance with current code requirements. The building renovations will reduce the number of sleeping spaces to 45 and decrease the restaurant seating from 72 to 54. The 19.1 acres project is located at 7575 Main Street in Waitsfield, Vermont. Permit Waitsfield Yes 01-30-2023
6F0550-9 Adm. Amend City of St. Albans; City of St. Albans; 179 - 181 Congress Street, The city of St. Albans is proposing the addition of a playground adjacent to their newly constructed pool and pool house. The previously proposed and approved ice rink is still a future proposed project however, it has been shifted west to accommodate the playground area. The playground will be constructed this calendar year and the rink will be constructed within 5 years. Permit Saint Albans Town Yes 01-30-2023
8B0504-3 Adm. Amend Adam Howe; Michael van Eyck; Edmund Michael van Eyck; Jessica van Eyck; 1268 Myers Road Boundary Line Adjustment of 7.96 acres transferring from van Eyck to Howe. There are no plans to erect any structures, simply manage the forest for firewood. The request is being made in order to enlarge the Howe parcel and provide them with a larger "buffer" and privacy on their existing property. As for harvesting firewood, we anticipate anywhere from 2-5 cords per year depending on the previous year's usage. The number of trees harvested will depend on their size, but somewhere between 3-10/year should suffice. Vehicle use will be limited to a 4-wheeler when gathering firewood. There will be no recreational use of vehicles on this land. Permit Shaftsbury Yes 02-06-2023
7C0452-4 Adm. Amend Sweet Tree Holding 1, LLC; Sweet Tree Holdings 1, LLC; 3606 Memorial Drive The project will include interior renovations to add 5 shower stalls in an existing bathroom and an office space to be converted to a kitchen and dining area. The kitchen and dining area will include 3 stoves, 2-3 refrigerators, 2-3 freezers, 2 sinks, and storage areas. Another existing room will be converted to a laundry room containing 6 washers and 6 dryers. Four existing rooms will be converted to bunk rooms for sleeping, while two existing rooms will be converted to entertainment/living spaces. There are no exterior renovations planned. There will be no more than 5 vehicles at the site at any given time. The facility will be used to provide lodging for company employees only. Most employees will be migrant/seasonal agricultural workers as part of the current H-2A visa program. The facility will not be open to public access. Permit Saint Johnsbury Yes 02-06-2023
JO 1-409 JO Kelley Hill Road Fred Mason owns an excavating company and intends to open/develop a gravel/borrow pit on a 10.1-acre parcel (SPAN 465-147-10467) adjoining the northeast boundaries of the residential parcel located at 285 Kelley Hill Road, Pawlet. Mr. Mason will lease the parcel from landowner Todd Mason. A pit existed on the farm years ago (was in use by Mr. Mason’s grandparents), possibly around the 1970s through 1990s, but it ‘hasn’t been used in a really long time’. JO issued Pawlet Yes 01-30-2023
JO 1-424 JO 52 Main Street Mechanical processing of industrial hemp, to be repackaged and sold as raw materials for other uses. Hemp is purchased from area farmers; no farming onsite. Activities to take place indoors. Minor modifications to interior; possible minor modifications to exterior. Building is under an historic easement by the Preservation Trust of VT. JO issued Proctor Yes 01-30-2023
JO 1-S-105G JO 325 Upper Road The Project entails construction of a new 60-foot by 60-foot building to house a new automated saw line. The new structure will be installed perpendicular to the existing saw building. Once installation of the new saw system is completed, the existing (original 1988) saw line will be removed, and the existing saw building will be converted to dry storage use. The plumbing will be minimal, only pumping water from the quarry to cool the saw and control dust. The building will include interior LED bay lighting, and an exterior security light and safety door lights, which are basic motion detectors with two approximately 250-volt LED bulbs. The entire building will not be heated; heating will be in climate-controlled operator booths via overhead propane. No increase in the number of employees is proposed. JO issued Poultney Yes 01-30-2023
