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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
4C0705-2 Adm. Amend David Austin Austin Properties, LLC; Austin Properties, LLC; Village Heights Road This permit specifically authorizes the Permittee to convert an existing storage area into two 1-bedroom apartment units. This expansion increases the total number of Village Heights apartment units from 24 to 26. The project is located at 104 Village Heights Road in Hinesburg, Vermont. Permit Hinesburg Yes 04-15-2024
5L0015-B-1 Adm. Amend Paul Van Duine 405 Railroad Street, LLC; Paul Van Duine 405 Railroad Street, LLC; Railroad Street Change in the number of self storage units from two buildings totaling 8 large (20'x30' each) units to one building totaling 14 smaller units (10'x20' each). The total building square footage reduces by 2000sf. There are no utilities, other than electrical, servicing the proposed building. Permit Johnson Yes 04-01-2024
5L1562-A Adm. Amend Renate Callahan; Renate Callahan; 579 Plot Road a change in use of the teahouse approved in Land Use Permit 5L1562 to a one-bedroom single family residence Permit Johnson Yes 04-15-2024
5W1218-3 Adm. Amend Planetary Matters, LLC; Planetary Matters LLC; 961 US Route 2 This permit amendment specifically authorizes the Permittee to replace the in-ground wastewater system as shown in the approved plan and incorporates Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit WW-5-0718-4 into the 5W1218 permit series. The project is located at 961 U.S. Route 2 in Middlesex, Vermont. Permit Middlesex Yes 04-01-2024
5W1403-3A Adm. Amend Geraldine Callan; Geraldine Callan; Tamarack Lane The project involves a boundary line adjustment between Lot 8 of the previously approved subdivision, and adjoining land owned also by Geraldine Callan. The purpose of the line adjustment is to provide Lot 8 with stream frontage, making it more aesthetically valuable. No development is proposed. Permit Waterbury Yes 04-08-2024
6F0569-6 Adm. Amend Stanislas Property Services, LLC; Stanislas Property Services, LLC; Village Drive This permit specifically incorporates ANR Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permits that approve the following: (1) Creation of footprints for thirty-one units in 2009; (2) Subdivision and creation of ten footprint lots in 2017 (Units 101 – 105, 112-113, 121, 217-218); and (3) Subdivision and creation of seven footprint lots in 2024 (Units 201, 202, 207-211). Permit Saint Albans Town Yes 04-08-2024
7R0854-12-1-A Adm. Amend Jay Peak Pacific, LLC; Jay Peak Pacific, LLC; 830 Jay Peak Road subdivision to create (i) a 32.27 acre lot identified as the “Timberline” subdivision, developed with 141 existing housing units and 2 unfinished 12-unit townhomes, and (ii) a 23.5 acre lot identified as the “Golf & Mountain Cottages” subdivision, developed with 100 existing housing units Permit Jay Yes 04-15-2024
JO 1-476 JO 63 Cherry Street New construction of 8 units of housing. JO issued Rutland City Yes 04-01-2024
JO 2-348 JO Cody Gordon; 14 Cider Mill Hill Clear cutting activities at 14 Cider Mill Hill in West Brattleboro. JO issued Brattleboro Yes 04-08-2024
JO 3-341 JO 1652 Davis Road Build a new house, wastewater system, and driveway on 162.11 acres with two existing dwellings and a farm. JO issued Randolph Yes 04-15-2024
JO 3-347 JO Cox District Road The Town of Woodstock is seeking to purchase the Woodstock Aqueduct with ARPA funds. If they purchase it, they may install a new pump, but those plans are not yet finalized. JO issued Woodstock Yes 04-01-2024
JO 3-348 JO 1030 Bliss Road adding three (3) Remote Radio Heads (“RRHs”), one (1) per sector, on its existing mounting brackets at the 85’ AGL level on the Tower. Each of these RRHs measures 14.9” by 14.9” JO issued Hartford Yes 04-08-2024
JO 3-349 JO 4283 VT Route 100 The Town of Plymouth will acquire the property, demolish all structures, and maintain it as open green space thereafter. There will be no new construction. JO issued Plymouth Yes 04-08-2024
JO 4-402 JO Tim Shea Champlain Valley Exposition; 105 Pearl Street Building athletic turf fields with lighting at Champlain Valley Exposition with Far Post soccer club. JO issued Essex Junction, City of Yes 04-15-2024
JO 5-109 JO Riddel Pond Road subdivision JO issued Orange Yes 04-15-2024
JO 7-387 JO Freda Hollyer Inn by the River; 223 Mill St The Town of Hardwick plans to purchase the 3 acre property (the Inn by the River), demolish the existing structure(s) thereon, and create green space / recreational spaces that can allow the water courses to flood without damage in future flood events. JO issued Hardwick Yes 04-01-2024
