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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
8B0628-2 Nelson Dunn Jr.; 4957 Main Road Completion of previously filed permits. Excavation of 1 acre material/earth withdrawal, for sale to pay delinquent taxes to Town of Stamford. Withdrawn Stamford Yes 09-18-2023
8B0474-9A Adm. Amend Town of Bennington; Bennington Acres, LLP; 141 Hannaford Square Replacement of 40 ft. long X 5 ft. wide log bridge across drainage ditch for access to existing pathway. Previous bridge failed and will be removed. Replacement bridge will be the same size, or shorter, and constructed of the same materials as the previously permitted bridge. The replacement bridge will be placed in the same location as as the previous bridge. The Bridge will be temporary (36 months or less). The previous bridge supports (wood) will be replaced with the same size and type of materials, if rotted, in the same location but this will require no additional ground disturbance. Materials (logs and lumber) will be brought to the site over the existing trail easement from North Bennington Road (same as when originally constructed). Staging of the materials will occur within the trail easement area adjacent to the bridge location. Permit Bennington Yes 09-18-2023
5L1593-2 Adm. Amend Rebecca LaScolea Catchafire LLC; Catchafire LLC; 2648 Randolph Road Subdivision of of existing ±8.77 parcel into two new lots of ±1.87-acre parcel 13004 and ±6.90-acre parcel 13004-1, including conversion of existing school buildings into single-family residential dwellings with 3 bedrooms each. This subdivision and change of use has been approved by the Town of Morristown and the on-site water supplies and wastewater disposal systems have been approved by State permit WW-5-7963-2. There are no changes to the exterior of the buildings and there are no proposed site plan changes besides the construction of the wastewater disposal systems. Permit Morristown Yes 09-25-2023
5W0326-8 Adm. Amend H & T Property Management, LLC; H & T Property Management, LLC; 127 & 141 North Main Street Landowner proposes to subdivide the property (0.73+/- acres) to create two lots with the intention of selling the northern lot (Lot 2 = 0.85 acres) which includes 141 North Main Street and retaining the southern lot (Lot 1 = 0.88 acres) which includes 127 North Main Street (AKA 22 Water Street). Permit Northfield Yes 09-18-2023
6F0012-4 Adm. Amend Raymond P. Bouffard Woodnladder Realty, LLC; Raymond P. Bouffard Woodnladder Realty, LLC; 962 Ethan Allen Highway Installation of Level 3 Electrical Vehicle charging stations in the existing parking lot at Georgia Market. Permit Georgia Yes 09-18-2023
3R1113-A Adm. Amend Randolph Hospitality LLC; Randolph Hospitality LLC; 2438-2440 VT Route 66 the reduction of the scope of the proposed but as yet unbuilt hotel approved by 3R113. The approved design included construction of a 47,856 gross sf three story hotel (79 rooms) and 14,982 sf restaurant (152 seats) and conference center (400 seats) with associated drive, parking, stormwater treatment, utilities, and landscaping. The hotel will instead be 64 rooms and will have a footprint of 10,005 sf and three floors for a total gross 30,015 sf floor area. The indoor pool and hotel breakfast area are no longer proposed with the project. No changes are proposed to the restaurant and conference center. Permit Randolph Yes 09-18-2023
3W0159-4B Adm. Amend Moseley Associates; Jeffrey Mackler; Stephanie Mackler; Susan MACKLER; 155 Granite Way, #6B Administrative Amendment of existing Act 250 permit to change location of one single car garage from location approved in permit 3W0159-4A. Infrastructure in previously approved location will no accommodate building. Garage location changed from west side of dwelling to east side of dwelling. Permit Hartford Yes 09-25-2023
4C0479-5 Adm. Amend David Hauke; DGH Enterprises, LLC; Julie Drive Apartments, Inc.; Anne Hauke; David Hauke; DGH Enterprises, LLC; Julie Drive Apartments; Julie Drive This permit specifically authorizes the Permittees to incorporate ten Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit Amendments for the Sandy Knoll Estates apartment buildings. This amendment only applies to the apartment buildings, not the single family homes. This amendment also serves as after-the-fact approval of a second garage building (768 square feet) that was previously constructed. The Project is located on Julie Drive in Colchester, Vermont. Permit Colchester Yes 10-02-2023