JO 3-279 JO 1675 Route 125 constructed a 40’ x 50’ garage at the northwest corner of their 2.8 acre parcel that includes their house. The garage is used as both a repair business as well as a personal repair shop. It is also used for personal storage. It does not have plumbing. Ms. Stone and her husband also run a gun shop out of their home. The repair shop is generally open Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 – 4:00 with a 2 hour lunch, though that overlaps with the gun shop, so the repair shop is closed when the gun shop has customers. Deliveries happen around once every couple of days. JO issued Hancock Yes 01-30-2023
JO 3-281 JO 284 Admin Dr. Construction of a new hoop style greenhouse on the farm campus adjacent to the largest T-shaped barn. The greenhouse will have a water supply that is not for human consumption. Also, an existing classroom and locker room space in the barn will be renovated as follows: “Namely paint and paper, some new furniture, new IT for remote teaching all within the existing “T” shape barn. All of those uses exist now.” JO issued Randolph Yes 02-13-2023
JO 3-282 JO 776 Lower Plain Eliminate aged septic system and hook up to city sewer system and build two ADA bathrooms for an existing restaurant on .67 acres. JO issued Bradford Yes 02-06-2023
JO 3-283 JO 2438-2340 VT Route 66 changes to the FARM Developing, LLC Hotel, approved under permit 3R1113. Due to the economic and market impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scope of the proposed hotel has been reduced. The approved design included construction of a 47,856 gross sf three story hotel (79 rooms) and 14,982 sf restaurant (152 seats) and conference center (400 seats) with associated drive, parking, stormwater treatment, utilities, and landscaping. The hotel has been reduced to 64 rooms and will have a footprint of 10,005 sf and three floors for a total gross 30,015 sf floor area. The indoor pool and hotel breakfast area are no longer proposed with the project. Space for a future addition of 18 rooms is accounted for on site but construction of this addition is not planned at this time. No changes are proposed to the restaurant and conference center. The area of ground disturbance for the project remains the same as previously permitted. JO issued Randolph Yes 02-06-2023
JO 3-283(Corrected) JO 2438-2340 VT Route 66 changes to the FARM Developing, LLC Hotel, approved under permit 3R1113. Due to the economic and market impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scope of the proposed hotel has been reduced. The approved design included construction of a 47,856 gross sf three story hotel (79 rooms) and 14,982 sf restaurant (152 seats) and conference center (400 seats) with associated drive, parking, stormwater treatment, utilities, and landscaping. The hotel has been reduced to 64 rooms and will have a footprint of 10,005 sf and three floors for a total gross 30,015 sf floor area. The indoor pool and hotel breakfast area are no longer proposed with the project. Space for a future addition of 18 rooms is accounted for on site but construction of this addition is not planned at this time. No changes are proposed to the restaurant and conference center. The area of ground disturbance for the project remains the same as previously permitted. JO issued Randolph Yes 02-06-2023
JO 4-251 JO Opinion regarding applicability of Act 250 jurisdiction over the proposed use of the existing Hoophouse for hosting events focused on serving and showcasing food prepared using farm crops grown on the Intervale Center property. Withdrawn Burlington Yes 01-30-2023
JO 5-56 JO David Anderson Forest Hill Residential Care Home, Inc.; 213 Clark Drive Change of ownership from Forest Hill Residential Care Home, Inc. to Lamoille Housing Partnership. No other changes proposed; maximum occupancy will not exceed 21 residents and three staff, as currently restricted. JO issued Hyde Park Yes 02-06-2023
JO 5-60 JO conversion of a garage to a seasonal camp or dwelling at 851 Park Street Morrisville, Vermont JO issued Morristown Yes 02-13-2023
JO 7-344 JO 119 Clermont Terrace Gut-rehab and renovate the existing convent and school building to create 26 newly- configured housing units (Phase 1). The number and layout of future phases has not yet been determined. The project includes demolition of the dining hall wing, and construction of a new wing (for housing units) in the same general area. The project is not a priority housing project as defined under Act 250. The existing building is part of a historic site, as determined by the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation. The existing building encompasses 31 units (individual bedrooms or “cells”, for housing), in addition to rooms which served other purposes, and was constructed prior to 1970. JO issued Newport City Yes 02-06-2023
JO 7-346 JO 1008 Dry Pond Road Store Tires, Vehicles, Trailers, and Other Changes on the 7R0724 Tract JO issued Glover Yes 02-06-2023
