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Facility Name: Rutland    
Caller Name And Title: Rod Munroe / Lab Director    
Municipality: City of Rutland    
Location (street or site): CSO #4 - Meadow Street - Through Third Base Combined Structure    
Incident Start Date: 01/01/2019    
Incident End Date: 01/01/2019    
Incident Start End Times: 01:08 am to 01:43 am    
Estimated Duration Of Event:    
Nature Of Incident: Authorized Wet Weather CSO Overflow    
Estimated Volume (gallons): 12,818 gallons    
Cause Of Discharge: High Flows    
Type Of Obstruction: None    
Point Of Discharge: Combined sewer overflow structure    
Corrective Action Taken: None    
Waterbody Impacted: East Creek    
Contact Name And Title For Public: Jeff Wennberg, Commissioner of Public Works    
Call Date:    
WW Staff Called:    
Type Of Notification: nForms    
Public Overflow Report For Web: Y    
Description Of Incident: High flows caused by a high rain fall rate of 0.23 inches per hour during a short duration of time, and a total of 0.48 inches of rain during a 12 hour period on 1/1/2019 resulted in the discharge of a combination of sewage and storm water from CSO #4 - Meadow Street through the Third Base structure. This is an authorized discharge intended to protect the sewer system, to prevent overflows from other parts of the sewer system, and to prevent backups into homes and other buildings. In addition, during this event, 55,886 gallons of urban storm water were treated through the wastewater treatment facility before returning it to the environment.    
nForm Submission Number: HNK-G0E6-B547J