JO 7-388 JO Yvette Stevens; 209 School St. The Town of Hardwick plans to purchase the 1 acre property, demolish the existing structure(s) thereon, and create green space / recreational spaces that can allow the water courses to flood without damage in future flood events JO issued Hardwick Yes 04-01-2024
JO 7-389 JO Ronald & Diane Sanville; 387 Carey Rd. The Town of Hardwick plans to purchase the 0.12 acre property, demolish the existing structure(s) thereon, and create green space / recreational spaces that can allow the water courses to flood without damage in future flood events JO issued Hardwick Yes 04-01-2024
JO 7-390 JO Bryan Palilonis; 2832 Craftsbury Rd. The Town of Hardwick plans to purchase the 1.3 acre property, demolish the existing structure(s) thereon, and create green space / recreational spaces that can allow the water courses to flood without damage in future flood events JO issued Hardwick Yes 04-01-2024
JO 8-300 JO 265 East Arlington Road The parcel is proposed to be used by the Arlington Food Shelf as a food bank. JO issued Arlington Yes 04-01-2024
JO 9-087 JO Construction/installation of a new subsurface Jellyfish Filtering system. As stated in the request for this Jurisdictional Opinion (JO), no blasting will occur during construction activities. JO issued Middlebury Yes 04-01-2024
JO 9-089 JO Hewitt Road Construction of a new Town of Bristol Public Works Garage upon a ±4.70-acre parcel located at the northeast corner of the intersection between Hewitt Road and Route 116 in Bristol. JO issued Bristol Yes 04-01-2024
JO 9-090 JO 7 Washington Street Conversion of an existing law office building into a six-unit residential apartment building. Exterior construction is limited to a water service upgrade in order to provide sprinkler protection for the building. The parcel in question is ±0.08 acres in size (SPAN: 387-120-10780) and is located at 7 Washington Street, Middlebury, VT. JO issued Middlebury Yes 04-01-2024
JO 9-091 JO 787 Kingsland Bay State Park Road A stormwater improvement project that includes (1) realignment of the existing main entrance road at Kingsland Bay State Park to offset the roadway further away from the lake shoreline and (2) establishing a new two-way roadway to replace the existing two, one-way road lanes. JO issued Ferrisburgh Yes 04-08-2024
7R0074-2 Major Lake Willoughby Retreat, LLC; VT Route 5A Construction of a 35’ x 52’ conference / retreat assembly building, including parking, lighting, signage, connection to existing on-site water supply and wastewater disposal systems, and modification of the existing driveway from Vermont Route 5A, at the site of a former house and barn which were destroyed by fire. Abandoned Westmore 05-11-2015 Yes 04-01-2024
9A0158-12 Major Vermont Agency of Transportation; 467 Airport Road “Partial Findings” review under the Act 250 Criteria for future hangar development at Middlebury State Airport per legislative mandate. The proposal includes one large hangar (120' X 120'), three medium hangars (60' X 80'), five small hangars (60' X 60'), and ±70,450 square feet of new impervious surface. Pursuant to Act 250 Rule 21, the Applicant has requested positive Findings of Fact under the following criteria: 1, 1A, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8A, 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 10. Findings Middlebury 08-19-2022 Yes 04-01-2024 08-19-2022
4C1140-4 Major Brett Grabowski Hinesburg Center, LLC; Brett Grabowski Creekside Investments LLC c/o Brett Grabowski; Brett Grabowski Hinesburg Center LLC; Carrie Johnson David F Lyman Revocable Trust; Farmall Drive The project is generally described as the creation of 21 new lots (22 lots total) and the construction of 73 new homes (15 single-family, two 9-unit buildings, one 6-unit building, one 34-unit building), 14,500 square feet of non-residential space (office, retail, light industrial) in three buildings, and greenspace, known at Hinesburg Center Phase II. The project is located at Farmall Drive in Hinesburg, Vermont. Denied Hinesburg 08-23-2023 Yes 04-01-2024
3R0620 Major None BEG; CONVERT MILL BLD. TO ELDERING HOUSING Abandoned Randolph 08-25-1989 Yes 04-08-2024
4C0582-12 Major TBC Realty; 4 25000 SF IND/COMM BLDGS Withdrawn Colchester Yes 04-15-2024
4C0586 Major SHELBURNE LEASING CORP; ADD GRAIN CONVERS EQUIP TO DAIRY FARM Withdrawn Shelburne 06-26-1984 Yes 04-15-2024
