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Well Completion Report Searchable Database

Well Completion Report Searchable Database

Vermont licensed well drillers have been required to submit well completion reports (well logs) to the state since 1966. Well tags have been required since 1986.

NOTE: the data contained here is only as accurate as what was submitted - many wells were completed before reporting was required; many reports have missing information, were recorded inaccurately or poorly located geographically, and some reports were never submitted to the State. If a report cannot be found, but you know the driller of a particular well, you may want to contact them directly.

If you would like to use a map to search for a well or wells in a specific area, the following link will take you to the ANR Natural Resources Atlas. Vermont ANR - Natural Resources Atlas HTML5 Viewer. Here you can search by address or use zoom functions and the data layer 'Private Wells' to find information.

If you are interested in all well completion data within a certain area of Vermont, you can download the Well Report data as a spreadsheet from the 'Private Wells' layer at the Open Data Portal.

Well Search

In general, pick the Town-field (7) and ONE other field. Use the following order, depending on the information you have available:
1) Well tag
2) Well report number
3) E911 address
4) Owner's Name
5) Well Driller's name
6) Date range
7) Town (Alone or together with ONE of the above)

1) If you can find a well tag number on your well (from metal plate on well), use the 'Tag' field. If nothing shows up using the well tag ID, it could be due to lack of accurate data entry into the database, or the report was not submitted to the State. NOTE: older wells were tagged with the same number for multiple communities and you may find a long list of wells. If so, please use the Town to specify the location.
2) The Well Report Number is generated when the well driller uploads the well information to the Well Completion Report Database
3) Some wells don’t have a well tag, either because it was drilled many years ago, or because the well tag has fallen off. Consider looking for it near the well. If your well doesn’t have a well tag, try to use the E911 address. This is the address as listed here:
NOTE; if nothing shows up using the E911 address, it could be because the lot wasn’t developed and the full address wasn’t available when the well was drilled. Instead try to only enter part of your address into the search field. For instance, 111 Dog Pond Road might not show because it doesn't have '111' in it. Or perhaps it doesn’t show because it doesn’t have 'Road' but rather 'Rd' in the field. Just enter part of an address or a road name (i.e. 'Dog Pond').
4) You may know the name of the owner when the well was drilled. NOTE: you can enter only part of a name or number in any field except 'Well Report Number', 'Date Completed' and 'Driller License Number'. For example: Steven, in the Owner Last Name field would return 'Stevenson' and 'Stevens' as well as 'VonStevenburg'.
5) Well driller’s name can be used to narrow the search if you have the information.
6) Date range can be used to further narrow down the search. NOTE; consider including two months date range on either side of when you think the well was drilled to not exclude your well in case the date is off.
7) Finally, use the town field only. Some towns don’t have many reports and you may be able to scroll through the list and find your well information.

If you still don’t have any luck finding the report, you should reach out to the well driller who drilled the well. For a list of licensed well drillers, see Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) Find a Professional.If you don’t know the well driller, another option would be to call any nearby well drillers and ask if they know about the well. You can use Google 'well drillers near me' for closest well driller or review the list provided by OPR. Older wells may have been drilled by a company that no longer exists. If the report is not in the database and the well driller no longerexists, you can contact an active well driller and request a well inspection. The Health Department Private Well program recommends having a private well inspected every 10 years.

If you have questions about closing a well or physically locating a well please reach out to a licensed well driller, Find a Professional.

If you find inaccurate information on your private well, you can help us improve the database by filling out this survey, see Well Improvement Survey (

If you have any general questions about private wells, visit Drinking Water | Vermont Department of Health (

If you have questions regarding well water testing, visit Residential Drinking Water Testing | Vermont Department of Health (

If you have questions regarding well water treatment, visit Residential Drinking Water Treatment | Vermont Department of Health (

If you have questions regarding well water disinfection, visit Disinfecting Your Drinking Water | Vermont Department of Health (

If you have any questions regarding private well water permits or other regulation related to wells, visit Wastewater Systems and Potable Water Supplies | Department of Environmental Conservation ( - at the bottom of the page you can find the regional engineering office serving your community.

If you are a well driller and looking for information, please follow this link for more Well Drilling And Well Information

Owner's Last Name:
Well Completed Date:
(in mm/dd/yyy format)
From: To: Example: 1/1/2005 and 1/1/2006 will list the wells from 2005.
Well Report Number:
(numbers only, no letters)
(from metal plate on well)
Driller License Number:
Driller Last Name:
Drilling Company Name:

If you know some or all of the items below, entering information here can help narrow down your search, however, your best chances are to make sure you have something in at least one of the previous five fields. Also, when you enter information into the E911 address field, only enter part of your address. For instance, 111 Dog Pond Road might not turn up your address simply because it doesn't have "Road" but rather "Rd" in the field. Just enter part of an address or a road name (i.e. "Dog Pond").
Purchaser's Last Name:
E911 Address:
Lot Number:

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