5L1614 Major 2322 LaPorte Road LLC; 2322 LaPorte Road LLC; 2322 LaPorte Road This application is being submitted for findings under Act 250 Criterion 9(B) for a future proposed industrial development on an 89-acre portion of an approximately 429-acre parcel of land located along Route 100 and Cochran Road in Morristown, Vermont, across from the Morrisville-Stowe Airport. Additional project background can be found in Exhibit 005 - "MSI Industrial Park AAFM PAS Submittal 8-24-2022". Pending (Hearing) Morristown 02-23-2023 No 02-13-2023
2W1213-4 Major Hunter Kaltsas Hunter Excavating Inc.; Barbara Rowe; Leonard Rowe; 197 Rowes Road Existing operating gravel quarry. Requesting a 5 year Extension of the existing 2W1213-2 permit to crush existing large tailings into crushed gravel and 3/4 inch stone products. Crushing to occur for a maximum period of 15 business days each year. Also requesting a 5 year Extension of the current Construction Completion Date of August 1, 2022 and the Reclamation Completion Date of October 1, 2022 to complete the process of extracting gravel and reclaiming the site. Pending (Hearing) Londonderry No 01-30-2023
2W1283-3 Major Dana Ladd; Fred Gabert; Mad King Quarry LLC; US Army Corps of Engineers; US Army Corps of Engineers; Hunter Kaltsas; 297 Rowes Rd Expansion of the existing bedrock quarry to the following: Increase from 8,500 cy to 25,000 cy per year Increase from 1 blasting event to 2 blasting events per year Increase from 20 round truck trips to 25 round truck trips Expand crushing and hammering from 2 weeks per year, to 2 months per year, being May and August. These limits are similar to the other bedrock quarry operated in Londonderry Pending (Hearing) Londonderry No 01-30-2023
2W1381 Minor Green Mountain Power; Green Mountain Power; Lake Hill Road the installation of 6,242 feet of new corridor and the retirement of 7,225 feet of existing cross-country lines. Pending (Comment Period) Whitingham No 01-30-2023 02-22-2023
3W0159-6 Minor Catherine Novak Catherine M. Novak Revocable Trust; Nancy Wagner; Albert Wagner; Catherine M. Novak Revocable Trust; Nancy Wagner; 30 Vale Road Building a standard two car garage on Granite Way in front of Building 2. Pending (Comment Period) Hartford No 01-30-2023 02-16-2023
3W0258-2B Minor EROMENO, LLC; Joshua Jasmin; Janice Jasmin; Joshua Jasmin; Raymond Jasmin; Sean Jasmin; 60 Jasmin Lane This project has three components, (1) a boundary line adjustment, (2) site plan amendment for an addition to an accessory structure and changes to the layout of existing parking, and (3) permitting a new parking facility and office on a portion of the previously developed area. Pending (Comment Period) Hartford No 02-13-2023 02-27-2023
1R0759-3 Minor JOSEPH PIMENTEL LUCE FARM WELLNESS (KILLINGTON), LLC; Catherine Quaglia; Lee Quaglia; 3471 US RT 4 The project is generally described as the change in use of the existing building previously permitted as a retail ski shop to the onsite processing, manufacturing, and retail of hemp and cannabidiol products, including interior and exterior renovations and a new freestanding sign. The project is located at 3471 U.S. Route 4 in Killington, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Killington No 02-06-2023 02-23-2023
2S0351-45 Minor Bruce Schmidt Okemo Limited Liability Company; Okemo Limited Liability Company; Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation; 77 Okemo Ridge Road, Ludlow, VT, 05149 This permit specifically authorizes: the construction of a new approx. 60’ x 150’ connector trail that will provide skier access from the Upper Tomahawk trail to the Sweet Solitude Trail; the removal of trees between the Lower Sel’s and Blackout trails, adjacent to a t - bar lift called “The Pull”. Area of tree removal is approx. 50 feet wide by 1,200 feet long. Permit Ludlow Yes 02-06-2023 02-01-2023
2W0551-3D Minor Eric Danner Imerys Talc America, Inc.; Elizabeth Reese; Sean Reese Trout Meadows LLC; 1376 White Road the discontinuation of ferric sulfate treatments in the former Hamm Mine pit lake and removal of treatment elements (chemical storage containers, treatment chemicals, and chemical application equipment). Pending (Comment Period) Windham No 01-30-2023 02-22-2023
2W0566-2E Minor Rick Holloway Chroma Technology Corporation; Automatic Drive; Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation Holdings II; 10 Imtec Lane the slope stabilization and stormwater improvements associated with the Chroma facility. Permit Rockingham Yes 01-30-2023 11-29-2022