4C0400-23 Minor Sarah Reeves Chittenden Solid Waste District; Chittenden Solid Waste District; 432-694 Redmond Road The project specifically authorizes the Chittenden Solid Waste District to construct a new Material Recycling Facility (MRF) on Redmond Road in Williston Vermont. The project will include the demolition of existing buildings and removal of existing infrastructure on the project tract, as well as the construction of a large industrial building, paved parking/vehicle maneuvering space, and a long access road with scale. The project is located at 432-694 Redmond Road in Williston, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Williston No 04-01-2024 04-17-2024
4C0465-8A Minor Joseph & Martha Keenan Keenan Family Revocable Trust; Joseph & Martha Keenan Keenan Family Revocable Trust; 750 North Pasture Lane This permit specifically authorizes construction of a two-bedroom accessory dwelling unit on a +/-48.3 acre parcel, which is presently improved with a four-bedroom single-family residence served by an on-site wastewater disposal system and an on-site drilled well. The project is located at 750 North Pasture Lane in Charlotte, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Charlotte No 04-08-2024 04-26-2024
1R0980(Altered)-1 Minor Town of Killington; GG Killington LP; Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC; U.S. Route 4 The project includes the following new and modified elements of a previously permitted water system: the installation of underground power to serve the previously approved high service pump station and well metering house, to include horizontal directional drilling below the riverbed to the well house for installation of a water main and the electric conduit; and the relocation of the high service pump station footprint and its access driveway. A third well/water source, including installation of ancillary water line and infrastructure, will no longer be part of this project/application. Permit Killington Yes 04-01-2024 11-14-2023
2W0111-3 Minor Margaret Gallagher Greater Rockingham Area Services; Greater Rockingham Area Services, Inc.; 1 Hospital Court, Bellows Falls, VT 05101 as the replacement of the existing heating system within the 1 Hospital Court building with a biomass steam boiler (interior), a low-pressure (LP) back-up steam boiler (interior), and the construction of an exterior wood chip silo (19 ft). The proposed scope of work also involves the relocation of an existing generator shed, the removal of an inactive 10,000-gallon heating oil UST, and the removal of an existing 15,000-gallon heating oil UST and replacement with four (4) 1,000-gallon propane USTs. Pending (Comment Period) Rockingham No 04-01-2024 04-23-2024
2W0130-2 Minor Kara Curtis; Timothy Wells Stetson Enterprises; Rt 5 Bellows Falls Road the subdivision of a 3-acre parcel and construction of a single-family house with a fenced area for a horse and a single stable. Permit Putney Yes 04-08-2024 03-28-2024
2W0265-2 Minor Tyler Wren Wrenegade Rentals, LLC; Tyler Wren Wrenegade Rentals, LLC; 4769 Pikes Falls Road the construction of the home and the installation of a septic system, drilled well, underground power, driveway/parking area, and access path to an adjoining Town cemetery. Pending (Comment Period) Jamaica No 04-15-2024 05-06-2024
2W1141-4 Minor Faerie Camp Destiny, Inc.; Faerie Camp Destiny, Inc.; Walt Whitman Lane, Chester, VT 05143 the construction of: four small special needs cabins; one caretaker cabin; the dining portion of the kitchen/dining facility; a workshop; a bathhouse; a bunkhouse; and a craft shed. Permit Grafton Yes 04-01-2024 02-27-2024
2W1387 Minor Sandra K. DeGraff, Trustee Sandra K. Degraff Revocable Trust; Arthur C. DeGraff, Trustee Sandra K. Degraff Revocable Trust; Sandra K. DeGraff, Trustee Sandra K. DeGraff Revocable Trust; 69 West Ridge Road the previous home construction above 2,500 feet elevation with two previous additions. Pending (Comment Period) Winhall No 04-15-2024 04-29-2024
300033-14A Minor Thomas DiPietro City of South Burlington; Champlain Water District; 1221 Dorset St This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a second water storage tank adjacent to the existing water storage tank on a city-owned parcel. The second tank will be identical to the first and have a 53 ft diameter, 127 ft height, and a welded steel standpipe construction. The project is located at 1221 Dorset St in South Burlington, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington No 04-15-2024 04-30-2024
