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Facility Name: Rutland    
Caller Name And Title: Bob Protivansky, Chief Operator    
Municipality: Rutland    
Location (street or site): West Street siphon    
Incident Start Date: 08/07/2015    
Incident End Date: 08/07/2015    
Incident Start End Times: 8 AM - 1 pm    
Estimated Duration Of Event:    
Nature Of Incident: Discharged untreated sewage    
Estimated Volume (gallons): >1,000 to 10,000 gallons    
Cause Of Discharge: Crack/Hole in Pipe    
Type Of Obstruction:    
Point Of Discharge: Crack/Hole in Pipe    
Corrective Action Taken: A Vactor truck is pumping out the sewage. An emergency pump station is being set up to pump the flows around the broken siphon.    
Waterbody Impacted: East Creek    
Contact Name And Title For Public: Jeff Wennberg, Commissioner - Dept.of Public Works    
Call Date: 08/07/2015    
WW Staff Called: David DiDomenico    
Type Of Notification: Phone    
Public Overflow Report For Web: Y    
Description Of Incident: When one of the two siphon pipes under the river was found to be broken on August 6, the flow was directed from the broken siphon pipe to the second siphon pipe. The second siphon pipe was subsequently found to be broken at 8 AM on August 7.    
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