License Price List, Information, and other Requirements

Unless otherwise noted, all licenses may be purchased as follows:
License TypeResidentNon-Resident
No Fishing License is needed under age 15XX
5 Year Fishing$124.00$254.00
Youth Fishing (ages 15-17)$8.00$15.00
1 Day Fishing *N/A$21.00
3 Day Fishing *$11.00$23.00
7 Day Fishing *N/A$31.00
5 Year Hunting$124.00$494.00
Youth Hunting (under age 18)$8.00$25.00
Combination (Fishing and Hunting)$42.00$138.00
5 Year Combination (Fishing and Hunting)$204.00$684.00
Youth Combination (Fishing and Hunting) (under age 18)$12.00$30.00
5 Year Trapping$109.00$1519.00
Youth Trapping (under age 18)$10.00$300.00
Archery Deer ** (hunting license required)$23.00$38.00
Archery Deer Only ** (hunting license NOT required)N/A$75.00
Turkey (hunting license required)$23.00$38.00
Muzzleloader Deer (hunting license required)$23.00$40.00
Early Season Bear (Sept. 1 – day before opening day of deer rifle season)$5.00$15.00
Small Game ***N/A$50.00
Vermont Waterfowl Stamp ****$7.50$7.50
Permanent Licenses (66 or older)$60.00N/A
Mentored Hunting License$10.00$10.00

* Term Licenses: All dates are inclusive and consecutive.
** Crossbow Permit: Any person 50 years or older may use a crossbow without a crossbow permit during any season when the use of bow and arrow is permitted. Crossbow disability permits are required for those 49 years and younger. A person who is impaired to the degree that he or she cannot operate a standard bow may obtain a permit to take game with a crossbow. Crossbow Permit Application
*** Small Game Licenses: Entitles the holder to take small game, furbearers and other wild animals (except big game) by any lawful means other than a trap.
**** Both Federal and State Waterfowl Stamps are needed for waterfowl hunting by anyone 16 or older.

If applying for a hunting license, a copy of a current or previous hunting license from any state or province or a hunter education certificate is required.

A person who has a permanent severe physical disability that prohibits them from navigating through the woods on foot safely can apply for an Off Road Permit. Off Road Permit Application