Project Details
Project Number4C1224-6
Project Name 
Number of Lots0
Project Address400 Marketplace South
Project TownMilton
DescriptionThis permit specifically authorizes the construction of an approximately 4,500 square foot RV retail office building with municipal connections to water and sewer, and gravel surfaced customer/employee parking. The project includes construction of approximately 80 linear feet of paved travel lanes from the signalized intersection on Route 7, construction of gravel travel lanes within the existing right-of-way between Lots 1 and 2, and construction of an infiltrating dry swale stormwater treatment area on Lot 2. Lots 1, 3, and 4 will be used for sales lots to store and display RV units. No structures or surfacing are proposed on Lots 1, 3, and 4. The project is located at 400 Marketplace South in Milton, Vermont.
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeCommercial - Other Commercial

Project Participants
Adjoiner444-452 Route 7 South LLCPO Box 69 Milton VT 05468
ContactAbby Dery Trudell Consulting Engineers 
AdjoinerChili Pepper Partnership LLC10 Roberts Court Milton VT 05468
ContactColen Johnson Trudell Consulting Engineers 
AdjoinerDanny L & Nancy R Degraff527 Hathaway PT ST Albans VT 05478
AdjoinerDavid SarvenPO Box 667 Milon VT 05468
AdjoinerDori Dattilio96 Racine Road Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerEdward G StokesPO Box 17 Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerElaine T & Ricky J & Robin S CampbellPO Box 71 Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerEmile & Bernadette L Racine144 Racine Road Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerFruitful Ventures LLCPO Box 15 Milton VT 05468
ApplicantMACTAW VT Realty, LLC4016 Williston Road South Burlington VT 05403
Land OwnerMACTAW VT Realty, LLC4016 Williston Road South Burlington VT 05403
AdjoinerMalone Milton Properties LLC338 River Street Unit 7 Montpelier VT 05602
AdjoinerMark A & Karen J Kruger424 Route 7 South Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerMilton 414 LLC c/o Hubert Mccormick630 Hinesburg Road #13 South Burlington VT 05403
AdjoinerMilton 496 LLC496 Route 7 South Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerNorman A Burnett114 Hilltop Court Colchester VT 05446
AdjoinerPaul J & Jarah A Romasco16 Clifford Drive Unit 101 Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerRichard P & Darlene N Snay69 Pecor Ave Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerRyan Living Trust8 Shedd Road Fairfax VT 05454
AdjoinerShane L & Brenda Leigh Cheeseman70 Racine Road Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerSoutherly Side of U.S. Route 7 LLC c/o William R SawyerPO Box 69 Milton VT 05468
AdjoinerSteven A & Jamine M Campagna55 Racine Road Milton VT 05468
Primary ContactTom Robbins Pete's RV4016 Williston Road South Burlington VT 05403
Project Status
Date Application ReceivedAug 12, 2022
Date Deemed CompleteSep 28, 2022
Agenda DateNov 07, 2022
Permit Agenda Date (legacy) 
Notice IssuedSep 29, 2022
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineOct 18, 2022
Date Decision IssuedOct 31, 2022
Current Status Permit   Status Definitions
Days to Review - all app types (from Received to 1st Review) (1):10
Days to Issue from End of Comment Period/Last item received - Minors only (2):0
Days to Issue after Adjournment - Majors only (3): 
Days from Deemed Complete to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Majors & Major(Minors) only (4): 
Days from End of Comment Period to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Major(Minors) only (5): 

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HPH-HPPV-J2V1Y-v1-SubmissionDownload.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/08/12
000 Exhibit List.xlsxApplication DocumentsExhibit List2022/08/12
001 Act 250 Application Submission.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/08/12
002 Act 250 Signatures.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/08/12
003 ANR Interest Locator.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/12
004 Wetland Delineation and ANR Map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/12
005 Stormwater Treatment Narrative.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/12
006 C1-02 Existing Conditions.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
007 C2-02 Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
008 C2-03 Lot 2 Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
009 C4-01 Pre vs Post Lot 2 Stormwater Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
010 LA-01 Lot 2 Landscape Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
011 Modular Building - Temporary.pdfApplication DocumentsPhotos2022/08/12
012 Exterior Lighting Cut Sheets.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/12
013 Findings of Fact 4C1224-1.pdfApplication DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2022/08/12
014 Prime Ag Impact Map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/12
015 Town of Milton Approval 2022-17 NOD.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/12
016 Construction General Permit 4326-9020.2.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/08/12
017 MIQ signed.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/12
Schedule G 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/08/12
Incomplete Letter 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/22
007a Revised_C2-02 Site Plan with Sign.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/09/26
018 2022 0922 Cover Letter.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/09/26
020 Modular Office Lease Agreement.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/09/26
019 LI-01 Lighting Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2022/09/26
Draft Permit 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2022/09/29
COS Minor Notice 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/09/29
Minor Notice 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/09/29
021 VTrans Comments for MACTAW VT Realty LLC - COS.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/18
022 ANR Comments and COS 10.18.2022.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/18
023 VDHP Comment 10.18.2022.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/19
025 Stormwater Operational Permit 4326-9050.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/10/21
007b C2-02 Site Plan_10.21.22_Revised.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/10/21
008a Revised_C2-03 Lot 2 Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/10/21
024 Supplement Cover Letter.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/21
026 WW Permit WW-4-3535-1.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/10/21
004a Revised_Wetland Delineation and ANR Map with buffers.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/10/21
LUP_Exhibit List_COS 4C1224-6.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2022/10/31
VTrans Receipt of Act 145 Fee 4C1224-6.pdfPost-Decision DocumentsFee Documents2022/11/02