State of Vermont
E-Cycles Registration
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Vermont DEC
Manufacturer Registration Form (Due July 1st)
Please complete all required information in the fields provided and click [Submit] when done.

We recommend you gather all of the necessary information needed before filling out the form on line. Click here for a
printable worksheet version of this form.

Note that your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation e-mail.

Failure to complete registration by July 1st is punishable by a maximum penalty of $170,000.00 under 10 V.S.A.
§8003(a) and §8010(c)(1). It will also result in VT retailers being prohibited under 10 V.S.A. §7553(a) from selling
your covered electronic devices effective July 1st.

No fees will be assessed during this registration process. Registration fees and implementation fees will be invoiced
annually and quarterly, respectively, based on manufacturer's market share by weight. Manufacturers who have received
approval for an opt-out plan will only be assessed a registration fee. Manufacturers that sell less than 20
covered electronic devices in Vermont in a program year (October 1 to September 30) are exempt from this law and will not be assessed any fees.

If you have questions completing this form, please refer to the website or contact the VT E-Cycles Program:

Kimberli Lutchko - Environmental Technician - (802) 522-5771

If you have already started the registration process for this program year or you have your Manufacturer and Registration
codes and you would like to log in and continue the process, click here.

If you did not register as an E-Waste company with the state of Vermont last year and would like to start a new
registration, click here.