4C1145-3 Minor Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, Inc.; Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, Inc.; 1949 East Main St This Project includes renovation, maintenance and stabilization of the "East Monitor Barn" which includes foundation, timber, retaining wall, siding and roofing repairs to ensure that this historic structure is stable and ready for the next 100 years. This application is only for the restoration of the barn, and does not include any actual programmatic fit up for use. The project is being funded partially by a National Park Service "Save America's Treasures" grant. "Save America's Treasures grant abstract" is included as an exhibit. Pending (Comment Period) Richmond No 02-06-2023 02-20-2023
4C1153-6A Minor Leif D. Keelty UVM Medical Center; Robert Bouchard Pizzagalli Properties, LLC; 119 Tilley Drive This permit specifically authorizes construction of an 84,006 sq. ft. outpatient surgery center on Lot 6 of Mountain View Business Park. The project is located at 119 Tilley Drive in South Burlington, Vermont. Permit South Burlington Yes 02-06-2023 11-28-2022
4C0094-6A Minor SRTB Holdings, LLC; SRTB Holding, LLC; 1650 Shelburne Road Authorization for expansion of the existing sales and show rooms and an addition for a drop-off area for the vehicle service department at the Goss Jeep facility, as well as construction of a new sidewalk connection to Shelburne Road and a stormwater infiltration basin for roof runoff from the additions. Permit South Burlington Yes 02-06-2023 01-26-2023
4C0329-17V Minor Glenn Cummings; Glenn Cummings; Ronalyn Cummings; 22 Corporate Drive This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a 16,100 SF warehouse building and associated parking area on an undeveloped 2.38 acre parcel of land (Lot 22) in Phase II of the Saxon Hill Industrial Park. The project is located at 22 Corporate Drive in Essex, Vermont. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 02-13-2023 01-31-2023
4C0331-13C Minor Nicolas Longo Burlington International Airport; Burlington International Airport; 1200 Airport Drive #1 The 'Extend Taxiway G and Construct South Apron' project is located completely within the boundary of the Burlington International Airport (BTV). BTV is an active public use commercial airport located at 1200 Airport Drive in South Burlington, Vermont. The extension of Taxiway G will provide access for general aviation users to the new South Apron. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington No 02-06-2023 02-24-2023
4C0608-6I Minor Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; 70 Essex Way This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a new event center with associated access drives and parking at the Essex Resort. The project includes after-the-fact approval of a boundary line adjustment (dissolved line) between parcel D-1 of the Essex Resort and a 0.64 acre parcel at the corner of Essex Way and Freeman Woods. The 0.64 acre parcel was absorbed by parcel D-1 for stormwater and utilities access and conveyance purposes. The project is located at 70 Essex Way in Essex, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Essex, Town of No 01-30-2023 02-14-2023
4C0799-4 Minor Michael Litwhiler LITMAC ENTERPRISES, LLC; Michael Litwhiler LITMAC ENTERPRISES, LLC; 61 Grey Meadow Drive This permit specifically authorizes the development of one single family dwelling unit and associated infrastructure located on a previously subdivided parcel (Lot 2 created in 4C0799-3) in the Neighborhood at Grey's Meadow (the Project). The Project is located at 61 Grey Meadow Drive in Burlington, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Burlington No 02-06-2023 02-24-2023
4C1108-3 Minor Chatham Woods Homeowners Assoication; Chatham Woods Homeowners Association; Michael Lane This permit specifically authorizes the removal of 45 dead/dying trees located along the forest edge which present a danger to property and owners (the Project). The stumps of these trees shall be left in place. 37 of these trees are ash trees and 22 of these trees reside just inside the wetland buffer. The Project is located within the Chatham Woods Development on Ian Place and Michael Lane in Williston, Vermont. Permit Williston Yes 01-30-2023 01-24-2023
