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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
5L1610 Peregrine's Landing, LLC; RV Park with 60 seasonal RV sites with water, sewer and electric hookups, parking areas, a registration and park store, restroom and laundry building, pavilion and on-site water and wastewater Pending (Hearing) Cambridge 07-11-2022 No 06-27-2022
5L1338(Altered)-17F Adm. Amend Nicolas Choumenkovitch; Nicolas Choumenkovitch; Switchback Terrace the new owner of Lot 6 are seeking to construct a previously permitted single family home within the Switchback Subdivision in Stowe, Vermont. Permit Stowe Yes 07-04-2022
5L0873-1B-1 Adm. Amend Howard A. Manosh Manosh Properties, LLC; Howard A. Manosh Manosh Properties, LLC; Spruce Lane Amendment to 5L0873-1B to incorporate WW-5-4885-1 for merger of Lots 2A and 3B to be named Lot A = 5.06 acres (to match survey of record) using lot 2A previously approved building envelope for a 3 bedroom residence and detached garage, connecting to on-site wastewater system (previously approved for lot 3B), and new drilled well location. Also, merge Lots 2B and 3A to be named Lot B = 3.84 acres (to match survey of record) using lot 2B previously approved building envelope for a 3 bedroom residence, connecting to on-site wastewater system (previously approved for lot 3A) and drilled well site (previously approved for lot 2B). Overall project will reduce previous approval from 4 lots to 2 lots, each for construction of a single family residence. Permit Eden Yes 06-20-2022
5L1067-5A Adm. Amend JDVT LLC; JDVT, LLC.; 1652 Mountain Road To construct a storage building adjacent to the existing commercial building on Lot A. Construction is within disturbed area along existing parking lot. The building will have a propane fired Rinnai heater as it only needs minimal heat. Building footprint = 1200+/- sf. Permit Stowe Yes 06-20-2022
5W1447(Corrected)-T Adm. Amend Susan & Jeffrey Green; 405 Boulder Pass Construction of a 2,112 square foot single family residence on Lot 14 of the Lincoln Ridge Subdivision. Permit Warren Yes 06-20-2022
7C0627-1-A Adm. Amend louis buzzi lyn burke; louis buzzi; 131 stevens loop lot line adjustment Permit Lyndon Yes 07-04-2022
4C0025-3 Adm. Amend Lani Ravin University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; 67 Spear Street Installation of a 17' x 28 concrete pad and covered bike shelter near the Harris Millis student residences, south of Main Street, on the Athletic Campus. This covered bike shelter will have clear walls and will be able to accommodate up to 80 bicycles, on two levels, within the shelter. Permit Burlington Yes 06-27-2022
4C0190-12A Adm. Amend Jess Damon Greenfield Capital, LLC; Roland Groeneveld Greenfield Capital, LLC; 435 Community Drive The purpose of this amendment is to correct clerical errors on our Land Use Permit including the property lot numbers that were consolidated (11, 12, 13) and the property's address (435 Community Dr). The project is to construct a 143,000 SF facility for OnLogic to occupy. The facility will include a 3 story office and 1 story warehouse/production area. Construction began May 23, 2022. The site is located on the south side of Community Drive in South Burlington's Technology Park and combines 3 previously subdivided tracts of land totaling 19.84 acres. The lot coverage, which includes the building footprint, parking, loading dock aprons, driveways, sidewalks, and trails is 6.9 acres, or 35% of the site. The project will accommodate up to 400 employees with an equal amount of onsite parking. The building and parking areas are separated from Community Drive on the north side and Interstate 89 on the south side by extensive vegetation and landscaping. Permit South Burlington Yes 07-04-2022
