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Unpermitted Discharges - Public Report

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Unpermitted Discharge Incidents are discharges of wastewater, industrial process water, dumping or spills into waters of the State either directly or through Stormwater-only drainage systems or other conveyance. These discharges have been identified and found that they may pose a threat to human health or the environment. This report is auto-filled to show all current incidents that are under review or are working towards a resolution as well as discharges that ended in the previous 30 days. To see additional (earlier) data, simply adjust the begin date.

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Date/Time Of IncidentTownReceiving WaterLocation DescriptionReporting EntityCauseReleased MaterialsDescription And UpdatesLast UpdatedID
 Montpelier 130 Main St./N.Branch of WinooskiPrivate CitizenUnknownUnknown/unspecified PetroleumReporter indicates that sheening is visible on N.Branch of Winooski River behind church. Sheens/Product in surface water4/30/2024 12:55:06 PMWMD0752024
2023/12/14 11:00PMGuilfordFall River 74 Wolosko DrivePrivate CitizenDumpingDieselResident reported strong diesel odors outside beginning at 11pm on 12/14. When it was light out there were visible colored sheens on the Roaring Brook and persistent odors. There is a drinking water well onsite. No sources of diesel onsite. Next to Interstate 91. Sheens/Product in surface water2/20/2024 10:11:04 AMWMD8212023
2023/11/02 3:00PMPutneySackett BrookWater St.BusinessEquip/System Failure#2 Fuel Oil30K gallon AST. Company Tradebe Environmental Services from MA cleaned, inspected and gave go ahead to fill. Fuel was delivered by Tradebe and then started to leak out of the tank and into the secondary concrete vault. The amount of delivery was 15K gallons. The vault containment has cracks in it where fuel was released into the environment Tank started leaking after filling. 2/27/2024 10:30:12 AMWMD7482023
2023/09/27 3:30PMTroyMissisquoiNorth TroyPrivate CitizenUnknownDiesel Caller from adjacent property reports suspect has been knocking gravel into the Missisquoi River and flood caused bank to collapse. Suspects a piece of equipment is submerged in the river. A rainbow sheen was reported. Caller reports Divers have been reportedly contracted. Sheening intermittent and can be observed from caller’s property. Photo and video evidence can be provided. Sheens/Product in surface water11/1/2023 11:49:04 AMWMD7062023
 MontpelierNorth Branch Winooski River & Winooski RiverUnder RR Bridge near 58 State StMunicipalitySpillUnknown/unspecified PetroleumInitial call from concerned citizen of sheen behind Diary Creme at 320 State St. Spill Manager tracked back ~2miles upstream to North Branch of the Winooski River between the pedestrian and RR bridges. Montpelier FD also received a call about it tracked back to the same area. Sheen emanating from embankment12/27/2023 11:02:54 AMWMD6332023
 DorsetWetlands25 Marsh LaneBusinessSpillMODF (mineral oil dielectric fluid)Release occurred due to tree falling on power line. Impacted wetland and vegetation. Transformer/Capacitor release8/25/2023 7:00:33 AMWMD6222023
 SheldonMissisquoi River121 Heather LaneContractorEquip/System FailureUnknown/unspecified PetroleumHydroelectric facility - 30 to 45 gallon spill of heavy/medium oil -discharged into Missiquoi River (or one of it's tributaries). 2 guys on site - found when they opened this a.m. Unclear where leak occurred. Hydraulic Equipment Failure2/12/2024 11:01:51 AMWMD5952023
 PoultneyYesRoute 140 & Finel Hollow RdStateSpill#2 Fuel Oil, Hydraulic Oil, UnknownFuel release from unknown source. No known RP. FD requested assistance from VHMRT. Unknown amount entered Poultney River. Unknown quantity 200+ gallons was released to roadside. Approximately 200 - 250 feet of ditch containing fuel. Approximately 200 feet of Finel Hollow Road (dirt) impacted by fuel. Fuel release onto roadway and roadside from unknown source1/25/2024 3:38:33 PMWMD4932023
