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The agenda is an aggregate list of Act 250 projects that have been noticed or for which a decision or Jurisdictional Opinion (JO) has been issued.

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 Project NumberApplication TypeApplicant(s)Landowner(s)Project AddresDescriptionStatusTownHearing DateDecision IssuedAgenda DateComment/Petition due by
2S0084-3 Brian Link; Douglas Paulding; Brian and Linda Link; Douglas Paulding; Brookside Drive Applicants seek this amendment to bring the current site conditions into compliance with the Land Use Permit #250084 and #250084-1. In 1991, one of the lots approved by the Permit was subdivided into two lots without an amendment creating a 16+/­- acre parcel and a 5+/- acre parcel. The subdivision was approved by the Town, but no Act 250 amendment was issued. The two lots are now, and have been owned separately since 2006. No new construction or development is proposed at this time. Withdrawn Chester Yes 03-20-2023
3R1067-3 Post Mills Properties, LLC; Post Mills Properties, LLC; 1061 Robinson Hill Rd Installation of two 12ftx20ft storage sheds to provide storage for equipment associated with camp's recreation activities. The sheds will be unheated and will not require a poured foundation. Pending (Comment Period) Thetford No 03-27-2023 04-10-2023
400008-7 Adm. Amend Pike Industries, Inc.; Pike Industries, Inc.; 326 Campground Road Temporary extension and expansion of “night operations” of the hot mix asphalt plant for no more than twelve (12) total weeks between May 1, 2023, and October 31, 2023, in support of the VTrans Charlotte-South Burlington NH PS22(2) nighttime paving project. Consistent with existing permit conditions, signs will be posted with all nighttime operational dates. No other operational changes to any other aspect of previously approved existing operations and/or the 2020 Memorandum of Decision are proposed or authorized. Permit New Haven Yes 03-27-2023
4C0185-2A Adm. Amend Richard Bouffard; Richard Bouffard; 81 Susie Wilson Road This permit specifically authorizes a slight shift in footprint lot locations of Units 13-24 to align the Act 250 boundary plat with the mylar in the land records. The Project is located at 81 Susie Wilson Road in Essex Junction, VT. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 03-27-2023
4C0185-2A(Corrected) Adm. Amend Richard Bouffard; Richard Bouffard; 81 Susie Wilson Road This permit specifically authorizes a slight shift in footprint lot locations of Units 13-24 to align the Act 250 boundary plat with the mylar in the land records. The Project is located at 81 Susie Wilson Road in Essex Junction, VT. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 03-27-2023
4C0235-10G Adm. Amend Mark Boutin Agilent Technologies; Agilent Technologies; 100 Tigan Street This permit specifically authorizes the installation of an approx. 8 ft. x 20 ft. conex box housing two new compressor units to serve processes within the existing manufacturing building. The box will be mounted on concrete piers to minimize impervious surface. The project is located at 100 Tigan Street in Winooski, VT. Permit Winooski Yes 04-03-2023
5L1149-4(Remanded)-A Adm. Amend Gristmill Properties LLC; Kingston LLC; Moscow Meadows, LLC; Gristmill Properties, LLC; Kingston LLC; Moscow Meadows, LLC; Moscow Road The project consists of amending Land Use Permit 5L1149-4(Remand) to : (1) incorporate Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit WW-5-5122-1; (2) reflecting minor boundary line adjustments between previously lots within the subdivision; and (3) reflecting the the current property owners are Moscow Meadows LLC (Lot 2,3, 5, 7 and 8), Kingston LLC (Lot 4), and Gristmill Properties, LLC (Lot 1). Permit Stowe Yes 03-20-2023
9A0331-1A Adm. Amend Aaron Thomas Up South, LLC; Aaron Thomas Up South, LLC; Harvey Road Extension of tree cutting date only through March 31, 2023. Permit Bristol Yes 03-27-2023
4C0840-4 Adm. Amend Robert P. Huskisson; Robert P. Huskisson; 1578 Severance Road This permit specifically authorizes an after-the-fact approval of an accessory apartment and corresponding Wastewater Permit (the Project). The Project is located at 1578 Severance Road in Colchester, VT (the Project Tract). Permit Colchester Yes 03-20-2023
5L0706-50A Adm. Amend Smugglers' Notch Management; Smugglers' Notch Management LTD; 4322 Vermont Route 108 South Minor modifications to the Brewster Ridge disc golf course that entails minor amounts of vegetation thinning/removal to along and within some of the hole locations. Tee boxes and basket locations will be relocated within some hole locations after vegetation removal. None of the vegetation removal will take place in any wetlands (or buffers) or in riparian zones (or buffers). All work has been designed to be outside of these areas. Permit Cambridge Yes 04-03-2023
