Act 250 Status Definitions
The "Status" designation represents a best attempt to administratively categorize matters for purposes of the online database. It does not constitute a legal determination and should not be relied upon as such. If you have questions about the legal status of an application, permit, or other matter on the database, you may wish to consult an attorney.
AbandonedA permit was issued, but the permittee did not commence construction and make substantial progress. The permit was voided through an abandonment proceeding and is no longer in effect. See, e.g., 10 V.S.A. § 6091(b).
CleanupThis status is for temporary staff use only. Contact your district office for details.
DeniedThe District Commission concluded that the application does not meet all of the Act 250 criteria and did not issue a permit.
DismissedThe District Commission dismissed the application.
ExpiredThis permit contains an expiration date. By statute, the following types of land use permits have expiration dates: logging above 2,500 feet in elevation; mineral resource extraction; and solid waste disposal facilities. Some permits that contain expiration dates may remain in effect pursuant to § 6090(b)(2).
FindingsThe District Commission issued findings on specific criteria.
InactivatedThis record has been replaced by a new record. See the “Description” field for more information.
IncompleteThe application is incomplete, and not yet under review by the District Commission.
JO issuedThe District Coordinator issued a jurisdictional opinion.
Pending (Awaiting Information)The District Commission is awaiting additional information and will continue its review upon receipt of the additional information.
Pending (Comment Period)The District Commission anticipates reviewing the application under the “Minor” review process unless a person requests party status and a hearing during the public notice period, or the Commission moves to hold a hearing.
Pending (Decision)The District Commission is reviewing the evidence received and is deliberating.
Pending (Hearing)The District Commission is reviewing the application under the “major” process. A prehearing conference or hearing has been scheduled and the application is pending the hearing.
Pending (in Review)The district office is reviewing the permit application for administrative and technical completeness.
Pending (Major/Minor Determination)The application has been deemed complete and awaits a determination by the District Commission as to the level of review (major or minor); or the public notice period on a minor application review has ended and the Commission is reviewing any filings received to determine whether a hearing should be held (major review).
PermitThe District Commission issued a land use permit.
ReceivedThe application has been received electronically by the district office. (The “date received” is the first State of Vermont business day after the application was submitted.)
SubmittedThe applicant has electronically submitted an application.
WithdrawnThe applicant voluntarily withdrew the application.