4C0523-2 Adm. Amend Eric and Barbara Saviskas; 31 Kelley Road Correct typographical errors included in Act 250 LUP 4C0523 where Lot 2 was referenced as a 10.1 acre lot - Lot 2 (31 Kelley Road in Underhill, VT) is 15 acres. Permit Underhill Yes 09-18-2023
4C0587-7D Adm. Amend James Unsworth Windward Holdings, LLC; Windward Holdings, LLC; 461 Avenue D Williston, VT 05495 Authorization for replacement of a failed in-ground wastewater disposal system with a grinder pump station and force main that will discharge to the municipal collection system via a shared force main. There is no proposed change to the existing municipal water connection or change in flows. The project is located at 461 Avenue D (Lots 17 and 18 of Whitcomb Park) in Williston, Vermont Permit Williston Yes 09-25-2023
4C1355-1 Adm. Amend Dexter Mahaffey Vermont Commons School; Vermont Commons School; 2369 Spear St. This permit specifically authorizes the installation of a sign besides the Vermont Commons School driveway off Spear Street in Charlotte. The sign measures 2 ft. x 3 ft and is unlit. Permit Charlotte Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-435(Corrected) JO 133 Forest Street 30-unit affordable housing project. Parcel under permit series 1R0901. This JO has been re-issued to update the exemption that is cited for the project. This project is not subject to the “substantially completed” deadline established in S.100 and that was cited in the original JO. JO issued Rutland City Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-440 JO Demolition of a double-wide mobile home structure, with removal and remediation of an underground heating oil storage tank which formerly served that mobile home. JO issued Rutland City Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-441 JO Cell tower platform upgrades. JO issued Rutland Town Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-442 JO Cell tower platform upgrades. JO issued Proctor Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-446 JO The project is an underground chamber system that is designed to manage runoff from the New England Woodcraft property, the Town road, and other private residential properties. Act 250 Permit Series 1R0534. JO issued Brandon Yes 09-18-2023
JO 1-448 JO 194 and 196-198 Columbian Avenue Columbian Avenue Apartments is an existing affordable housing development within Housing Trust of Rutland County’s (HTRC) portfolio. Today, the project consists of two buildings located at 194 and 196-198 Columbian Avenue, which were built in the 1800s. These two buildings contain a total of 9 units ranging in size from zero to four bedrooms. HTRC acquired and developed these properties in 2001. It is the intention of HTRC to redevelop our current buildings located at 194 & 196-198 Columbian Avenue; but more importantly complete a full gut rehab of 200 Columbian Avenue - adding a large addition. This rehab and addition will add 13 net new affordable units to the market as well as preserve 9 affordable units within our portfolio making this a 22 unit project. The rehab of 194 & 196-198 will be non-altering to the structure but will include site work including driveway/parking lot maintenance, creation of a safe play area for children that live at the property and an outdoor community space for residents. The gut rehab of 200 + addition will include a new driveway / parking area and outdoor community space for residents. This project will take on the new name of East Creek Commons upon completion of this work. JO issued Rutland City Yes 09-25-2023
JO 2-334 JO Mt Snow Verizon proposes to remove three antennas measuring 47.5” by 8” and replace them with three antennas measuring 35.1” by 16.1”. Verizon will also remove the existing OVP measuring 19.18” by 15.73” and replace it with one measuring 29.5” by 16.5”. All-Points Technology Corporation confirmed that the structural integrity of the tower will not be compromised in a structural analysis dated May 15, 2023. JO issued Dover Yes 09-25-2023
