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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

Mercury products and compounds must be recycled or managed as a hazardous waste or universal waste. State law prohibits the disposal of mercury-containing wastes in solid waste landfills. Households have a low to no-cost method to properly handle mercury products at the end of their useful life. Towns and solid waste districts hold hazardous waste collection events every year and mercury-containing wastes should be disposed of at one of these events.

Some retail locations offer FREE recycling of burned out fluorescent bulbs and spent button cell batteries.

For more information and event scheduling, select your town from the list below (Note: If you live in a village, fire district, etc. please select the town your village, fire district, etc. is in from the list). If your town is a member of a solid waste district, you will be taken to a page with contact information for your district. If your town is not a member of a district, contact information for your town clerk will be provided.

For web site links and information regarding Vermont Solid Waste Districts see:



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