Fish Stocking Plan

Every year the department’s fish hatcheries work hard to increase your chances of angling success in Vermont.
Whether you’re looking to catch a beautiful “Trophy Trout” on the Winooski River or cast for brookies in a stocked stream near you, this year’s stocking plan will not let you down.

Regular stocking updates will begin the first week of May and will continue until all stocking is complete.
All stockings dates will be entered within 48 hours after completion.

Vermont is evaluating a new genetic strain of rainbow trout and we need your help! Learn where this new strain is being stocked and how you can report your catch.

Proposed Stocking Plan for 2024

Trophy Trout Stream Stocking

Trophy Trout Lakes and Pond Stocking

Yearlings/Smolt Stocking

SpeciesInland WatersLake Champlain
Brook Trout  
Brown Trout  
Lake Trout  
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon  
Rainbow Trout  
Steelhead Trout  

For further information, please email Dave Yasharian or 802-467-3660.