1R0813-9A Adm. Amend Jeff Temple Killington Pico Ski Resort Partners LLC; Killington Pico Ski Resort Partners LLC; Vermont Department of Forest and Parks; Rte 4 1R0813-9: Contains two projects. Above ground pipeline has been completed. Seeking construction completion date extension for the re-location of Killington's existing Ottauquechee River Intake. This project is on KPSRP LLC land. Project was to be completed in 2020. Due to COVID and monetary expenses caused by shutdowns the project was moved. Construction has not yet started but will hopefully be completed within the new extended timeframe. There are no other permits associated with this project that will be expiring before the Act 250 timeline. Any associated permits will be extended if necessary depending on when construction is completed. Permit Killington Yes 06-27-2022
9A0132(Revised)-3 Adm. Amend Addison County Community Trust; Lindale Circle The project will be the installation of a small community wastewater collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal system for the existing mobile homes located in Lindale Mobile Home Park. Permit Middlebury Yes 07-04-2022
9A0226-2 Adm. Amend Carole Beauregard Co-Trustee of the Walter Kuehn Jr. Family Trust U/T/A November 14, 2019; Gregory S. Kuehn Co-Trustee of the Walter Kuehn Jr. Family Trust U/T/A November 14, 2019; Gregory S. Kuehn Trustee of the Suzanne W. Kuehn Revocable Trust u/t/a dated March 19, 2009; Carole H. Beauregard Co-Trustee of the Walter Kuehn Jr. Family Trust U/T/A November 14, 2019; Gregory S. Kuehn Co-Trustee of the Walter Kuehn Jr. Family Trust U/T/A November 14, 2019; Gregory S. Kuehn Trustee of the Suzanne W. Kuehn Revocable Trust u/t/a March 19, 2009; 334 U.S. Route 7, Waltham, VT Lot 7 of the Waltham Heights Subdivision, with a current address of 334 U.S. Route 7, Waltham, Vermont, was improved in 1987 with a single family residence by predecessor in title, John W. Clark. For some unknown reason, John W. Clark did not participate as a co-applicant in 9A0226 and therefore Lot 7 was not included in the issued Permit. On May 31st, 2006, Walter and Suzanne Kuehn purchased Lot 7 with the single family residence. Walter and Suzanne Kuehn were not aware when they purchased the property that it was subject to Act 250 jurisdiction and required approval. This was brought to the attention of the applicants by the buyers in a pending sale. Access to the property is by a deeded 50' wide ROW to US Route 7. Applicants request that Lot 7 with the existing single family residence be approved in an Amended Permit to 9A0226. Permit Waltham Yes 06-20-2022
JO 1-400 JO Scott Allen; Scott Allen; 654 US Route 4 East Original PRS requested JO for conversion of the museum space into a dog training school. There will be less than the 5 employees the museum was permitted for. Continued use of the permitted 2 bedroom apartment. There will be no kennels or grooming services. Second request for JO (JO 1-400) is for replacement of a failed onsite wastewater system with a municipal sewer connection. Parcel = 1.8+/- acres in 1-acre town. JO issued Rutland Town Yes 06-20-2022
JO 1-405 JO 476 Holiday Drive Change of use from the motel operations into a transitional housing facility for the homeless as part of DCF's Transitional Housing Program. JO issued Rutland Town Yes 06-20-2022
JO 1-406 JO 6 and 8 Mahoney Court Construction of a 4- or 5-bay garage and salt shed on 1.3-acre parcel located at 6 and 8 Mahoney Court, Rutland City. Garages to be used to store and maintain landowner’s own vehicles and equipment used in operation of property management company. Landowner owns and maintains/manages adjacent parcel permitted under LUP 1R0075. JO issued Rutland City Yes 06-20-2022
JO 1-410 JO Prospect Point, Lake Bomoseen Six-lot subdivision of a 60.28-acre parcel, currently an existing golf course at Prospect Bay Country Club, Prospect Point, Lake Bomoseen, Castleton. The subdivision will create five (5) new residential lots, each be improved with a four-bedroom single family dwelling. The sixth lot will remain a golf course. Each of the five new lots is less than one acre. Wastewater permit #WW-1-0285-1 was issued for the subdivision on September 4, 2007. JO issued Castleton Yes 06-20-2022
JO 2-321 JO 1253 Skitchewaug Trail Road Verizon now proposes to replace six (6) of its existing Antennas with six (6) new Antennas measuring 72” by 11.9” each. Verizon will also be replacing its three (3) existing Remote Radio Heads (“RRHs”) with six (6) newer, smaller models measuring 15.9” by 15.5” each and an OVP Distribution Box (“OVP”), measuring 25.8” by 15.9”. The RRHs and OVP will be installed behind the Antennas. JO issued Springfield Yes 06-20-2022
