Clean Water Portal

Clean Water Interactive Dashboard

New in 2021, the Clean Water Interactive Dashboard (CWID) is a data visualization tool, built using Microsoft Power BI, that allows interested parties to filter and customize Vermont’s clean water project data presented in the Vermont Clean Water Initiative 2020 Performance Report. Specifically, individuals can examine statewide data on clean water investments, project outputs, estimated pollutant load reductions, and project cost effectiveness from state fiscal year 2016 to 2020.

Clean Water Project Explorer

The Clean Water Projects Explorer is an interactive application that displays clean water project information, including funding, results, and nutrient reductions from the State of Vermont’s clean water tracking database. Users can search clean water project data from six state agencies and download individual project reports. The Explorer complements the Vermont Clean Water Initiative 2020 Performance Report, containing projects funded or completed from State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016 to 2020. In addition, the Explorer includes potential projects in various stages of development identified through Tactical Basin Planning and listed in the Watershed Projects Database (WPD).

Watershed Project Database Search

The Watershed Projects Database Search is a publicly accessible search interface for the Watershed Project Database (WPD), which includes Clean Water Initiative Program funded projects, as well as potential projects in various stages of development identified though Tactical Basin Planning.

Water Quality Project Screening Tool

Enter a discrete project location to determine a project’s basin and sub-basin, as well as the regulatory and non-regulatory program contacts required to determine project funding eligibility from a prioritization and permitting feasibility standpoint.

Funding Opportunities Tool

The Funding Opportunities Tool provides information on anticipated clean water funding opportunities, across State of Vermont agencies, in the upcoming year. Program and funding information will be updated on an annual basis and as funding information changes, contingent upon agencies’ ability to report changes. Please reach out to the project contact for the most current information.

Stormwater Treatment Practice (STP) Calculator

The Stormwater Treatment Practice (STP) Calculator estimates the total phosphorus load reduction from a stormwater treatment practice based on practice parameters (e.g., storage volume).