JO 1-426 JO 1022 US 4 East Request for JO on existing and proposed self-storage units on Nordic Inn and Self-Storage parcel. JO issued Rutland Town Yes 03-20-2023
JO 2-326 JO 0 Eaton Rd Reopening existing logging roads into an ATV trail Withdrawn Jamaica Yes 03-27-2023
JO 3-289 JO 4877 VT Route 12 tree and rock removal JO issued Braintree Yes 04-03-2023
JO 4-352 JO 985 Route 7 South The project proposes a large commercial building on a vacant site, with associated access and parking lots. The project also proposes the extension of municipal water and sewer mains along Gonyeau Road in Milton. Withdrawn Milton Yes 03-27-2023
JO 4-353 JO 5 Timberlane Drive A dwelling unit built in 1980, was purchased by the current landowner in 2015. At the time of purchase it had four bedrooms (three upstairs and one downstairs), 3 and ¾ bathroom (2 upstairs and 1 and ¾ downstairs), a kitchen upstairs, and a sink downstairs for a kitchen. After purchasing the home in 2015, the landowners renovated the basement into a rental apartment (converting the ¾ bath to a laundry room by removing the standing shower and inserting a stacking washer and dryer and installing a new kitchen using the existing plumbing). In 2021, the landowners ceased renting the apartment and are currently renovating the downstairs, including the removal of the rental apartment kitchen. The dwelling unit has been returned to its original permitted state. JO issued Essex, Town of Yes 03-20-2023
JO 7-351 JO 2853 Witherspoon Rd Construction of 30' x 60' greenhouse for cannabis production. JO issued Ryegate Yes 03-27-2023
JO 9-082 JO Route 30 Did the 2021 boundary line adjustment between M. Hartley MacFadden and Demong trigger the need for an amendment to the existing Act 250 permit? Will the proposed 3-lot subdivision of the current M. Hartley MacFadden Trust parcel trigger the need for an amendment to the existing Act 250 permit? JO issued Cornwall Yes 04-03-2023
4C1351 Major Alfred Senecal Allen Brook Development Inc; Alfred Senecal Allen Brook Development Inc; 203 Belwood Avenue The project is generally described as a 24-unit residential development named Barnabas Court, consisting of two duplexes and 20 single-family units on footprint lots. The project is located at 203 Belwood Avenue in Colchester, Vermont. Pending (Hearing) Colchester 04-11-2023 No 03-27-2023
4C1301-6 Major BC Community Housing, LLC; 351-375 North Avenue Owner's Association, LLC; BC Community Housing, LLC; VLTBTV Parkland, LLC; 311-375 North Avenue Increase maximum allowable housing density at Cambrian Rise from 770 to 950 per the June 2020 First Amendment to the Development Agreement with the City of Burlington. Specific plan changes are: present the Aurora, which combines the previously approved Buildings D, E, F and I. The application also reflects the straightening out of Building Q/R (i. e. no more curve) (Lot 7); revising the 4th floor west-section (south-facing) façade on Building C to be the same as the 3rd floor, thereby increasing the number of units in Building C to 134; and various site modifications, including the creation of a more strategically located “Common Green” (Lot 6) adjacent to Kieslich Park. See memo for more complete changes by each building. Withdrawn Burlington Yes 03-27-2023
4C0329-21D MajorMinor Allen Brook Development; Reinhart Foodservice, LLC; Allen Brook Development; Reinhart Foodservice, LLC; 150 Red Pine Circle The project is generally described as construction of a 35,000 square foot warehouse and office building with associated parking on Lot 3 off Red Pine Circle in the Forestdale Industrial Park. The project includes boundary line adjustments between Lot 1/Lot 2 and between Lot 2/Lot 3 on Red Pine Circle, as well as a boundary line dissolution of the rear line of undeveloped Lot 2 and addition of this acreage to the 21-acre parcel and facility owned by Reinhart Foodservice, LLC at 32 Thompson Drive. The project is located at 150 Red Pine Circle in Essex, Vermont. Pending (Hearing) Essex, Town of 04-04-2023 No 03-27-2023 03-20-2023
2W1278-2 MajorMinor Mayer Michael Manitou Project, Inc. and Higher Ground Conservation Cemetery Association, Inc.; the subdivision of a 5-acre parcel and creation of a conservation cemetery; 21-lot parking area; and kiosk. Permit Newfane 03-23-2022 Yes 03-20-2023 03-07-2022
2W1382 Minor Mary Lee Rafferty; Mary Lee Rafferty; 48 West Ridge Rd This permit specifically authorizes the previous home construction above 2500' elevation. The project is located at 48 West Ridge Rd in Winhall, Vermont. Jurisdiction attaches because the Project constitutes the construction of improvements above 2500’ elevation. 10 V.S.A. §6001(3)(A)(vi). Pending (Comment Period) Winhall No 04-03-2023 04-18-2023