JO 2-322 JO 1379 VT Route 100 construct two decks, a porch to provide emergency access to the upstairs bedrooms, and a covered area for outdoor cooking JO issued Ludlow Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-252 JO 1067 Jennings Road Convert a seasonal camp on 5 acres to a year-round residence JO issued West Fairlee Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-253 JO 1697 Vermont Route 100 Replace the current 60 foot truck scale with a 72 foot scale in approximately the same location as the current scale. The new scale will be mounted flush with the driveway surface. The expectation is that gravel from the driveway will be tracked onto the scale. In order to delineate the edge of the scale orange traffic cones will be placed around the edges—which is what Colton Enterprises does with its current scale. JO issued Pittsfield Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-254 JO 1697 Vermont Route 100 Colton Enterprises plans to replace the burners and one of the boiler vessels that provide steam heat to dry wood in its kilns. JO issued Pittsfield Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-255 JO 185 Neal Road Replace a failed septic system for a single family residence. JO issued Hartford Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-256 JO 92 Carpenter Street Replace a failed septic system for a single family residence. JO issued Norwich Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-257 JO 2498 Chelsea Road Replace a failed septic system for a three bedroom single family residence and a detached one bedroom residence. JO issued Corinth Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-258 JO 76 Danforth Place Replace a failed septic system for a single family residence. JO issued Corinth Yes 06-20-2022
JO 3-262 JO 46 Pleasant Street The exterior landscaping will be effectively unchanged in the riparian area. We will have a set of stone slab steps set into the hill to provide access to the lower riverfront portion of our property. Those steps lead up to a stone dust patio that will be set into and atop the hill alongside the River House. Just above that will be our primary gathering area. A bluestone patio will include several tables for taking in the river views. That patio will front a rebuilt deck that will provide private outdoor space for guest rooms. This deck will wrap around the building and connect to a larger deck that will provide an outdoor viewing point for people utilizing the restaurant/lounge area. That viewing deck will replace an existing deck that we recently demolished as it was in poor condition. (It's quite likely this deck will be eliminated for cost considerations but it currently remains in the plan). On the opposite wing a similar rebuilt deck will provide more private outdoor spaces for guest rooms. To the east of the building we will be creating a seating area and patio/fire pit that connects to the existing stairs that connect to the lower river area. That patio area will be connected to the upper parking lot by a rebuilt set of steps. There is additional cosmetic landscaping work that will be done around the parking lots and at the front entrance. I assume that's outside the purview of your interest. We intend to replace the existing garage on the eastern side of the parking lot with a similarly sized custom made shed/structure. The room count will stay the same. We will be losing a manager's apartment and two guest rooms when we create the kitchen/lobby/dining area/laundry space. We will locate the manager's apartment above the "cape house" building in what is currently a guest suite. We will subdivide a living room/kitchen that we currently rent out as an "executive apartment" along with a guest room into two guest rooms in the River House. We will then add a guest room on the easternmost end of the second floor of the main Shire building. That space currently acts like a covered porch and sits under the main roof and above a first floor room. We will not be changing the footprint of the building. JO issued Woodstock Yes 07-04-2022