4C1186-5 Minor Claire Forbes The University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; 0 University Road This permit specifically authorizes improvements to the existing Centennial Compound Lot, located on the eastern side of the University of Vermont Main Campus - on the north side of University Road and west of the Centennial Baseball Field, including the creation of an additional 10 space row of parking in the lot. The project scope will include formalizing and converting the gravel parking area to a paved lot through grading, installation of an infiltration chamber stormwater treatment system, and full subbase replacement. The improved parking area will be designed with infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. The parking lot and 10-space parking row will be accessed by the existing University Road (the Project). The Project is located at 0 University Road in Burlington, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Burlington No 04-01-2024 04-15-2024
4C1346-1A Minor Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; 3164 Shelburne Road The project is generally described as a revision to the development authorized under land use permit 4C1346-1: the installation of a subsurface gravel treatment wetland in lieu of the previously approved underground stormwater treatment chamber systems. The project is located at 3164 Shelburne Road in Shelburne, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Shelburne No 04-01-2024 04-22-2024
5L0755-9,5L0775-11 Minor John Springer-Miller; Tina Springer-Miller; John Springer-Miller; 0 Poppi Bear Lane Permit number was corrected from 5L0775-11 on 3-22-24 To subdivide previously approved Lot 4 of 33 +/- acres into Lot 4 of 27+/- acres and Lot 4A of 5.2+/- acres. Lot 4A consists of a previously approved building zone, that is proposed for a slight increase in size at the previously approved location. Lot 4 is depicted with a building zone bordered by applicable undisturbed stream buffers. Access to Lot 4A remains consistent with previous approvals as it will be via Brook Rd and through the approved Wildewood development. Lot 4 will have access via "Poppi Bear Lane", a previously approved private access road to adjacent Lot 3. The access will be extended to neighboring new Lot 4 via R.O.W. along previously approved existing municipal water line route. Please note that no construction is proposed at this time. The purpose of the application is to subdivide the land, identify building zones for each lot, and prove out future septic capacity on new Lot 4 for possible future residential development. Pending (Comment Period) Stowe No 04-08-2024 04-25-2024
5L0814-17 Minor Vermont Studio Center, Inc.; Vermont Studio Center, Inc.; 11 School Street To refurbish a majority of the existing residence at 11 School St in Johnson (Corner House), and to construct a new building addition. Removal of a portion of the building is also involved. A portion of the existing shared parking lot between 11 School St and 24 Pearl St will be removed and therefore impervious surface is being reduceed as a result. No change to existing water/sewer previously approved under WW-5-7937. Architectural plans, waste reduction plan, and correspondence with VT Division of Historic Preservation are included with the application. Permit Johnson Yes 04-15-2024 04-09-2024
4C0839-4B Minor Jeff Myers Myers/Williams Rathe Road Lot 2B, LLC; Jeff Myers Myers/Williams Rathe Road Lot 2B, LLC; 295 Rathe Road This permit specifically authorizes construction of seven (7) new mini-storage buildings totaling 27,300 square feet with associated paved access and circulation roads. The site currently contains 75,400 square feet of mini-storage buildings. The project includes installation of a new fire hydrant at the new site entrance. The project is located at 295 Rathe Road in Colchester, Vermont. Permit Colchester Yes 04-08-2024 03-29-2024
4C0937-2 Minor J M Rowley Corporation; J M Rowley Corporation; 5877 Roosevelt Highway The project is generally described as construction of parking, utilities, and six new duplex buildings, totaling twelve (12) 2-bedroom units at the site. The project includes demolition of three existing apartment buildings. The project is located at the site of the current Grandview Apartments at 5877 Roosevelt Highway in Colchester, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Colchester No 04-08-2024 04-26-2024
4C0971R-6 Minor Chris Giard Allen Brook School; TOWN OF WILLISTON, SCHOOL DISTRICT; 497 Talcott Rd, Williston, VT 05495 This permit specifically authorizes construction of a gravel wetland with two pretreatment practices on Allen Brook School’s property to improve stormwater runoff water quality. The project is located at 497 Talcott Road in Williston, Vermont. Pending (Comment Period) Williston No 04-15-2024 05-01-2024
