Project Details
Project Number4C0264-10A
Project NameWhite Cap Ventures
Number of Lots0
Project Address426 Industrial Ave
Project TownWilliston
DescriptionRenovation of an existing commercial space for medical office use, create drop-off, replace and upgrade wastewater system pump station.
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeCommercial - Medical

Project Participants
AdjoinerAlra Company (Parker Bros.)209 Patchen Rd So Burlington VT 05403
AdjoinerCD Cairns Irrevocable Trust323 Industrial Ave Williston VT 05495
Primary ContactDavid Marshall Civil Engineering Associates,Inc,.Civil Engineering Associates, Inc. 10 Mansfield View Ln South Burlington VT 05403
AdjoinerElla Moulton, LLC49 Highland Rd Underhill VT 05489
AdjoinerRope's End, LLC82 Winter Sport Lane Williston VT 05495
AdjoinerTina Conn240 No. Brownell Rd Rd Willison VT 05495
AdjoinerTown of Williston7900 Williston Rd Williston VT 05495
AdjoinerWhite Cap Ventures7 Kilburn St Burlington VT 05401
ApplicantWhite Cap Ventures, LLCc/o J Graham Goldsmith Architects, P.C. Burlington VT 05401
Land OwnerWhite Cap Ventures, LLCc/o J Graham Goldsmith Architects, P.C. 7 Kliburn Street Burlington VT 05401
AdjoinerWilliam Hamilton & Shirley Prushko96 East Shore Rd Grand Isle VT 05458
AdjoinerWintersport Lane, LLC85 Shunpike Rd Williston VT 05495
Project Status
Date Application ReceivedJul 25, 2022
Date Deemed Complete 
Agenda DateAug 29, 2022
Permit Agenda Date (legacy) 
Notice IssuedAug 03, 2022
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineAug 22, 2022
Date Decision IssuedAug 24, 2022
Current Status Permit   Status Definitions
Days to Review - all app types (from Received to 1st Review) (1):0
Days to Issue from End of Comment Period/Last item received - Minors only (2):1
Days to Issue after Adjournment - Majors only (3): 
Days from Deemed Complete to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Majors & Major(Minors) only (4): 
Days from End of Comment Period to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Major(Minors) only (5): 

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007 - Water Ability to Serve.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/07/25
008 - Design Flow Summary.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/07/25
000 - Exhibit List.xlsxApplication DocumentsExhibit List2022/07/25
009 - Waste Reduction Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/07/25
010 - Traffic Generation Summary with Graphs.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/07/25
012 - New Entry Rendering.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2022/07/25
011 - Municipal Impact Questionnaire.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/07/25
013 - Overall Floor Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/07/25
014 - Renovation Area Floor Plan and Elevation.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/07/25
015 - C1.0 - Overall Existing Conditions Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/07/25
017 - C2.1 - Partial Proposed Conditions Site Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/07/25
001 - Act 250 Application.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/07/25
002 - App Signatures Form.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/07/25
016 - C2.0 - Overall Proposed Conditions Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/07/25
003 - Adjoiner List 2022.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/07/25
005 - WW-4-3073-4_Permit.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/07/25
004 - Williston Local Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/07/25
006 - Sewer Allocations.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/07/25
Schedule G 4C0264-10A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/07/25
Draft Permit 4C0264-10A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/08/03
Minor Notice 4C0264-10A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/08/03
018 - VTrans Comments for White Cap Ventures LLC - COS.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2022/08/18
024 - Sheet C3.1 - EPSC Narrative and Details.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/08/23
019 - Cover Letter to Coordinator 8-23-22.pdfApplication DocumentsPlanning Documents2022/08/23
021 - Exterior light fixture cut sheets.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2022/08/23
022 - Master_Sign Plans.pdfApplication DocumentsDrawings & Equipment Specifications2022/08/23
020 - Construction Waste Management Plan - Approval.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/23
023 -Sheet C2.2 - EPSC Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/23
LUP_Exhibit List_COS 4C0264-10A.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2022/08/24
VTrans Receipt of Act 145 Fee 4C0264-10A.pdfPost-Decision DocumentsFee Documents2022/09/08