3W0124-9A Minor Gregory Castell Apex Storage, LLC; Gregory Castell Apex Storage, LLC; 89 Kline Drive Apex Storage is proposing to expand their current facility on a 21.39 acre parcel they own in Hartford. The expansion to the south will include 2 rows of additional storage buildings with associated paved access drives connected to the current storage facility. There will be approximately 18,700 square feet of building storage space. The project results in approximately 1.33 acres of new impervious surface consisting of rooftops and pavement. Pending (Comment Period) Hartford No 03-27-2023 04-12-2023
3W0862-5 Minor The Sharon Academy; The Sharon Academy; 6704 VT-14, Sharon, Vermont This project involves construction of an addition to the school's gymnasium that will serve as changing rooms for student athletes, accessible from both the gym and the soccer playing field and providing restrooms for people attending an outdoor school event. The project also includes the construction of the foundation for a storage barn. This project is an amendment to a larger addition to the school previously permitted. The changing rooms and the storage barn foundation will be constructed at the same time as that original project. Wastewater permit WW-3-0622-1R was received for the changes to the exterior sewer plumbing associated with the changing rooms. There is no increase in use or design flow associated with this application. The construction of the barn envelope will be a hands-on learning experience for the Sharon Academy's students, guided by professional builders contributing their time, over a period of 2-3 years. Pending (Comment Period) Sharon No 03-20-2023 04-04-2023
2W0052-57 Minor Alan Stein; Alan Stein; Valerie Moore; 47 Woodsman Road Connection of a proposed 3 bedroom single family residential home to Rayl Construction Co., Inc. private sewer line which is connected to No. Branch Fire District No.1. Pending (Comment Period) Dover No 03-27-2023 04-19-2023
1R0501-24 Minor Moon Dance, LLC.; Moon Dance, LLC.; 0 Falls Brook Road A 25-lot subdivision of a 256.9-acre parcel and its related common infrastructure and utilities, which is to include 24 residential lots (21 single-family residences and three duplexes, for 27 total units) and one “retained lot”, as follows: 20 lots with a 4-bedroom single family residence, each with 7-person maximum occupancy (Lots 1-4, 7, 10-11, 14-24, 26, “Barn Lot”); three lots with 4-bedroom residential duplexes, each with 7-person maximum occupancy (Lots 5/6, 8/9, 12/13); one lot with a 5-bedroom single family residence, and 8-person maximum occupancy (Lot 25); one lot of retained/undeveloped land. One residential lot includes a private equestrian barn (“Barn Lot”) to be constructed and operated by the future homeowners association. There is no construction of improvements proposed for the 210-acre “retained lot”. Pending (Comment Period) Killington No 03-20-2023 04-07-2023
1R0540-4 Minor 275 North Main, LLC; 275 North Main, LLC; 275 North Main St. Change in use and associated renovations of a multi-use building that was previously permitted as an automobile showroom and service facility. This permit specifically authorizes the conversion of the building into a commercial kitchen and food distribution center and the after-the-fact conversion of the building into a membership exercise gym. Pending (Comment Period) Rutland City No 03-20-2023 04-07-2023
1R0560-4 Minor Denise Taylor; Denise Taylor; Michael Taylor; 204 Highview Ridge Road Subdivision of Lot 3B, created in 1R0560-2 series, into two lots for the construction of an additional single family residence. Permit Danby Yes 03-27-2023 03-20-2023
4C0471-1F,4C0155-4 Minor Cynosure, Inc.; Cynosure, Inc.; 480 Roosevelt Highway / 480 Hercules Dr Placement and stabilization of +/-10,900 cy of fill material on two adjoining parcels owned by Cynosure, Inc. located at 480 Roosevelt Hwy (Hayward Tyler) and 480 Hercules Dr (Fab-Tec). The area to be disturbed equals 0.90 acres. Future use of filled area to be determined. Material source will be nearby construction projects (e.g. the Exit 16 Diverging Diamond Interchange). Pending (Comment Period) Colchester No 03-20-2023 04-03-2023
4C0608-6I Minor Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; Peter Edelmann Essex Resort Holdings LLC; 70 Essex Way This permit specifically authorizes the construction of a new event center with associated access drives and parking at the Essex Resort. The project includes after-the-fact approval of a boundary line adjustment (dissolved line) between parcel D-1 of the Essex Resort and a 0.64 acre parcel at the corner of Essex Way and Freeman Woods. The 0.64 acre parcel was absorbed by parcel D-1 for stormwater and utilities access and conveyance purposes. The project is located at 70 Essex Way in Essex, Vermont. Permit Essex, Town of Yes 03-20-2023 02-14-2023