JO 2-336(Corrected) JO Alice Holway Drive Construction of a 25-unit mixed-income residential development located at Alice Holway Drive in Putney, Vermont. The project will consist entirely of rental units. 19 of the 25 rental units (76%) will be affordable to those making under 60% AMI. These units will be restricted by a Vermont Housing Finance Agency covenant, which stays with the property for 15 years. After this 15-year period, these units will be governed by a Vermont Housing and Conservation Board covenant restricting them to 80% AMI. This covenant lasts forever. The project is located entirely within the Town of Putney’s designated neighborhood development area. JO issued Putney Yes 09-25-2023
JO 3-307 JO Court Street & Mechanic Street renovate existing staff housing JO issued Woodstock Yes 09-18-2023
JO 3-316 JO VT Route 100A Floodplain restoration JO issued Plymouth Yes 09-18-2023
JO 3-318 JO 9 Mechanic Street Renovations to the Marshall Bradley Building including: relocating a bakery, affiliated with the Inn, to the first floor and maintain staff offices on the second floor. The Attic will continue to be used as storage, while the Basement will have mechanical equipment and limited storage. The renovation includes building envelope improvements; insulation of the exterior walls, roof and new windows. All interior finishes will be replaced. New electrical and HVAC systems are planned, which will include a geothermal system. The one-story addition on the north side of the building will be demolished. A covered porch/ramp is proposed on the west side of the building, which will provide an accessible route into the building. JO issued Woodstock Yes 09-18-2023
JO 4-364 JO 0 East Lakeshore Drive A jurisdictional determination whether the Blakely Road / Laker Lane Intersection Project will require an amendment to LUP #4C0139-5 in order to modify that existing three-way intersection into a four-way intersection to access the proposed Recreational Center project on the Town of Colchester’s 14 acre Bayside-Hazelett Forest at 0 East Lakeshore Drive, Colchester, Vermont. JO issued Colchester Yes 09-18-2023
JO 4-365 JO 75 Cherry St CityPlace Partners, LLC (CPP) respectfully requests a Jurisdictional Opinion to confirm that an Act 250 permit is not required for a hotel use within a portion of the north building in the CityPlace Burlington project (the Project). JO issued Burlington Yes 09-18-2023
JO 4-370 JO Request for jurisdictional opinion as to whether proposed changes to stormwater management system require an Act 250 permit amendment. JO issued Williston Yes 09-25-2023
JO 4-371 JO 1653 Jericho Road Request for jurisdictional opinion as to whether Act 250 permitting required for proposed 10' x 16' shed. JO issued Richmond Yes 09-25-2023
JO 4-372 JO 365 Troy Avenue Request for antenna modification to LUP 4C1216. JO issued Colchester Yes 09-25-2023
JO 4-373 JO 1189-1193 North Avenue Request for opinion of antenna modification of Thayer Commons, LUP 4C1234. JO issued Burlington Yes 09-25-2023
JO 5-69 JO Request for jurisdictional opinion as to whether proposed changes to the potable water distribution system in the Kneeland Flats Mobile Home Park requires an Act 250 permit amendment JO issued Waterbury Yes 10-02-2023
JO 7-369 JO 72 Moose River Dr. Construct improvements to convert a house/church, on a ± 0.23 acre parcel of land, into an emergency shelter for homeless persons JO issued Saint Johnsbury Yes 09-25-2023
JO 7-370 JO VT Route 242, Woodshed Road & Sargents Way Adjust the property boundary line between Lot 28 (± 3.5 acres), and an adjacent ± 13.5 acre parcel of land featuring frontage on Vermont Route 242. Lot 28 is subject to Act 250 jurisdiction via permit 7R0195 as amended, issued for a residential subdivision including construction of a single family residence on Lot 28. The adjacent ± 13.5 acre parcel of land is vacant (undeveloped) and is not presently subject to Act 250 jurisdiction via previously issued Act 250 permit. The resulting lots will be 13.0 acres (i.e. expanded Lot 28) and ± 4.03 acres. The project involves a lot line adjustment, does not encompass any construction JO issued Jay Yes 09-18-2023
JO 8-292 JO Willow Mobile Home Park ARPA-funded stormwater management project. JO issued Bennington Yes 09-25-2023
JO 9-084 JO 0 Magnan Drive, St. Albans Town, VT 05478 Construction of a snack food storage and shipping facility within the St. Albans Industrial Park Received Saint Albans Town Yes 09-25-2023