4C1040R-7 Minor The Miller Realty Group, LLP; The Miller Realty Group, LLP; 687 Marshall Avenue This permit specifically authorizes the removal of existing 60' wide vehicle parking pavement, retaining wall blocks, and lighting, and construction of a new 52' wide paved area adjacent to and east of the existing truck loading/unloading area, and associated stormwater improvements. The project is located at 687 Marshall Avenue in Williston, Vermont. Permit Williston Yes 04-08-2024 01-16-2024
7R1415 Minor Barton Village, Inc. Barton Village, Inc.; Ronald Scott Braithwaite; 2195 Hinton Hill Road Utility installation: Already constructed 1,100' of pole-built overhead line (4 poles spaced 275' apart) and 1,000' of underground (pipe is installed but not wire). Additional 3,300' of overhead (12 poles spaced 275' apart) is needed. Permit Westmore Yes 04-01-2024 03-26-2024
8B0163-14 Minor OSJ of Bennington VT LLC; John Conforti OSJ of Bennington VT LLC; 121 Bennington Square The proposed project entails the subdivision of one vacant retail storefront into three. Internal and external renovations of the storefront as well as exterior work is proposed. Internal renovations are related to lighting, fire sprinklers, and interior division of the space. External renovations include: the connection of the new storefronts to the existing water and sewer lines; the installation of and connection to three new propane tanks; parking lot maintenance to achieve ADA compliance; and the construction of two new loading docks. Pending (Comment Period) Bennington No 04-01-2024
6G0490-1 Minor R.L. Vallee, Inc.; R.L. Vallee, Inc.; 232 US Route 2 South Construction of a variety of improvements, including: (1) demolition of an existing barn (after-the-fact), convenience store, and fuel canopies; (2) construction of a new ±5,100 square foot convenience store building; (3) construction of two new canopies for gas MPDs (Multiple Product Dispensers) and on/offroad diesel and kerosene MPDs; (4) expansion of the existing parking area including an overnight truck parking area; (5) installation of new site lighting; (6) construction of a new on-site wastewater system and relocation of the existing well; (7) stormwater improvements; and (8) construction of a curbed island and new access along Town Highway 4. The project is located at 232 U.S. Route 2 South in Alburgh, Vermont. Permit Alburgh Yes 04-08-2024 03-28-2023
7C0352-3 Minor Joseph Coleman Kennametal Inc.; Joseph Coleman Kennametal Inc.; Robert Bosch Tool Corp.; 378 Main Street Three phase site restoration- 1) Kennametal will abate asbestos and demo structures which they own; 2) Bosch will remediate groundwater and site soils via VT corrective action program; then 3) remove remaining building slabs under this Act 250 filing. Bosch owns the land. Phase 1 includes: asbestos abatement and disposal at licensed facility; prevention of contaminant migration from floor slab; clean and remove UST; remove electrical transformer for off-site disposal (no draining on site); fill Coopermatic room and basement ramp; demo 1944 and 1977 Buildings. See Site Plan- Figure 1 EXHBIT 004. Construction stormwater plan has been approved per Vermont stormwater office; straw wattles protect catch basins and drainage structures. Asbestos abatement dust control via containment and negative pressure enclosures with asbestos air monitors. Water sprays as needed to avoid dust generation. Permit Lyndon Yes 04-08-2024 03-25-2024
7C0432-17-2 Minor 65 GSA, LLC; 65 GSA, LLC; 1666 Industrial Parkway The project will include approximately 3.5 acres of development area on Lots #4 and Lots #5 in the St. J/Lyndon Industrial Park. The site will be developed to accommodate an equipment and trailer rental and sales business including a 5100 sf commercial building. The building includes a 40x40 retail space and a 70x50 garage. The building will be constructed on lot #5 and will be connected to existing water and sewer stubs that were installed for the site when construction of 7C0432-17 was completed in 2003. Approximately 2.4 acres of new parking and storage area for inventory and customer parking. The full build out of gravel or paved parking areas may be phased with all stormwater to be routed to the existing NVDA system. The inventory storage areas will include overhead night sky compliant security lighting. There will also be an externally lit business sign near the entrance to Industrial Parkway. Permit Lyndon Yes 04-15-2024 02-27-2024
