Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Locator

Wildlife  Restoration Logo First established in 1919, Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) help conserve fish, wildlife and their habitat, while providing people with opportunities for fish and wildlife-based recreation.
The WMA Locator is a web-based mapping tool that allows you to move around the WMA map, zoom in and out, and interact with the map in many useful ways. Web-based WMA maps contain many different types of information added as layers to the base map.


  • Choose a WMA from the drop down list and click view map
  • Once the map displays you can create a pdf and print it or modify the map
There are many values to select from in the WMA Locator. If you happen to select a value but there is not associated map data with it, you may report it using this link. Please be sure to indicate which WMA selected in the list does not have corresponding map data.
WMA Maps provided above are intended as a general guide to the location and configuration of the wildlife management areas. They are not based upon certified parcel survey maps and should not be used for any legal purposes, including boundary locations, road classification, or deed research. No warranty by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department as to the accuracy of the maps is expressed or implied.