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Well Completion Report Searchable Database

Well Completion Report Searchable Database

Vermont licensed well drillers have been required to submit well completion reports (well logs) to the state since 1966. Well tags have been required since 1986.

NOTE: the data contained here is only as accurate as what was submitted - many wells were completed, before reporting was required; many reports have missing information, were recorded inaccurately or poorly located geographically. If a report cannot be found but you know the driller of a particular well, you may want to contact them directly.

Please follow this link for more Well Drilling And Well Information

If you would like search for a well or wells in a specific area the following link will relocate you to the ANR GIS Internet Mapping Program and ANR Natural Resources Atlas.

You can download the WellReport data as a spreadsheet from the Private Wells layer at the Open Data Portal

Well Search

The more information you're able to provide, the better your search results will be. Please enter data in at least one of the first five fields to ensure the best results for your search. You can enter only part of a name or number in any field except Well Report Number, Date Completed and Driller License Number. For example:"Steven"(without the quotes) in the Owner Last Name field would return "Stevenson and "Stevens" as well as "VonStevenburg".

If you need more help, please call 802-585-4893 or

Enter at least one thing in one of these fields if you're able to.

Owner's Last Name:
Well Completed Date:
(in mm/dd/yyy format)
From: To: Example: 1/1/2005 and 1/1/2006 will list the wells from 2005.
Well Report Number:
(numbers only, no letters)
(from metal plate on well)
Driller License Number:
Driller Last Name:
Drilling Company Name:

If you know some or all of the items below, entering information here can help narrow down your search, however, your best chances are to make sure you have something in at least one of the previous five fields. Also, when you enter information into the E911 address field, only enter part of your address. For instance, 111 Dog Pond Road might not turn up your address simply because it doesn't have "Road" but rather "Rd" in the field. Just enter part of an address or a road name (i.e. "Dog Pond").
Purchaser's Last Name:
E911 Address:
Lot Number:

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