Bear Incident / Encounter Public Reporting Form

Coexisting with Vermont’s thriving black bear population means taking steps to help keep bears from becoming comfortable around people. To do this, Vermont Fish & Wildlife needs your help gathering information about how bears and people are interacting—especially when those interactions are unsafe for bears and people.

This form lets you report incidents when you encounter a bear somewhere that puts the bear—or people—at risk. This information will help us:

  • Understand where people are experiencing conflicts with bears.
  • Understand what types of human foods are attracting bears into backyards and communities.
  • Share relevant information to help resolve existing conflicts and prevent future conflicts.

We all play a role in improving coexistence between people and bears. We are happy to share information about human-bear incidents in your community. Please contact us to request the information you need to help your community take steps to be good neighbors with Vermont's bears.

Helpful definitions when filling out a bear encounter report:

  • Bear incidents are interactions with a bear that take place somewhere with a high risk of conflict between the bear and people. This includes watching a bear raid your garbage can, capturing a picture of a bear walking through your yard at night on a remote camera, or noticing a bear hanging around a shelter on the Long Trail.
  • Human-caused foods are any human-made items put out by people that a bear may try to eat – they do not necessarily need to be items people would eat. Common examples are birdseed, garbage, compost, animal feed, a backyard grill, beehives, and cultivated fruit trees/shrubs.
  • Attractant is anything that draws a bear into an area. This could include natural foods such as berries or nuts, human-caused foods, or even non-edible things that give off smells that are enticing to curious bears.
  • Human-bear conflict is an encounter that creates a real or perceived threat to property, human safety and/or the safety of the bear.

If you need immediate assistance dealing with an unsafe bear situation, please contact your local game warden.

Have any questions? Please visit our website for more information at VT Fish&Wildlife's Citizen Reporting information page or feel free to contact VFWD Wildlife at or (802) 828-1000.
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