4C0637-2B Minor The University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; University of Vermont & State Agricultural College; 655 Spear Street The demolition and removal of the BioResearch Laboratory building, including the demolition, removal, and disposal of the existing building, foundation/footings, and the abandonment/removal of the existing utilities supplying the building. Fill will be added as necessary and finished with 4" of topsoil and hydro-seeded. The project site to be disturbed during construction is 41,700+/- square feet. The project is located at 655 Spear Street in Burlington, VT. Pending (Comment Period) Burlington No 03-20-2023 04-07-2023
4C0692-11A Minor Brigit Robinson; Lawrence Robinson; Brigit Robinson; Kiona Heath; Lawrence Robinson; Lincoln Heath; 295 Meadowside Drive This permit specifically authorizes: 1) after the fact approval of a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit at 295 Meadowside Drive; and 2) a boundary line adjustment between 231 and 295 Meadowside Drive to satisfy a boundary setback violation. The total land exchanged is approximately 0.0082 acres and results in no total change in acreage of the lots at either address. The project is located at 231 and 295 Meadowside Drive in Charlotte, Vermont. Permit Charlotte Yes 03-20-2023 02-10-2023
4C0238-4G Minor Tesla, Inc.; Southland Enterprises, Inc.; 218 Hannaford Dr Conversion and Adaptive Reuse of existing and vacant Hannaford's Supermarket building to Tesla automobile sales, service and distribution center. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington No 04-03-2023 04-18-2023
5W1612 Minor Copley Health Systems Inc.; Waterbury Ambulance Service Inc.; Charles Sayah; 0 Waterbury-Stowe Rd. To subdivide the existing 53+/- acre Sayah parcel on the West side of Route 100 to create Lot 1 of 5.1+/- acres for a new Waterbury Ambulance Service facility & Lot 2 of 18.9+/- acres for a Copley medical office facility. Remaining lands of 33+/- acres will be retained by Sayah and not involved in the proposed development. Please note Sayah also owns a 16+/- acre parcel East of Route 100 as part of the project tract (total tract = 73+/- acres). Waterbury Ambulance and Copley Health are co-applicants. A shared access drive via new curb cut off Waterbury-Stowe Rd is proposed for both lots. A wetland crossing permit is required for disturbance to the 50' buffer. No wetland impact results. Each lot is proposed with building/parking/septic and water on-site. A stormwater management system is proposed for impervious surface run-off. A construction general permit is for coverage of the required earth disturbance during construction. Please see cover letter and exhibits for further details. Permit Waterbury Yes 03-27-2023 10-10-2022
6F0393-1 Minor Douglas Snider; 1369 Sand Hill Road The project is generally described the ”as-built” expansion of the previously approved 26 campsite, seasonal campground (May 1 through Labor Day weekend). The expanded campground now includes 90 RV sites, 2 comfort stations, an office, a pavilion, and supporting infrastructure. (The previously existing 9 tent sites have been removed.) RV campsites 61, 66-74, 77-80, 82-87, including accessory structures, fire rings, etc., will be relocated to outside the 50’ riparian buffer. Full restoration of the disturbed riparian buffer is required within one year of the issuance of the permit. Also, RV campsites 6-9 may remain in their existing locations south of the stone wall, contingent upon the installation of approved plantings for screening. Finally, the project includes the subdivision of Lot 1, a 1.45 acres lot with an existing year-round single-family trailer. Lot 2, the balance of the tract, is comprised of 64.8 acres and includes the existing campground. Pending (Comment Period) Enosburgh No 03-27-2023 04-12-2023
7C0024-7-2 Minor Stephen B. Meyer; Stephen B & Taylor L Myer; 190 Junction Road This project consists of a proposed commercial building expansion of 80' x 130' with an area of approximately 10,400 square feet, including a new sewer and water services to connect to municipal sewer and water lines respectively. Also proposed is additional parking and a stormwater treatment practice. Pending (Comment Period) Hardwick No 03-27-2023 04-11-2023
7C0547-4 Minor James Stinson; 1647 Route 2 W Clear trees and cut and fill In area South and West of workshop to create more open space for storage of landscape supplies. Withdrawn Danville Yes 03-27-2023 03-02-2021
