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Wastewater Regional Office Permit Search

Enter information into the boxes below to search the Wastewater Regional Office Project Database for documents and/or plans associated with permits issued by the Regional Offices. If you know the permit number, enter ONLY the permit number and then click ‘Search.’ Otherwise, use one or more of the other pieces of information you have available. If your basic search does not return the permit you are looking for, try using the search hints below.

Permit Number
Landowner/Applicant Name

Search Hints:

It is best to use the landowner who owned the lot at the time a permit was issued and the town to narrow the search. A suggestion is only to use the landowner’s last name and not include a first name or initials.

If the landowner is not known, insert only the town and street/road. Note, "Street/Road" for a lot may not be the street or road in the Wastewater Regional Office Project Database. Also, the data base may not have a street or road for older permits or the street or road was proposed at the time of the permit so the street or road did not have a name when the permit was issued.

It may be possible to use just a portion of a landowner or street name. For example, if you are searching for "Mount Mansfield Company" or "Mansfield Road", identify the town and type in “Mansfield” in the appropriate box so that a larger number of possible permits are displayed.

If a permit is not found, search by the town and either scroll through the list or press CTRL-F to active your browser's on-the-page search tool.

If no information is found, please contact the appropriate Regional Office.

Because these permits were issued over a period of years, the numbering schemes may vary. Permit numbers usually begin with a pair of letters, followed by a set of dashes and numbers. The types of permits are listed below:

Limited Amnesty     AM
Deferral of Permit     DE
Subdivision Permit     EC
Home Business     HB
Mobile Home Park     MH
Public Building     PB
Remediation Certificate     RM
Campground Permit     TT
Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit     WW
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