4C1110-4 Major The Snyder Group, Inc.; Essex Alliance Church of the Christian & Missionary Alliance; Alpine Drive & Beaudry Lane This permit amendment authorizes the development of approximately 54.2 acres of land in two phases, including the subdivision of 11 new lots (Lots 1A-11A), the creation of 108 footprint lots, the construction of 16 single family carriage homes, 20 duplex units in 10 buildings, 72 townhouses, 36 condominium flats, two (2) 66 unit apartment buildings, and a 65 unit senior living facility, including construction of new public streets, utilities and intersection improvements at VT Route 2A and Alpine Drive (the Project). More specifically, the Project authorizes the construction of two (2) 66 unit apartment buildings – one (1) each on Lots 1A and 2A, eight (8) townhome duplexes on footprint lots 1-8 and 25-36, 15 single family carriage homes on footprint lots 9-24, and 19 townhomes within four (4) & six (6) unit buildings on footprint lots 67-68, as Phase I of the Project. The lots that are designated open space and/or parks are Lots 3A-5A, 7A, 9A-11A. The construction of a 65 unit senior living facility on Lot 6A, a Community Building and Neighborhood Park on Lot 7A, three (3) 12 unit buildings with residential flats on Lot 8A, nine (9) townhomes within four (4) & six (6) unit buildings on footprint lots 57-66, and 21 townhomes within three (3) & four (4) unit buildings on footprint lots 87-108, is not authorized until a permit amendment is issued for this purpose. These components will be part of Phase II of the Project. The Project is located at Alpine Drive & Beaudry Lane in Williston, Vermont. The Permittees request full Findings of Fact and authorization to construct the aspects of Phase I as described above, as well as the infrastructure and open spaces as depicted in the exhibits for this Project. This Application seeks Master Plan Findings of Fact for the remaining developments described as Phase II under Criteria 1 (Air Pollution), 1(B) (Waste Disposal), 1(C) (Water Conservation), 1(G) (Wetlands), 2 (Water Supply), 3 (Impact on Existing Water Supplies), 4 (Soil Erosion), 5(B) (Transportation), 8 (Aesthetics), 9(A) (Impact of Growth), 9(F) (Energy Conservation), 9(J) (Public Utility Services), 9(K) (Effects on Public Investments), and 10 (Local and Regional Plans). Permit Williston 06-22-2023 Yes 10-02-2023 06-22-2023
4C1346-1 Major Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; Champlain Housing Trust, Inc.; 3164 Shelburne Road The project is generally described as the development of Bay Ridge neighborhood consisting of permanent apartments and homeownership condominiums. More specifically, the project involves the renovation of 20 existing motel units in the two (2) most northerly existing buildings into 12 efficiency and 8 1-bedroom affordable rental units, and the new construction of two (2) new 24-unit buildings fronting Shelburne Road with a mixture of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units, the construction of seven (7) new buildings with 26, 2- and 3-bedroom units, a new access road (Margaret’s Way) with supporting utility infrastructure, stormwater treatment, and a new neighborhood green/recreation space in the northern third of the property. The project is located at 3164 Shelburne Road in Shelburne, Vermont. Permit Shelburne 08-01-2023 Yes 09-18-2023
3W1124 Major SM Farms Shop, LLC; SMFVTMGT LLC; 88 US Route 5 Construction of an approximately 7500 square foot (SF footprint) with +/- 9000 SF of useable space farm outlet store on Route 5 in Hartland, Vermont, including a take-out deli, bakery, small eating area and related parking areas and utilities, with hours of operation between 7:00 am - 6:00 pm seven days per week. The northerly side of the store will include a small event space for up to two small outdoor musical recitals per month during business hours in July, August, September and October. A parking lot with 46 parking spaces, including accessible and EV spaces will be constructed Permit Hartland 09-19-2022 Yes 09-25-2023 09-19-2022
6F0617-2 Major David Goodrich Westview Condominium Development, LLC; David Goodrich Westview Condominium Development, LLC; 324 South Main Street Construction of four 3-unit condominium buildings upon a ±1.07-acre parcel adjacent to the existing Westview Condominium Development. Pending (Hearing) Saint Albans Town 10-05-2023 No 09-25-2023
