Vermont Fish & Wildlife Fishing Regulations
Connecticut River
Section DescriptionTownCountyAquatic Nuisance
(including tributaries, bays and setbacks to 1st highway bridge) (B-CT) Bloomfield, Bradford, Brattleboro, Brunswick, Canaan, Concord, Dummerston, Fairlee, Guildhall, Hartford, Hartland, Lemington, Lunenburg, Maidstone, Newbury, Norwich, Peacham, Putney, Rockingham, Ryegate, Springfield, Thetford, Vernon, Waterford, Weathersfield, Westminster, Windsor Essex, Orange, Windham, Essex, Essex, Essex, Windham, Orange, Essex, Windsor, Windsor, Essex, Essex, Essex, Orange, Windsor, Caledonia, Windham, Windham, Caledonia, Windsor, Orange, Windham, Caledonia, Windsor, Windham, Windsor EW
Special Regulations Supersede the General and Ice Fishing Regulations Below - You must comply with the Special regulations for each waterbody
Special Regulations
For that portion of the river between New Hampshire and Vermont, "Connecticut River" means all waters of the river including the bays, set backs and tributaries, only to the first highway bridge crossing said tributaries on the Vermont and New Hampshire sides.
Licenses: All New Hampshire resident and Vermont resident fishing licenses are valid for the taking of fish from the Connecticut River as defined above. All other nonresidents with a N.H. nonresident fishing license shall only take fish east of the Vermont low water mark while on the Connecticut River.
Season: Open to fishing all year, except no fishing Oct. 16–Dec. 31 from the confluence of the Upper Ammonoosuc River and the Connecticut River in Northumberland, N.H., to the northern boundary of the town of Canaan, VT.
Devices: No more than 6 ice fishing devices shall be used to take fish while ice fishing. When fishing in open water, no more than 2 lines may be used.
Special Exceptions: From a point 1,600 feet upstream from the bridge in North Stratford upstream to a point 250 feet below the Lyman Falls Dam in North Stratford, and marked by a sign, the following restrictions shall apply: Fishing shall be permitted by artificial lures and flies only. All lures and flies shall have barbless hooks or shall have all barbs pinched so they will not interfere with removal of the hook from the fish. All fish are to be immediately released unharmed.
Fishways Closed: Vernon Dam in Vernon, Vermont, and Hinsdale, New Hampshire, shall be closed to all fishing to a point 150 feet below the dam. Wilder Dam in Wilder, Vermont, and Lebanon, New Hampshire, shall be closed to all fishing to a point 150 feet below the dam.
General Regulations - Connecticut River
SpeciesSeasonLengthDaily LimitLegal Method
American Shad  0Catch & Release only
Atlantic SalmonNo open season for Atlantic salmon until declared by the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission.NANANA
Brook Trout and Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout See "Season" above.NAThrough open water the daily limit is 5 fish or 5 pounds (whichever limit is first reached), except the daily limit is 1 fish from the Samuel Moore Dam downstream to the Rte. 18 bridge. Through the ice the daily limit is 2 fish, except the daily limit is 1 fish from the Samuel Moore Dam downstream to the Rte. 18 bridge.NA
Black Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass) January 1 to March 31Only one bass may be greater than 16 inches. 2NA
Black Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass)April 1 to May 14 and June 16 to June 30NA2NA
Black Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass)Between May 15 and June 15 all black bass shall be immediately released unharmed, at the site of catch, to the waters from which taken. NANACatch and Release
Black Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass) July 1 through December 31NA5NA
Black Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass) May 15 and ending June 15NANAArtificial lures and flies
Carp, Suckers (Longnose and White), Cull FishSee "Season" above.NANAMay be taken by any legal method and by bow and arrow with cord attached, in that part of the river beginning at the point on the northern boundary of Grafton County in New Hampshire which is directly opposite the town of Concord, Vermont, south to the Massachusetts border.
Horned PoutSee "Season" above.NA25NA
Northern PikeSee "Season" above.Minimum total length 28 inches.1NA
PickerelSee "Season" above.NA10NA
Walleye (Pike Perch)See "Season" above.No person shall take walleye 16 to 18 inchesThe daily limit is 4 fish, of which only 1 can be larger than 18 inches.NA
Other Species of FishSee "Season" above.NAThe daily limit for black crappie, white perch, yellow perch and sunfish is 25 fish for each species. The daily aggregate possession limit is 50 fish for all listed species, including horned pout.NA
River Herring (alewife and blueback herring)Closed to Taking 0NA


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