Vermont Watershed Management in DEC at ANR

Newly Reported Overflow
Facility Name:
Facility Number:
Submission Number: HP1-YQ71-VRKEA
Current Status: Deemed Complete
SubVersionID: 8afb8ba7-976e-4733-893d-dc6bcba20c94
Location: Burlington Main Plant
Caller Name And Title: Matthew Dow, Wastewaster Facilities Manager
Incident Start Date: 8/11/2020
Incident End Date: 8/11/2020
Contact Name And Title For Public: Megan Moir, Div. Head Water Resources
Public Contact Phone Number: 802.863.4501
Incident Start Time: 08:06 pm
Incident End Time: 08:19 pm
Estimated Volume: 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 gallons
Nature Of Incident: Discharged treated and partially disinfected effluent
Cause Of Discharge: Chem Feed Problem
Type Of Obstruction:
Point Of Discharge: WWTF outfall
Corrective Action Taken: Operators on site attended to the issues and restarted the disinfection system. Furthermore, the city of Burlington residence have approved an upgrade to the disinfection system. This upgrade is under contract and will be started in the coming months.
Waterbody Impacted: Lake Champlain
Description Of Incident: Last night, 8.11.2020, during a massive thunderstorm Burlington Main plant switched over to emergency power during a power outage. During that time the CSO sodium hypochlorite disinfection pumps did not cycle on due to a fault caused by the electrical disruption. Two staff members were on site and immediately went to fix the problem. Within 13 minutes the pumps were activated and full disinfection commenced. We will continue to investigate why these pumps did not actuate correctly. The dry weather process was not affected by this failure.