700002-30A Minor William Benneyan Hermitage Members Club, Inc; William Benneyan Hermitage Members Club, Inc.; 199 Fannie Hill Road the construction of a new 24 ft by 40 ft snowmaking booster pump house and connection to existing snowmaking lines. Pending (Comment Period) Wilmington No 09-18-2023 10-11-2023
7C0592-2 Minor Ian McCullough McCullough Crushing, Inc.; Ian McCullough McCullough Crushing, Inc.; 1905 Stone Road Renewal of permit 7C0592-1 to allow continued operations. Pending (Comment Period) Ryegate No 10-02-2023 10-13-2023
7E1410 Minor Joseph Fischbach Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc; Constance Jackson; Yvon Doyon; VT Rt. 102 VEC (Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.) will install a line extension to provide power to a sugaring farm that currently has no access to grid power and relies on a diesel generator. The line extension will consist of roughly 2700 feet of overhead lines on 9 poles that will primarily run along an existing driveway to the sugarhouse on land owned by members of the sugaring farm. The project will also require a new anchor for an existing pole on land owned by Constance Jackson along VT Rt. 102. All required easements will be in place prior to construction. Pending (Comment Period) Canaan No 10-02-2023 10-12-2023
7R1409 Minor Jack Markoski The Nature Conservancy (Vermont Chapter); The Nature Conservancy (Vermont Chapter); 1521 Barr Hill Road improvements to an existing parking area, to create 8-10 parking spaces in a ± 50’ x 80’ area, with revised driveway access from Barr Hill Road. The project will provide more formalized parking to serve The Nature Conservancy’s Barr Hill Natural Area Pending (Comment Period) Greensboro No 09-25-2023 10-10-2023
8B0266-2A Minor Prospect Mountain Association, Inc.; Prospect Mountain Association, Inc.; 204 Prospect Access Road, Woodford, VT Landowner/Applicant seeks to change the alignment for proposed snowmaking piping and the location of a proposed pump house at the base of the mountain along with changes to the proposed cross-country ski trail network (previously approved under LUP #8B0266-2). Pending (Comment Period) Woodford No 09-25-2023 10-16-2023
6F0014-4 Minor R.L. Vallee, Inc; R.L. Vallee, Inc.; 1207 Ethan Allen Highway A variety of improvements at an existing gas station facility, including: (1) installation of a new external grease trap on the south side of the existing building; (2) installation of a new sewer service line; (3) removal of existing Underground Storage Tanks; and (4) installation of three new Underground Storage Tanks, including a Category One 20,000-gallon tank, a Category One 10,000-gallon tank, and a 2,000-gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank. Permit Georgia Yes 09-18-2023 09-11-2023
9A0342-4 Minor c/o Matthew Curran The President and Fellows of Middlebury College; c/o Matthew Curran The President and Fellows of Middlebury College; Steam Mill Road Removal of ±150 trees along previously approved, existing Nordic ski trails at the Middlebury College Rikert Outdoor Center to bring the 5-km Tormondsen Race Course up to “D-Level Homologation” FIS standards. All of the tree removals are subject to approval by the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and removal of 20 trees within Class II wetland buffers requires a Wetland Permit. Pending (Comment Period) Ripton No 09-18-2023 10-04-2023
9A0383 Minor George Berkeley, LLC; George Berkeley, LLC; 54 West Main Street Rehabilitation, renovation, and conversion of the existing General Samuel Strong House into a 6-unit apartment building upon an existing ±0.74-acre parcel. The General Samuel Strong House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Permit Vergennes Yes 10-02-2023 09-20-2023
3W1127 Minor Janet Angell owner/manager; Joseph Angell; Matthew Angell; Timothy Angell White Rock Farm LLC; Janet Angell; Timothy Angell; 8758 VT Rt 14 We currently operate a sawmill where we sell rough sawn lumber retail. The current saw at the mill is run using a diesel power plant. We received a working land grant from the state of Vermont to upgrade our operation to run on grid-supplied electricity, which will cut greenhouse gas emissions and be more environmentally friendly. There has been an operating sawmill on this site for probably 100 years. This project will require building a new building approximately 50'x100', installation of the new mill equipment inside the building, construction of a septic and well, and removal of the existing sawmill building and sugar house. Permit Royalton Yes 09-25-2023 06-01-2023