7C1413 Minor Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium; Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium; Thaddeus Stevens Road Construction of a 0.25 acre parking area for approximately 20 vehicles, a composting toilet and stormwater treatment along the SW corner of the 515 acre+/- property located adjacent to the Peacham Town line and Thaddeus Stevens Road. The parking area will provide an access to use existing trails throughout the property for outdoor recreation and education purposes. Pending (Comment Period) Danville No 04-15-2024 05-02-2024
6F0450-5 Minor John Dasaro Enosburg Falls; Enosburg Falls; 41 jayview drive Construction of ±1,210 feet of new and replacement sidewalk along Elm Street, with associated drainage improvements, to connect to the existing athletic fields on the north side of Route 105. Permit Enosburgh Yes 04-08-2024 04-04-2024
6F0505-2 Minor John Dasaro Enosburg Falls; Enosburg Falls; 49 Sampsonville Road Construction of ±1,210 feet of new and replacement sidewalk along Elm Street, with associated drainage improvements, to connect to the existing athletic fields on the north side of Route 105. Permit Enosburgh Yes 04-08-2024 04-04-2024
5L1619 Minor John Daley WH Stowe LLC; WH Stowe LLC; 876 Mountain Road Proposed improvements to existing 9-acre lodging property formerly known as Town & Country, including conversion of former restaurant and banquet space in Main Building to storage and minor exterior updates, minor improvements and updates to the Pool Building including conversion from 8 to 7 lodging units, alteration of existing Tennis Building from 15 to 11 lodging units, addition of 14 new lodging units in the existing Pavilion structure (proposed enclosure of existing open event structure), and 13 new individual cabin lodging units, with new municipal water & sewer services. The site will be improved with a net reduction of impervious area, increased and more landscaping, improved parking layout and circulation, sidewalk & walkway improvements, and proposed stormwater management. Existing chalet lodging unit building to remain. The property will increase from 54 to 76 lodging units. The existing restaurant in the pool building will remain. Permit Stowe Yes 04-01-2024 01-08-2024
5W0768-3 Minor John Hammond Sugarbush Mountain Resort, Inc.; U.S. Forest Service; 102 Forest Drive The project involves the replacement of the existing lift towers, foundation & upper & lower terminals of Heaven’s Gate lift. The project includes grading, drainage improvements near the lower terminal, and selective tree trimming to restore the original ski trail width and to widen the clear zone by 6 inches for the proposed wider bench. Tree clearing is proposed at the lower terminal to reposition the building westerly and to achieve the necessary grading for the installation of a conveyor ski lift, the profile for which requires a less steep pitch for the take-off zone (requires ground surface lowering) to accommodate the faster lift speed and allow for skier safety and a comfortable experience. Surface lowering and tree clearing is also proposed west of the upper terminal to provide a wider off-loading area to improve skier safety and circulation and remedy a long-standing issue for disembarking skiers: having to ski uphill from the lift drop-off zone to use the Jester ski trail. Permit Warren Yes 04-08-2024 03-21-2024
5W1156-18 Minor Waterbury Ambulance Service Inc.; Malone 152 S Main St Properties LLC; Superior Development LTD CO; 0 Demeritt Place To construct a new Waterbury Ambulance facility on the existing 2+/- acre "Parcel B", northerly of Demeritt Place in Waterbury Village. The proposed building is 6600 +/- sf. The existing site consists of a paved parking area and municipal water and sewer services are existing for the site. The site is partially within the 100 year flood plain and the site design achieves a cut/fill balance so no impact to the flood storage capabilities of the flood plain will result. A stormwater discharge permit 9050 has been put on draft notice for approval of the proposed on-site stormwater system. A WW permit for connection to Waterbury municipal water/sewer has been issued. Please see cover letter for additional details. Pending (Comment Period) Waterbury No 04-08-2024 04-26-2024
5W1206-5B Minor Jacqueline Parker; Jacqueline Parker; Sweet Road The project involves the expansion of the building envelope in order to shift the garage to the east side of the driveway. Construction is not proposed at this time. All other components of the project will remain the same. Pending (Comment Period) Waterbury No 04-15-2024 05-02-2024