JO 4-329 JO Linda V. Sanderson Revocable Trust; project is to perform a single-lot subdivision, creating a new 20-acre lot to support a proposed single-family residence. The remnant 165 acres will be subject to "deferral language", with no construction proposed (it will remain in its current agricultural use). The new lot is subject to WW-4-5751. The subject property has no existing Act 250 jurisdiction, JO issued Milton Yes 06-27-2022
JO 5-50 JO 2355 Airport Road Erect an 20’x40‘ pavilion. It would be located close to the airports main building and would help support the youth flight programs and the youth summer camps. The property is owned by Granite Intersection Inc. and leased to the Sugarbush Soaring association. JO issued Warren Yes 06-20-2022
JO 5-51 JO 133 Timber Ridge Build a 120 module, 56kW ground mounted solar array in a wooded area adjacent to a home on lot 11 of 5W1447. The trees have been cleared to make room for the array. JO issued Warren Yes 06-27-2022
JO 7-334 JO Ric Prescott & Sally Schlueter; Rick & Claire Shonter; Kingdom Trails Association (“KTA”), a non-profit organization, plans to construct a ± 0.82 mile long recreational trail on two parcels of land reportedly owned (now or formerly) by private landowners Richard Prescott and Sally Schlueter (± 71 acres) and Rick and Claire Shonter (± 40 acres). JO issued Burke Yes 06-20-2022
JO 8-274 JO South Road Replacing the existing 25kW propane fueled power back-up generator with a 100kW generator. The new generator will be installed outside the existing building on the south side along with a dedicated 1,450-gallon propane tank. The generator will only be operated on an emergency basis during power outages. Land Use Permit #8B0497 authorized the construction and operation of a 19,140 SF service center. JO issued Sunderland Yes 06-27-2022
8B0503-3 Major Poulin Grain, Inc.; 1873 Vermont Rte 67E Proposal to expand operating hours to 4am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday. Permit Bennington 12-11-2020 Yes 06-20-2022 08-07-2020
4C1343 Major Dan Rexford; Mazza's Barber Farm Road Properties, LLC; 308 VT Route 117 Sand extraction and farmland reclamation project on upper farm fields of approximately 142 acre parcel near corner of Barber Farm Road and VT Route 117 River Road. Also proposed is a new access road off of VT Route 117. Permit Jericho 05-06-2022 Yes 06-20-2022
500003-6 Minor Jennifer Miller-Arsenault U-32 Middle/High School; Washington Central Unified Union School District; 930 Gallison Hill Rd The Washington Central Unified Union School District is proposing the construction of two stormwater management features on the parcel at U-32 Middle & High School to comply with the terms of state stormwater General Permit 3-9050's "3-Acre Rule". The proposed features will treat stormwater runoff from existing impervious surfaces and mitigate downstream flooding impacts to neighboring residential properties. In addition, the school distrtict is proposing the refurbishment of the existing field hockey field. This work would consist of regrading a portion of the field, the addition of a curtain drain along the northern edge, and the addition of an underdrain system to improve drainage. There is no proposed building construction, no change in use to the existing buildings, no new lots created and no additional impervious areas constructed. Permit East Montpelier Yes 06-27-2022 06-20-2022
5L0697-21 Minor Jeff Ramsey Vermont Agency of Transportation; State of Vermont; 2305 Laporte Road, Rt 100 Permit specific: Potential hangar development at Morrisville-Stowe State Airport per legislative requirements. The project name is Morrisville-Stowe State Airport Master Permitting. The project is new development including two medium sized hangars (60’x80’) and associated paved apron area. This proposed impervious area constitutes 0.649 acres (28,270 square feet). See Morrisville-Stowe Hangar Photographs for a depiction of similar hangars. We are seeking positive findings for the following criteria: 1, 