Underground Storage Tanks/Bulk Facility ASTs


The Information contained in this database is a partial list of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) bulk storage facilities in Vermont. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will be working on frequent updates to this database as we move toward our goal of having a complete list of all facilities. Also, some facilities found in the AST database section, do not reflect the actual number of their current aboveground storage tanks, therefore, the correctness of the information in this database cannot be guaranteed.

The DEC is charged with the collection and presentation of the data contained herein. The DEC would greatly appreciate if errors/omissions could be pointed out, so that appropriate measures may be taken to correct them. The DEC is updating the inventory of AST. This AST database will provide the needed information to better prepare for and respond in event of a spill or release.
If this is a new Bulk Storage Facility, please fill out the AST Registration Form below.

A Bulk Storage facility is any facility:
(1) That stores heating fuel or motor fuel in an aboveground tank and the principle purpose of the storage is: a. in the case of heating fuel, for distribution to consumer homes, and b. in the case of motor fuel, for distribution to a person for sale to consumers; (2) With a total storage capacity of greater than 1,320 gallons; and
(3) That is stationary and located at a fixed location

Residential Red Tagged ASTs

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To request a tank to be REMOVED from the red-tag list, please email kristin.schultz@vermont.gov. Please include the name of the tank owner, and how the tank was returned to compliance, e.g.: New tank installed on slab 1/1/2017, fill and vent pipes replaced with 1 1/4" pipes.