Search the entire database for Act 250 Projects: Be as specific as possible in your request, the search is limited to 500 results.
The addition to this database of all existing permit, Jurisdictional Opinion, and Project Review Sheet records associated with Act 250 projects is ongoing and a work-in-progress. In October 2016, the NRB introduced a paperless permit application workflow in which application and permit-related documents are processed electronically; these records and files are available here. This database also contains a portion of older Act 250 projects, but the data results are limited. To access any Act 250 projects not listed in this database, request staff assistance from the designated district office here:

The construction of improvements for some telecommunications projects and certain energy generation and transmission projects may have been authorized by Vermont’s Public Utility Commission rather than an Act 250 District Commission. Individuals looking for such authorizations should contact the Public Utility Commission or search its ePUC filing system (