1A, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G, 2 and 3, 5, 5A, 5B, 6, 7, 8A, 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D and 9E, 9F, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, and 10. We are not seeking positive findings for the following criteria: 1B, 4, and 8. We are requesting positive findings be valid for 8 years as this is a legislative mandate and we anticipate it taking multiple years for developers to come forward with hangars at each location. Also, the site is an airport and the project area use will not change in that extended time period. Pending (Comment Period) Morristown No 06-20-2022 07-06-2022
5L0871-3 Minor John Dunn Cambridge Community Center, LLC; Russ Weis Cambridge Community Center, LLC; 22 Old Main Street Renovations to a secondary structure on our property to accommodate a local wholesale brewery & tasting room operation. The building is 50’ x 70’ and in total comprises 3500 sf. It served as a dorm for the tennis camp that originally owned the property. Permit Cambridge Yes 07-04-2022 06-28-2022
2W0052-52 Minor Clara Martin-Roman HeartFrame; Victor Sanchez-Alemany HeartFrame; Clara Martin-Roman HeartFrame,LLC; Victor Sanchez-Alemany HeartFrame, LLC; Dover Hill Road Connect a single-family residence to the North Branch Fire District #1’s sewer line. The project requires a permit under the terms and conditions of Land Use Permit #2W0052-4 (condition #12). Pending (Comment Period) Dover No 06-27-2022 07-13-2022
2W0208-6 Minor Randall Smith The Putney School Inc; The Putney School Inc; 418 Houghton Brook Rd, Putney, VT 05346, USA This project proposes the construction of two new dormitory buildings to serve as residence to students and staff of the Putney School. The Greenhouse Dorm will be located off Elm Lea Road on the northeast side of the campus and involves the demolition of two existing greenhouses and construction of the Greenhouse Dorm with associated infrastructure. The Houghton Brook site is on the other side of Houghton Brook Road across from Putney School Drive and involves the demolition of an existing house and garage and construction of the Houghton Brook Dorm. Both dorms have been designed with the same general layout and aesthetics with slight variations due to site grading and features. They will each contain 11 double-occupancy student rooms with two 3-bedroom apartments for live-in staff. Due to the demolition of Old Boys Dorm and repurposing of Old Girls Dorm and the basement of Leonard's Keep to study space, no increase in total number of students and staff is proposed. Pending (Comment Period) Putney No 06-27-2022 07-13-2022
3R1034-1 Minor Diane Hagget; Doug Hagget; Diane Hagget; Doug Hagget; 7523 Vt Route 14, Brookfield, Vermont 05036 This application is for the renewal/extension of an expired extraction permit. The project involves the extraction of 100,000 cubic yards (cy) total of gravel from an previously permitted gravel pit. The extraction was originally proposed to occur over a ten year period with a maximum extraction rate of 10,000 cubic yards (CY) per year. As of 10/28/2021 51,000 CY have been extracted from the site, leaving 49,000 CY yet to be removed from the original permitted total of 100,000 CY. The project is accessed by an existing 650 foot long gravel access road from VT Route 14. No buildings are proposed as part of this project. Pending (Comment Period) Brookfield No 06-27-2022 07-11-2022
3W0003-10 Minor Twin Farms Properties, LLC; 452 Royalton Turnpike 2.16 mile expansion to the existing mountain bike trail network Pending (Comment Period) Barnard No 06-27-2022 07-11-2022
3W0641-4 Minor Dewey Historic Barns LLC; Steve Dandeneau Dewey Historic Barns LLC; 131 Fowler Lane, Quechee, VT 05059 The existing parcel will be subdivided into two 1-acre parcels. One parcel will have a barn converted into a 6-bedroom single family dwelling with the garage to be converted into an Office/storage space with a 2-person occupancy. On the second parcel, the existing pole barn will be converted with a proposed addition into a 6-bedroom single family dwelling. Each lot will be served by a new separate wastewater disposal system and will share the existing on-site drilled well (Drillers yield 30 gpm). The water system will not serve more than 24 people. Permit Hartford Yes 07-04-2022 06-15-2022