5L1615 Minor Benjamin Waterman Lamoille Build, LLC; Stacey Waterman Lamoille Build, LLC; John McGovern JNLJS Properties, LLC; 4968 VT-15 Jeffersonville, VT Demolition of 2600 square feet of dilapidated portion of a building and renovation of 4100 square feet of existing warehouse space to accommodate several local food businesses. Other site work consists of construction of several gravel, at-grade parking areas, organization of existing parking, and creation of public access pedestrian trail and outdoor gathering space. The property is a Brownfields site (ANR SMS # 2019-4893, “Former Jeffersonville Granary”), and the applicant is enrolled in the ANR Brownfields Reuse and Environmental Liability Limitation Act (BRELLA) program to implement a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for cleanup of PCB contaminated concrete inside portions of the warehouse. While separate from Act 250 jurisdiction, the Brownfields cleanup shares central themes of the project: to revitalize a deteriorated property, making it more economically viable, welcoming, safe and enjoyable for the surrounding community. Permit Cambridge Yes 02-06-2023 12-20-2022
5L0662-10 Minor Alchemy Holding Stowe LLC; Jen Kimmich Alchemy Holding Stowe LLC; John Kimmich Alchemy Holding Stowe LLC; 100 Cottage Club Road The project is generally described as updates to the existing brewery facility, including an 8-foot by 13-foot addition for new bathrooms, a 30-foot by 60-foot awning addition, and a brick patio expansion at the southeast corner of the existing building. Pending (Comment Period) Stowe No 02-06-2023 02-24-2023
5L0839-2 Minor Demars Properties, LLC; Demars Properties, LLC; 54 Farr Ave On December 28, 2022, Demars Properties, LLC, 257 Brooklyn Street, Morrisville, Vermont, filed application number 5L0839-2 for a project generally described as a 1,600-square foot addition on the south end of the existing office building and various parking and landscaping improvements at 54 Farr Avenue in Morristown, Vermont. Demars Properties, LLC supplemented the application on January 3, 2023. Permit Morristown Yes 02-06-2023 01-31-2023
7C0205-14-1(Corrected) Minor Northeastern VT Regional Hospital; Northeastern VT Regional Corp.; 1082 Hospital Dr Subdivide existing lot #2 at 1082 hospital drive into two parcels, lot #2.1 at 2.26 acres and lot #2.2 at 1.0 acres. Lot 2.2 will remain with the existing care bed facility operated by NEK Human Services. Lot #2.1 will be improved to construct a parking area and building pad with a temporary housing structure for up to 20 people. The Northeastern VT Regional Hospital will work in partnership with Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA) to lease a mobile structure for the next 3 years to provide emergency housing initially during cold weather months of November through April but expecting to develop as a year round permanent solution. Permit Saint Johnsbury Yes 02-06-2023
6F0034-3 Minor Beta Technologies; Malone Properties, Inc.; 75 Swanton Road Use of a portion of the existing building for the testing of batteries. Installation of 4 concrete testing bunkers, with 2 additional bunkers planned for the future. Construction of concrete landing pads for new doors and an overhead door. Construction of a paved area for loading and unloading the testing bunkers. Construction of a concrete pad for scrubber equipment for air pollution control. Widening of the existing gravel drive to allow truck access. Construction of stormwater treatment facilities to treat the new impervious areas. Permit Saint Albans Town Yes 02-13-2023 12-08-2022
7R0633-4-3 Minor Patrick Daigle Gosslin Enterprises, Inc.; Roger Gosselin Gosselin Enterprises, Inc.; Roger Gosselin Roger Gosselin, Inc.; 2021 & 2229 US Route 5 The project is on 65 acres in Derby, VT and is a master plan project described as a mixed use development containing residential and commercial components to be constructed over 15-20 years. Several other Land Use Permits are associated with the project. The permitee is requesting a five year extension of the partial findings of fact approved in applications 7R0633-4, 7R0633-4-1& 7R0633-4-2 for the mixed use master plan project. Findings Derby Yes 01-30-2023 01-19-2023
7R0789-1 Minor Philip Laramie Laramie Water Resources LLC; Philip Laramie Laramie Water Resources LLC; 328 Bluff Road This project consists of amending previous permit #7R0789 to construct commercial build/shop with 4 employees located at 328 Bluff Road in the City of Newport, VT. The building will be used to store equipment/supplies and a maintenance shop for Laramie Water Resources. The buildings will be 80 ft long by 50 ft wide and 30 ft high with black metal roofing, gray vinyl siding and white doors. There will be a 4 ft x 8 ft sign installed on the building. Three LED wall-pack lights will be installed on the east side of the building and one surface mound LED light will be installed in the ceiling of the rear entrance. Permit Newport City Yes 01-30-2023 12-13-2022