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Jim Hurt
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Edited Post - Dear Climate Council, VT's GWS Act is all about reducing CO2 emission but deliberately avoids active removal of CO2 from air, perhaps because it is considered too costly and for other misgivings cited below. Ideally though, CO2 reduction should come hand in hand with active removal of CO2 from air simultaneously and profitably. Reports from the IPCC and COP26 suggest that reduction without removal is like digging a hole in the sky and filling it again. The missing ingredient that Gov. Scott and local utilities can bring to the table is a profitable plan for CO2 removal. Central plants can now be transformed in two stages into negative emission, power & storage stations that reuse CO2 for supplemental fuel and make other synfuels and products, i.e. plastic, concrete, graphene and carbon fiber. Besides, central storage is vital to back up rapid growth of intermittent distributed renewables and electric cars. ( Full corrected docs attached below.)
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