4C0329-23 Minor Black Bay Ventures XIV, LLC; Black Bay Ventures XIV, LLC; 35 Thompson Drive The project consists of constructing Phase I of a 106,372 SF warehouse facility on an existing 9.22 acre undeveloped parcel at 35 Thompson Drive, Essex in the Saxon Hill Industrial Park. This application requests approval of Phase I only, which totals 54,600 SF of warehouse space. The warehouse will be occupied by Autumn Harp Inc. The project also includes a 0.78 acre boundary line adjustment with 19 Thompson Drive. Pending (Comment Period) Essex No 06-20-2022 07-08-2022
8B0564-10 Minor FRIENDS OF HILDENE, INC.; 1051 Hildene Road construction of a new 13,738-square-foot building to serve as a year-round special events facility and conference center with concession area and outdoor seating; demolition of the existing seasonal tent pad and support services building; related infrastructure including service roads, utilities, and landscaping; and improvements to the West Walkway and patio area at the historic Hildene Mansion Pending (Comment Period) Manchester No 06-27-2022 07-14-2022
7R1403 Minor J. Chris Gillies Portland Pipe Line Corporation; Guillermo and Marget Maldonado; Nelson Farms Inc.; Robert Holland; Routes 14/58 The Black River Crossing has been determined to be at risk due to existing pipeline exposure and for potential additional exposure due to live bed scour conditions. There is also evidence of lateral bank migration at the Project site with resultant toe scour and under-cutting along the near-vertical northern bank. The purpose of the pipeline protection project at the Black River Crossing is to provide a stable layer of protective cover within the pipeline working corridor and provide bank stabilization to reduce risk of pipeline exposure and potential future pipeline damage exacerbated by ongoing geomorphic fluvial processes at the project site. Lateral bank migration, live-bed scour, and presence of large woody material within the Black River have increased the risk of pipeline exposure in the river channel, which poses risks to pipeline integrity. There are no buildings or permanent roads proposed as part of this pipeline protection project. Pending (Comment Period) Irasburg No 06-20-2022 07-05-2022
8B0358-A Minor H&H Homes, Inc.; H&H Homes, INc.; Janice Lynn Martiak; Koehler Christopher T. and C; Mahoney Thomas and Kathleen; Marie Leslie and Pat Corby; Ulrich Rudow; Blackrock Lane Land Use Permit (“LUP”) 8B0358 authorized a 24-lot residential subdivision and related infrastructure. LUP 8B0358-8 reauthorized the site work and construction of the remaining eight lots (Lots 1, 2, and 10-15) of the previously permitted, uncompleted subdivision. This permit specifically authorizes the boundary line adjustments between Lots 1 and 2, 10 and 11, 11 and 12, and 14 and 15. No new lots will be created. Pending (Comment Period) Dorset No 06-20-2022 07-11-2022
5W1456-1 Minor Orchard Valley Waldorf School; Orchard Valley Waldorf School; 2290 VT Route 14 North The project is the construction of a barn from materials previously used to construct one of the pavilions approved under permit 5W1456-C and changes to the existing drives, parking, sidewalks, drainage, and landscaping. The barn is proposed to be a 24’ x 24’ enclosed structure with a 10 foot deep shed roof on the eastern side of the building. Improved layout of parking areas and drives and new sidewalks are intended to improve safety of pedestrian traffic on the site. Permit East Montpelier Yes 07-04-2022 06-27-2022
5W1611 Minor Dawn Palowski O.M Fisher Home, Inc.; O.M Fisher Home, Inc.; 149 Main Street The proposed project is the addition of a 15-unit (18 bedroom) 11,300 SF Memory Care addition to the existing 13-bedroom Gary Residence residential care facility located at 149 Main Street. The project will include improvements to parking and pedestrian access as well as associated utilities. Findings Montpelier Yes 06-20-2022