7R1405 Minor Michael Cole Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc ; XXXX XXXX; Morgan-Charleston Road VEC (Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.) is proposing aa electric power line extension that will be in the Towns of Morgan and Charleston. The construction will occur within the rights-of-way of Morgan-Charleston Road and Wayeeses Drive. The line extension will consist of a combination of both overhead lines and underground lines. Pending (Comment Period) Morgan No 03-20-2023 04-06-2023
8B0021-1A Minor OAK HILL CHILDREN'S CENTER; 72 Schoolhouse Road incorporation of a Water Supply and Wastewater permit allowing an increase in demand from a total of 40 students and faculty to 67 students and faculty Dismissed Pownal Yes 03-27-2023 07-01-2019
8B0416-14 Minor Bromley Mountain Ski Resort; Green Mountain Club; State of Vermont - Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation; State of Vermont - Vermont Agency of Natural Resources; N/A The Green Mountain Club (GMC), in partnership with The State of Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) and Bromley Mountain Ski Resort (BMSR) propose to construct a new observation tower and ski patrol sled shed on the summit of Bromley Mountain on the State's Hapgood State Forest. The proposed project creates two new structures. The first structure is a new observation tower for Long Trail/Appalachian Trail visitors and will replace the historic observation tower that was removed in 2012 owing to safety concerns due to age. The new observation tower will measure (16'x16'x40') and be located on the site of the current sled shed which is in need of replacement. The new sled shed will measure (16'x16' with a 4'x16' access deck on the front) and will replace the existing sled shed that is in need of replacement owing to age. The new sled shed would be located on the site of the former observation tower. There will be no new roads or lots created from this project. Permit Peru Yes 03-27-2023 03-21-2023
900026-1 Minor Kelly Donnell; 170 Sugarbush Road Lot 10 One single-story residence, approx 2000 sq ft Permit West Windsor Yes 04-03-2023 02-16-2022
9A0262-6 Minor Steve and Marcia Dupoise; Steve and Marcia Dupoise; 229 ETHAN ALLEN HIGHWAY construction of two new storage structures and associated site improvements at an existing self-storage facility. The project includes: (1) construction of one 151’ by 36’ building; (2) construction of one 171’ by 30’ building; and (3) site improvements including grading, drainage, landscaping, and stormwater treatment. Permit New Haven Yes 04-03-2023 11-16-2022
4C1304-1 Minor Bradley Gardner; Charlotte Gardner; Bradley Gardner; Charlotte Gardner; 169 Macrae Road Authorization for change in use within a previously permitted building to one (1) office space with four (4) employees on the first floor, one (1) 3-bedroom apartment on the second floor, and two (2) business suites each with four (4) employees above the 3-bay garage. A new 13' 3" x 18' meeting room addition will be constructed on the ground floor of the north end of the 3-bay garage Permit Colchester Yes 04-03-2023 03-20-2023
4C1349 Minor Gary J. Bourne; 764 Shelburne Road LLC c/o Gary Bourne; Gary J. Bourne; Corner of Swift Street and Shelburne Road This permit specifically authorizes the demolition and removal of pre-existing structures, all surfacing, all above ground and below ground utilities, located on 764 and 760 Shelburne Rd. The structures approved for removal include the former Pizza Hut, the Shell gas station fuel pump canopy, the Shell gas station convenience store, and a shed. Pending (Comment Period) South Burlington No 04-03-2023 04-18-2023
4C1122-2 Minor City of South Burlington; City of South Burlington; City-owned parcel is located along Kennedy Drive and West Twin Oaks Terrace. Street right-of-ways include Kennedy Drive and West Twin Oaks Terrace. This permit specifically authorizes retrofitting existing stormwater Pond 2 into a gravel wetland stormwater treatment facility. The project is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Kennedy Drive and West Twin Oaks Terrace in South Burlington, Vermont. Permit South Burlington Yes 03-27-2023 11-04-2022
5L1067-6 Minor JDVT, LLC.; JDVT, LLC; 1652 Mountain Road To construct a new mixed use building on the existing site at 1652 Mountain Road in Stowe. 20 new residential units are proposed with 2 ground level retail units. The site has ample existing parking that will be slightly reconfigured and the site has multiple existing access points for circulation. The project will utilize municipal water/sewer and an on-site stormwater treatment area is proposed. Pending (Comment Period) Stowe No 03-27-2023 04-11-2023