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Stream Geomorphic Assessment Projects

Basin NumberBasin NameDataset Name
17Black, Barton, ClydeANR Lands - Black, Barton, Clyde
17Black, Barton, ClydeBarton
17Black, Barton, ClydeBasin17_TU&FW
17Black, Barton, ClydeBlack - North
17Black, Barton, ClydeClyde
17Black, Barton, ClydeCoventry B&C
17Black, Barton, ClydeJohns River
17Black, Barton, ClydeWilloughby Lake tribs
12DeerfieldANR Lands - Deerfield
12DeerfieldDeerfield River
12DeerfieldLower Deerfield
12DeerfieldNorth River
12DeerfieldWest Branch Deerfield
19Exeter RiverANR Lands - Exeter River
19Exeter RiverNH: Exeter River
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillANR Lands - Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten Kill
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillBasin1_TU&FW_Projects
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillBatten Kill - White / Mill
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillBattenkill
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillBattenkill Structures 2021
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillHoosic River
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillSouthern VERMONT
01Hoosic, Walloomsac, Batten KillWalloomsac
07LamoilleANR Lands - Lamoille
07LamoilleBrewster River
07LamoilleBrowns River
07LamoilleBrowns River Tribs
07LamoilleDeer Brook
07LamoilleElmore Branch
07LamoilleFoote Brook
07LamoilleGreen River
07LamoilleJudevine Brook
07LamoilleLamoille Basin_TNC&FW Project
07LamoilleNorth Branch Lamoille
07LamoilleRodman Brook
07LamoilleSmith Brook
07LamoilleWaterman Brook
07LamoilleWild Branch
13Lower ConnecticutANR Lands - Lower Connecticut
13Lower ConnecticutBlack
13Lower ConnecticutCrosby
13Lower ConnecticutCT River Tribs
13Lower ConnecticutGreen River LC
13Lower ConnecticutMill Brook - Basin 13
13Lower ConnecticutWhetstone
06MissisquoiANR Lands - Missisquoi
06MissisquoiBlack Creek
06MissisquoiHungerford Brook
06MissisquoiMissisquoi Mouth
06MissisquoiPike River
06MissisquoiRock River
06MissisquoiTrout River
06MissisquoiTyler Branch
06MissisquoiUpper Missisquoi
05Northern ChamplainANR Lands - Northern Champlain
05Northern ChamplainBartlett Brook
05Northern ChamplainDirect Drain to Lake Champlain
05Northern ChamplainEnglesby Brook
05Northern ChamplainIndian Brook
05Northern ChamplainLake Champlain Direct_TNC&FW
05Northern ChamplainLaplatte
05Northern ChamplainMallets Creek
05Northern ChamplainMill River
05Northern ChamplainMill_River
05Northern ChamplainMunroe Brook
05Northern ChamplainPotash Brook
05Northern ChamplainSmith Creek
05Northern ChamplainStonebridge Brook
05Northern ChamplainTrout Brook
10Ottauquechee, BlackANR Lands - Ottauquechee, Black
10Ottauquechee, BlackBasin10_CRWC&FW_Project
10Ottauquechee, BlackBlack & Mill River
10Ottauquechee, BlackBlack River
10Ottauquechee, BlackOttauquechee
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisANR Lands - Otter, Little Otter, Lewis
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisBaker Creek (Wallingford)
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisFurnace Brook
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisLemon Fair
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisLewis Creek
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisLittle Otter Creek
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisMiddlebury River
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisNeshobe River
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisNew Haven River
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisOtter Creek
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisOtter Creek - Cold River
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisOtter Creek - East Creek Trib
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisOtter Creek - Mill River
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisOtter Creek - Moon & Mussey
03Otter, Little Otter, LewisUpper Otter - Rutland County
15PassumpsicANR Lands - Passumpsic
15PassumpsicDishmill Brook
15PassumpsicEast Branch Passumpsic
15PassumpsicWest Branch Passumpsic
18Piscataqua RiverANR Lands - Piscataqua River
18Piscataqua RiverNH: Piscataqua River
02Poultney, MettaweeANR Lands - Poultney, Mettawee
02Poultney, MettaweeCastleton River
02Poultney, MettaweeCastleton Town
02Poultney, MettaweeMettowee
02Poultney, MettaweePoultney River
02Poultney, MettaweePoultney Tribs
04Southern ChamplainANR Lands - Southern Champlain
04Southern ChamplainEast Creek
16Upper ConnecticutANR Lands - Upper Connecticut
16Upper ConnecticutBasin16__CRWC&FW_Project
16Upper ConnecticutBlood Brook
16Upper ConnecticutCT direct tribs
16Upper ConnecticutNulhegan
16Upper ConnecticutWest Mountain WMA
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsANR Lands - Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, Wells
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsBasin14_CRWC&FW_Project
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsOmpompanoosuc
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsOmpompanoosuc/West Branch
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsStevens River - basin14
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsWaits
14Waits, Ompompanosuc, Stevens, WellsWells River
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsANR Lands - West, Saxton's, Williams
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsBall Mountain Brook
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsSaxtons River
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsWest River
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsWest River - Rock River
11West, Saxton's, WilliamsWilliams
09WhiteANR Lands - White
09WhiteWhite River
08WinooskiAlder Brook
08WinooskiAllen Brook
08WinooskiANR Lands - Winooski
08WinooskiCentennial Brook
08WinooskiHuntington River
08WinooskiKingsbury Branch
08WinooskiLittle River
08WinooskiLower Winooski -belowBoltonDam
08WinooskiMad River
08WinooskiNorth Branch Winooski
08WinooskiSucker Brook
08WinooskiSucker Brook Tribs
08WinooskiUpper Winooski-aboveBoltonDam
08WinooskiWest Branch of Little River
08WinooskiWinooski Mid, Alder to Montp
08WinooskiWinooski TNC&FW
08WinooskiWinooski, Montp. to Cabot