5L1116-6 Minor Nathan Wagner; Karen Wagner; Nathan Wagner; 0 Lakeview Lane Proposed 4-bedroom single-family residential dwelling and 3-bedroom accessory dwelling with on-site water supply and wastewater disposal on an existing 60-acre lot on Lakeview Lane in Elmore, VT. Pending (Comment Period) Elmore No 06-27-2022 07-19-2022
1R0697-3 Minor Betty I Bailey Trustee, Marriner and Betty Bailey Trust; Betty I. Bailey; 8 Horton Hill Road proposed two-lot subdivision of an improved 14.74 +/- acre parcel to include: Lot 11A (11.44 +/- acres), containing an existing three (3) bedroom single-family residence; and Lot 11B (3.3 +/- acres), approved for the construction of a three (3) bedroom single-family residence. Pending (Comment Period) Chittenden No 06-27-2022 07-12-2022
1R0702-6 Minor Endless Brook LLC (c/o Paul McCoy Family Office Services); Endless Brook LLC (c/o Paul McCoy Family Office Services); 3034 Vt Route 30S This project will reroute the existing Grove's Way trail and Route 30 crossing to cross Route 30 directly across from Lake St. Catherine State Park. Pending (Comment Period) Poultney No 07-04-2022 07-21-2022
5L1608 Minor Riverside Village LLC; 406 Jersey Heights Road residential development consisting of 136 unites, clustered in 3 buildings Pending (Comment Period) Morristown No 06-27-2022 07-12-2022
5W0836-6 Minor RHTL Partners, LLC; 1189 US Route 2 construction of a 22,500 sf car dealership and two adjacent, remote parking areas for vehicle inventory Pending (Comment Period) Berlin No 06-27-2022 07-13-2022
4C0339-8B Minor Abel Toll RHTL Partners, LLC; Abel Toll RHTL Partners, LLC; 1795 Shelburne Rd. The project involves an approximate 3,155 sf building addition associated with rebranding for the existing South Burlington Mazda car dealership located at 1795 Shelburne Rd. in South Burlington, VT. Supplemental parking, sidewalk and utility revisions and improvements are proposed to support the project. The existing municipal water and sewer services will be retained. No change in use, increase in employees or anticipated patrons is proposed with this project. Permit South Burlington Yes 07-04-2022 06-06-2022
4C0400-19E Minor Sarah Reeves Chittenden Solid Waste District; Sarah Reeves Chittenden Solid Waste District; 860 Redmond Road The project is described as: (1) the removal of two existing curb cuts on Redmond Road; (2) demolition of a portion of an existing garage; (3) removal of an existing water well and construction of a municipal water line extension; (4) renovation of an existing residence into a scale house; and (5) construction of a new access road off Redmond Road, truck scale, parking area, stormwater infrastructure and associated site improvements. Permit Williston Yes 06-20-2022 04-29-2022
4C0515-18 Minor Shelley Navari Champlain College, Incorporated; Champlian College, Incorporated; 225 South Willard Street Renovations & Repairs to Existing College Dormitory. Building Footprint: No Change Site Changes: ADA ramp & HVAC equipment/Screening Building Repairs: Masonry, Stairs & Ramps, Windows, Gutters, Awnings Work in Right of Way: None Changes to Street Access/Parking/Traffic increase: None Permit Burlington Yes 06-20-2022 06-13-2022
4C0560-4 Minor David Crean; David Crean; Heidi Crean; 222 Mcneil Cove Rd To re-align driveway and construct a new accessory barn at the existing residence located at 222 McNeil Cove Rd in Charlotte. Minor building additions for the main residence are also included. The existing WW permit will be amended to show a new connection for the accessory barn. No change in design flow. No stormwater permit is required, see attached correspondence with ANR staff. All construction takes place in area of previous disturbance near the existing driveway and residence. Permit Charlotte Yes 06-27-2022 06-08-2022
4C0907-4B Minor Dave Keelty University of Vermont Medical Center, Inc.; 75-79 Holly Court Renovation of Building #2 to combine two units into a single suite to expand an existing outpatient pharmacy and the addition of a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, air handler, back-up emergency generator retaining wall and associated site improvements. Permit Williston Yes 06-20-2022 05-11-2022