Moose Lottery Bonus Point Lookup

Enter your name (first name and last name) as it appears on your past Moose Permit Application.

Note: For the Moose Draw in 2020, if you submit/submitted a 2020 application for the regular and/or archery season, and you applied in 2017, you will accumulate a 2017 bonus point for the lottery type(s) for which you apply.

ELIGIBILITY: All Winners are required to remain out of the moose lottery, auction and cannot buy a bonus point for a mandatory 5-year waiting period. Please see the chart below.

Got a Permit via Lottery or Auction
Eligible to Apply for a Permit & Eligible to be a Subpermittee
2022 (5 years)
2023 (5 years)
Veteran and Auction winners eligible in 2024 (5 years)
No lotteries or auction

For further information, please contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Licensing office at 802-828-1190 or email Cheri Waters.