Project Details
Project Number4C1043-1B
Project Name 
Number of Lots0
Project Address149 Beaumont Avenue
Project TownBurlington
DescriptionThis permit specifically authorizes the suspension of a 200 space off-campus parking lot as required in item 4(b) of UVM’s Local Parking Management Plan (Exhibit #018 of LUP #4C1043-1) (the Project). The parking lot is located at 351 Pine Street in Burlington and is associated with UVM’s Health Science Research Facility located at 149 Beaumont Avenue in Burlington, Vermont.
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeCommercial - College, School

Project Participants
Primary ContactLani Ravin University of Vermont & State Agricultural College31 Spear Street Marsh Hall Suite 10 Burlington VT 05405
ApplicantUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural College31 Spear Street Burlington VT 05405
Land OwnerUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural College31 Spear Street Marsh Hall Suite 10 Burlington VT 05405
Project Status
Date Application ReceivedNov 18, 2022
Date Deemed CompleteDec 16, 2022
Agenda DateJan 23, 2023
Permit Agenda Date (legacy) 
Notice IssuedDec 20, 2022
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineJan 20, 2023
Date Decision IssuedJan 19, 2023
Current Status Withdrawn   Status Definitions
Days to Review - all app types (from Received to 1st Review) (1):28
Days to Issue from End of Comment Period/Last item received - Minors only (2): 
Days to Issue after Adjournment - Majors only (3): 
Days from Deemed Complete to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Majors & Major(Minors) only (4): 
Days from End of Comment Period to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Major(Minors) only (5): 

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View Schedule G 4C1043-1B.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/11/18
View 001 Act 250 Application Form.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/11/21
View 002-Signature_Page_UVM.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/11/21
View 003-Coverletter.2022.11.18.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/11/29
View 004-Project_Background-Description_Firestone.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/11/29
View 005-Main Campus Abutters List.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/11/29
View 006-UVM List of Courtesy Notifications.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/11/29
View 007-UVM_MAIN CAMPUS_ABUTTERS_MAP.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/11/29
View 008-UVM Local Parking Management Plan 149 Beaumont Ave.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/11/29
View 009-UVM Parking Utilization Multi-Year Summary.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/11/29
View 010-JIPMP_2020-2022 FINAL.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/11/29
View 011-JIPMP Supplement 2020-2022 FINAL.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/11/29
View 012-JIPMP 2021 Annual Update.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/11/29
View 013-C1.00 Overall Site Plan UVM Firestone Addition.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/11/29
View 014-A3.00 Exterior 3D Views UVM Firestone Addition.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/11/29
View 000-exhibitlist.xlsxApplication DocumentsExhibit List2022/11/29
View fee receipt.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsFee Documents2022/11/30
View 4C1043-1B noticeproposedpermitcos.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/12/20
View Withdrawal of LUP 4C1043-1B 20230113.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/17
View Corrected Withdrawal of LUP 4C1043-1B 20230118 .pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2023/01/19
View MOD Withdrawn 4C1043-1B.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/01/19