Water Quality Project Screening Tool

The Water Quality Project Screening Tool provides basin specific info and regulatory and non-regulatory contact info for a discrete project location. More detailed mapping information is found in the Vermont Natural Resource Atlas Ecosystem Restoration Grant Screening theme in the Layers tab.
Four Ways to Find the Info You Need:
  1. Enter the project address into the first query box below, click “find” and then click “submit”
  2. Zoom to and click a location on the map and click “submit”
  3. Directly enter the coordinates in decimal degrees (e.g. 44.38714, -72.5771) to the second and third boxes and click “submit”
  4. If you’re project has a number and location information in the Watershed Projects Database, click “WPD Search” in the tool bar above, search for your project by number, and click on the screening function.
If your project will disturb an acre or more of soil, includes new impervious surface, or includes work in a wetland, river, ditched stream or lake, contact the appropriate VT Agency of Natural Resources staff listed in the screening tool output. A desktop review cannot definitively confirm the presence or absence of permit jurisdiction. This screening tool is the result of a desktop review that included reviewing the project site with mapping tools available at http://anr.vermont.gov/maps. Contact the appropriate VT Agency of Natural Resources staff for a definitive review of your project.