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Facility Name: Newport City    
Caller Name And Title: Jason Herman Chief Operator    
Municipality: City of Newport    
Location (street or site): WWTF    
Incident Start Date: 05/22/2024    
Incident End Date: 05/22/2024    
Incident Start End Times: 09:00 am to 09:30 am    
Estimated Duration Of Event:    
Nature Of Incident: Other    
Estimated Volume (gallons): 10000    
Cause Of Discharge: Other    
Type Of Obstruction:    
Point Of Discharge: Other    
Corrective Action Taken: Valves were closed, and our pump truck was used to clean up as much sludge as possible, from the surrounding ground and drainage ditch.    
Waterbody Impacted: Clyde river    
Contact Name And Title For Public: Jason Herman Chief Operator    
Call Date:    
WW Staff Called:    
Type Of Notification: nForms    
Public Overflow Report For Web: Y    
Description Of Incident: A valve was left open while transferring sludge from our storage tank to our sludge press tank. The tank overflowed to a catch basin, which drains into a ditch that then flows to the Clyde river    
nForm Submission Number: HQ3-TDY5-QY4NT