Project Details
Project Number4C0692-11A
Project Name 
Number of Lots0
Project Address295 Meadowside Drive
Project TownCharlotte
DescriptionThis permit specifically authorizes: 1) after the fact approval of a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit at 295 Meadowside Drive; and 2) a boundary line adjustment between 231 and 295 Meadowside Drive to satisfy a boundary setback violation. The total land exchanged is approximately 0.0082 acres and results in no total change in acreage of the lots at either address. The project is located at 231 and 295 Meadowside Drive in Charlotte, Vermont.
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeResidential - Other Residential

Project Participants
ApplicantBrigit RobinsonPO Box 418 Charlotte VT 05445
Land OwnerBrigit RobinsonPO Box 418 Charlotte VT 05445
Land OwnerKiona Heath231 Meadowside Drive Charlotte VT 05445
ApplicantLawrence RobinsonPO Box 418 Charlotte VT 05445
Land OwnerLawrence RobinsonPO Box 418 Charlotte VT 05445
Primary ContactLawrence RobinsonPO Box 418 Charlotte VT 05445
Land OwnerLincoln Heath231 Meadowside Drive Charlotte VT 05445
Project Status
Date Application ReceivedJan 09, 2023
Date Deemed CompleteJan 18, 2023
Agenda DateMar 20, 2023
Permit Agenda Date (legacy) 
Notice IssuedJan 18, 2023
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineFeb 10, 2023
Date Decision IssuedMar 13, 2023
Current Status Permit   Status Definitions
Days to Review - all app types (from Received to 1st Review) (1):3
Days to Issue from End of Comment Period/Last item received - Minors only (2):0
Days to Issue after Adjournment - Majors only (3): 
Days from Deemed Complete to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Majors & Major(Minors) only (4): 
Days from End of Comment Period to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Major(Minors) only (5): 

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View 001 Act 250 Application.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2023/01/09228,160 KB
View 006 Hinsdale-2017-Figure 1-Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/094,389,729 KB
View 008 Meadowside Waste Water Site Plan 04-06-22_REV 1.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/091,395,336 KB
View 007 Complete Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/09131,580 KB
View 009 LandSwap_Meadowside_Robinsion_waste water system plan set 06-16-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/091,440,256 KB
View 010 Meadowside_Robinson_wastewater system plan set 06-16-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/0910,847,568 KB
View 011 15115_6_22_Location Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/09276,791 KB
View 002 SignaturePage.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2023/01/09892,356 KB
View 003 Robinson_natural_resources_map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2023/01/09640,469 KB
View 004 Construction Drawings-COLOR-1.13.22.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2023/01/0920,363,639 KB
View 005 Carriage House-COLOR-1.13.22.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2023/01/095,767,533 KB
View 018 DRB 22-163-SA Robinson decision - approved.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/09469,845 KB
View 019 DRB 22-97-CU Robinson decision.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/09497,748 KB
View 020 Zoning Permit App_Meadowside V4.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/0917,589,473 KB
View 021 Soil Request Report_295 Meadowside Drive.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2023/01/09835,655 KB
View 022 Planting Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/091,211,198 KB
View 023 Act250 Abutters.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2023/01/09354,126 KB
View 012 15115BA_8_22_Boundary Line Adjustment.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2023/01/09379,954 KB
View 013 WW-138-1702-1 295 Meadowside Drive.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2023/01/09382,753 KB
View 014 21-243-ZP Signed permit_Main.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2023/01/091,068,834 KB
View 015 22-206-ZP 295 Meadowside Dr. ROBINSON ADU.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2023/01/09272,572 KB
View 016 Meadowside SubDivision Permit.pdfApplication DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/01/09347,522 KB
View 017 4C0692-11.Permit.pdfApplication DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/01/09420,376 KB
View Schedule G 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2023/01/09193,190 KB
View Incomplete Letter 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2023/01/12224,064 KB
View 025 Charlotte Tax Bill_2022.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/17267,993 KB
View 024 295Meadowside DEED.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/01/173,775,634 KB
View 001a Revised_Act 250 Application.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2023/01/18232,208 KB
View Fee Payment Receipt 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsFee Documents2023/01/18170,834 KB
View Draft Permit 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/01/18253,597 KB
View Minor Notice 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2023/01/18124,592 KB
View Minor Notice for Publication 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2023/01/1889,618 KB
View 026 ANR Comments-Request for Extension and COS 02.10.2023.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2023/02/10205,216 KB
View 027 Letter from Adjoiner.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2023/02/15139,876 KB
View 028 ANR Supplemental Comments and COS 03.10.2023.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2023/03/10200,304 KB
View 000 Exhibit List.pdfApplication DocumentsExhibit List2023/03/13167,879 KB
View LUP_Exhibit List_COS 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/03/13376,699 KB
View Town Clerk Letter 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/03/13125,173 KB
View MOD Order 4C0692-11A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2023/03/13190,338 KB
View RBES_295Meadowside.pdfPost-Decision DocumentsPermit (Other)2023/04/28103,807 KB
View RBES_293Meadowside.pdfPost-Decision DocumentsPermit (Other)2023/04/28102,002 KB
View TownCharlotteZoning Letter.pdfPost-Decision DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2023/04/2841,455 KB