Rainbow Trout Strain Evaluation

Thank you for assisting with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s rainbow trout strain evaluation. Use this form to submit information about rainbow trout that you catch in waterbodies where we are stocking a new strain. These fish will have a fin clip on either the right or left ventral fin and your submission here helps us understand when and where these fish are being caught after stocking.

After completing the information on this page about yourself and the fish you caught, please submit photos of your fish on the second page. These photos are a critical part of our evaluation and help us verify the fin clip on the fish. The ventral fins are located here and you will need photos that clearly show the entire fish as well as the fin clip like these .

If you catch more than one rainbow trout, please report each fish individually, even if it was caught on the same day.

Please enter the following information below to submit your catch information.
Have any questions? Please visit our website for more information at VT Fish&Wildlife's Rainbow Trout Strain Evaluation information page or feel free to contact VFWD Fisheries Biologist Lee Simard at lee.simard@vermont.gov or (802) 622-4017.
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After selecting a waterbody in the question above, please click on the map below to provide the general location where the fish was caught. If you do not wish to share, please leave the pin at the default location for the waterbody you were fishing. *
Fin Clip*  The ventral fins are located along the underside of the fish about half way along its body. Either the left or right (when viewed from above and the fish facing forward) ventral fin will be clipped for this evaluation. What is a ventral fin?
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