4C0142-6B Minor Ken Pidgeon Rail Park LLC; Rail Park LLC; 1945 Main Street Planned unit development. No new lots are being created. The existing Nokian tire warehouse facility is also on this 70.06 acre property. The last Act 250 Permit amendment (4C0142-6A) for that facility was issued in 2008. Property ownership is through a condominium arrangement. Hakka Realty LLC controls the tire warehouse facility. Rail Park LLC controls the self serve storage mini-storage facility site being reviewed in this amendment application. The proposed self serve mini-storage project area is approximately 8 acres. The total proposed self serve mini-storage building area is 139,950 square feet. Since the facility will be self serve there are no employees. There is no domestic water supply or wastewater associated with this project. A new fire service line and hydrant are proposed. Pending (Comment Period) Colchester No 09-18-2023 10-02-2023
4C0193-6E Minor Mike Feitelberg Sports and Fitness Edge; Mike Feitelberg Sports & Fitness Edge Inc; 4 Morse Drive This permit specifically authorizes a retrofit of the existing parking lot to create more parking spaces and a smoother flow of traffic. The project includes an upgrade to the stormwater system and upgrades to the existing parking lot lights. The project is located at 4 Morse Drive in Essex, Vermont. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 10-02-2023 09-12-2023
3W0212-4 Minor Vermont Ventures Equities, LLC; Vermont Ventures Equities LLC; 3631 Vermont Route 100 as built addition of a 10’ x 20’ covered entryway on the side of the building. Permit Pittsfield Yes 09-25-2023 09-11-2023
1R0271-26 Minor Omya Inc.; Omya Inc.; Whipple Hollow Road The Project involves the development of a new Tailings Management Facility (TMF) adjacent to the existing TMF, which is nearing capacity. Tailings are a byproduct of Omya's calcium carbonate production process. The new TMF will be located entirely on Omya's property in an area characterized by the existing TMF as well as other, long-closed tailings management areas. The new TMF is expected to provide at least 25 additional years of on-site tailings storage. The new TMF, like the existing TMF, will be managed under the Vermont Solid Waste Management Rules (2020) in accordance with a facility certification from DEC Waste Management Division for which Omya has applied. Pending (Comment Period) Pittsford No 09-25-2023 10-12-2023
1R0419-5 Minor Copart of Connecticut, Inc.; Copart of Connecticut, Inc.; 29 Old Rt. 4A This project involves minor alterations to the existing site including the demolition of two existing buildings, construction of a perimeter fence, and the installation of a sign. No new disturbance or changes to the existing use of the property are proposed. Pending (Comment Period) Rutland Town No 09-18-2023 10-04-2023
2S0084-4 Minor Brian Link; Douglas Paulding; Brian and Linda Link; Douglas Paulding; Brookside Drive the 2-lot subdivision of a 22-acre parcel into a 5-acre parcel and 16-acre parcel and construction of a single-family residence on each lot. Permit Chester Yes 09-18-2023 09-05-2023
5L1050-3 Minor Michael Bourne Little Fuel Company LLC; Michael Bourne Little Fuel Company LLC; Meadow Lane Subdivision of a 15.14-acre parcel into 9 lots, construction of single-family residences on lots 2 through 8, and construction of related infrastructure improvements, including roads, driveways, water supply and wastewater disposal systems, stormwater management facilities, and utilities. Pending (Comment Period) Morristown No 09-25-2023 10-09-2023
4C0677-1C Minor Stacey Thibaud; Bruce & Susan Thibaud; 85 Executive Drive Authorization for the reduction in scope of the approved improvements under 4C0677-1B. The project includes an open canopy instead of a building addition, no changes to the parking area/driveway on the southern side of the existing building, and no new display pods in the front yard. The project is located on Lot 2 of the Shelburne Meadows Business Park at 85 Executive Drive in Shelburne, Vermont. Permit Shelburne Yes 09-18-2023 09-06-2023