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Wastewater Regional Office Permit Search

Use the form below to search the Wastewater Regional Office Project Database for documents and/or plans associated with permits issued by the Regional Offices. Searching instructions are provided below the search form.

Permit Search Terms of Use:

By accessing the plans and documents made available by the Agency of Natural Resources of the State of Vermont, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Use.  Before you access these plans and documents, you must first read the paragraph below and accept these Terms of Use (by clicking the “I Accept/Search” button below).  If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access these plans and documents from this website.

You understand and agree that these plans and documents are not in the public domain, but instead are the property of their respective authors or their assignees.  You agree that you will use these plans and documents only as needed by you for the purpose of understanding the project described in the applicable application, and for no other purpose whatsoever.  You may make a reasonable number of copies of these plans and other documents, but only as needed by you for the purpose of understanding the project described in the applicable application.  The owner of the copyright in these plans and other documents retains all other rights. You agree not to alter, modify or make derivative works of these plans and other documents. You agree not to remove any copyright notice or other similar notices from these plans and other documents.

Project ID
Landowner/Applicant Name

Search Instructions:

A maximum of 2500 records will be shown so it is important to be as specific as possible in your search. If your query produces too many records, try adding additional criteria to focus the search. If you choose to use more than one of the criteria to search the database, it is important to understand that the criteria are additive. For example, if you search using both Town and Landowner/Applicant Name the search will only return projects where the Town AND Landowner/Applicant Name match what you’ve entered.  The Project ID criteria should only be used when you are certain you have the correct Project ID. Additional instructions are provided below

Project ID: If you know the Project ID for the permit you are interested in you can enter it here. Depending on when the property was last transferred, permit numbers may be referenced in a property's deed. Where a project has amendments, the amendments are indicated by a number appended to the base Project ID, for example, the base Project ID might be WW-3-1234 and it could have two amendments numbered WW-3-1234-1 and WW-3-1234-2. Entering the base Project ID, WW-3-1234, will return records associated with the original permit as well as any amendments. If you don't know the Project ID, search the database using the Town and/or Landowner/Applicant Name criteria. The following is a list of the permit types and associated Project ID numbering schemes for documents available in the database:

Limited Amnesty     AM-D#-NNNN
Deferral of Permit     DE-D#-NNNN
Certification of Compliance     D#CNNNN
Subdivision Permit     EC-D#-NNNN
Home Business     HB-D#-NNNN
Homestead Exemption     HE-D#-NNNN
Mobile Home Park Permit     MH-D#-NNNN
Public Building Permit     PB-D#-NNNN
Remediation Certificate     RC-D#-NNNN
Campground Permit     TT-D#-NNNN
Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit     WW-D#-NNNN
D# represents a single numerical character that is the District number
C represents a single letter code for the County
N represents a single number (0 - 9)

Note: Because these permits were issued over a period of thirty years, the numbering schemes shown may vary for early permits.

Town: To search for a Project(s) in a specific town, select the town from the list. To search across all towns, leave Town blank.

Landowner/Applicant Name: Enter either the Landowner or Applicant name. Since you may not know exactly how the name was entered in the database, you can enter a portion of a name in the search box. For example, if you are searching for Projects related to the Mount Mansfield Company, you might want to enter "Mansfield" (without the quotes) so that if the name is in the database as "Mount Mansfield Company" or "Mt. Mansfield Co." the records will still be returned.

Street/Road: Enter the Street/Road. Since you may not know exactly how the street or road was entered in the database, you can enter any portion of the street or road in the search box

Note: If using “Street/Road” or “Landowner/Applicant” be aware that the information in the Wastewater Regional Office Project Database may not be current. Information in the System may reflect information associated with the original applicant at the time of application.

Please follow this link for more information for property owners about the Regional Offices programs.


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