Vermont Integrated Watershed Information System
Welcome to IWIS, The VTDEC-Watershed Management Division’s new online data portal for water quality information. Here you can access water quality and chemistry testing information from throughout Vermont. Users may access data in one of two ways.

If you are new to IWIS, you may want to check out the User Guide.
Site Search allows for a Text based search the Division Database of Monitoring Sites. This will search by Waterbody Name, Town, Location Description, and a variety of other IDs. From there you will have access to a variety of reports for the found sites.
A map based tool that will display the Divisions Monitoring sites, including the type of data (macroinvertebrates, fish, chemistry, habitat), and the most recently color-coded assessment for that type of data. Sites will not be visible until you zoom in. The Atlas is a powerful tool and can display a great deal of Agency geographical information. New users of the Atlas should refer to ANR’s orientation video to understand the full functionality of the tool.
Other Vermont Watershed Management Division Sites
Data and Maps for Lakes and Ponds
Stream Geomorphic Assessment Data displayed on the ANR Atlas
Other Water Data Sites
Searchable database of projects, datasets and documents about forest ecosystem monitoring in Vermont
A Map of US Geological Survey Real-time Flow Station Gages
National Water Quality Monitoring Council's Water Quality Portal
Vermont State Parks Swim Water Testing Results
Vermont Streams Project Online Data Access
Vermont Department of Health Blue Green Algae (Cynobacteria) Bloom Tracking
Shows tests along the Connecticut River for the determination if it safe to Boat and Swim there
Program to increase awareness and knowledge of watershed issues in Vermont youth

Please note that as of July, 2015, IWIS is a newly released data access platform. We welcome your input and feedback, and suggestions for improvement. Expect the site to change and upgrade over time to add additional functionality, more interpretation, and enhanced usability. Please address your thoughts to Tim Pricer, Data Management Specialist, at the Watershed Management Division.

Disclaimer: The data presented by this website are contained within the Watershed Management Division’s “Water Quality Data Archive” database and related Division databases. This site also presents data results from databases housed within the Division’s partner organizations.

With respect to the Division’s internal data sources (Site Search, ANR Atlas, and “Other Watershed Management Division Sites), while the Division has conducted all required quality assurance procedures on the information contained within, the Division makes no representation as to the accuracy, precision, or conclusion of any analysis or determination made using the information by any third party. For the purpose of determining water quality impairment, the Division employs the Vermont Surface Water Assessment and Listing Methodology , and the results of these determinations are contained in the Priority Waters Listing.

Regarding the partner data sources (Other Water Data Sites), with the exception of the USGS Flow Monitoring, the Division makes no representation as to the accuracy or precision of data presented. While all partner data are valuable and are subject to varied review procedures, for the purpose of determining water quality impairment, the Department employs only those methods contained in the Vermont Surface Water Assessment and Listing Methodology. The results of these determinations are contained in the Priority Waters Listing.