2023/07/03 9:15AMWilmingtonNorth Branch Deerfield River/Harriman Reservoiroff VT RT 9 WestMunicipalitySpillDiesel, Motor OilTT Unit and box trailer accident with vehicle in river and driver injured/taken to hospital. Vehicle fluids released to river. Once TT recovered, it was suggested that diesel saddletanks were intact but olfactory evidence suggests there was a diesel as well as motor oil. TT unit in river/reservoir12/7/2023 10:50:39 AMWMD3102023
 Saint JohnsburySleepers River/Passumpsic448 Main StreetPrivate CitizenUnknownUnknown/unspecified Petroleumperson using path noticed sheens on river called 911. Near parking lot of start of Lamoille Valley Trail back of Old South Main Auto. Bridge? Discovered before 9AM. Potentially some spill was liberated due to previous heavy rain. Sheens/Product in surface water7/5/2022 3:20:34 PMWMD2052022
2022/01/23 8:55PMTownshendMill Brook2042 VT Route 30MunicipalityEquip/System FailureWaste OilMaintenance garage water sprinkler pipes froze and broke. Flooded garage and knocked over about 1/2 full 5 gallon bucket of used oil. Oil spilled and water and oil traveled under garage door and migrated across asphalt to storm drains. Poor Housekeeping8/19/2022 6:14:01 PMWMD0242022
2021/12/11 2:30AMBrandonOtter Creek RiverRte 73 between Brandon and SudburyMunicipalityEquip/System FailureGasoline, Motor OilCar went off road into the river. Could not locate until the next day because if migrated down river. automobile in river1/5/2022 2:12:40 PMWMD5132021
2021/10/31 11:00AMBarre TownStevens Branch Sterling Hill Road/Cherrywood Dr.StateUnknownMilk/WheySignificant amount of foam emanating out of several sewer manhole covers in Barre Town. Through assessment of dozens of sewer covers it was determined that the likely origin of the release is the Vermont Creamery on Pitman road. After speaking with the plant manager and walking through the facility it is unknown where the release occurred and what might be causing the serious foaming. Serious foaming issue in municipal wastewater system11/4/2021 1:07:49 PMWMD4492021
 Londonderrytributary to the West RiverVT Rte 11 and west intersection of Doane LaneMunicipalitySpillDiesel, Motor OilIncident occurred most likely around or before 7AM. Release happened approx. 1500 feet uphill and west of waterbody. Some motor oil some diesel. A good portion of the spill ended up on pavement and localized. Some diesel migrated down hill in stream/rivulet. TT crash. Motor oil and saddle tank leaked. 9/3/2021 11:30:12 AMWMD5622020
2020/12/30 11:31AMShelburneTributary to the Laplatte River768 Mt. Philo Rd. Private CitizenSpill#2 Fuel Oil, KeroseneRed fuel oil discovered from caretaker of the residents of 777 Mt Philo Rd. in rivulet. Traced fuel source across road to a rented property. Fuel migrated across the road through storm drainage. AST settled off blocks and fuel line sheared. Source of contamination AST on Collette's property where tank sank into ground breaking the filter housing off of the tank. Above Ground Tank line (piping), fitting, filter leak4/7/2021 12:13:57 PMWMD5612020
2020/06/10 12:00PMSouth HeroLake Champlain479 West Shore Rd.BusinessSpillGasolineVessel was docked but ended up inundated with water due to damaging winds and significant waves on the lake. Sunken vessel.6/24/2020 10:01:04 AMWMD2392020
2019/09/03BerkshireMissisquoi River2861-2879 Rte 105 E.BerkshireContractorEquipment or System FailureElevated E.coli and ammonia in public storm drain outfall. 9/3/2019 10:53:05 AMWSMD50
2019/08/21Newport CityUnnamed tributary of Lake MemphremagogStormwater outfall near Sias Avenue Outfall # NC_1050ContractorCross ConnectionSewage from Room #131 8/30/2019 2:48:47 PMWSMD49
2019/05/16 12:00AMPlainfieldGreat Brook123 Hudson Ave.Private CitizenUnknownUnknown/unspecified PetroleumReporter stated he has been witnessing a blueish slick or sheen emanating from the ground in a field and seeping into the Great Brook across the street from his house. It has been occurring for 3 days and it's getting worse. petroleum blueish slick5/17/2019 1:58:43 PMWMD2072019
2019/04/27 12:00AMWestmoretributary to Ministers BrookLacross LanePrivate CitizenCross ConnectionManureComplainant indicated that manure was running from manure pit along a man made ditch to an seasonal stream bed that goes into Ministers Brook. Complainant viewed the issue Sunday. Mike Woods the neighbor encountered it on Saturday and notified John Zimmer manure escaping from manure pit/pond 7/5/2019 10:12:36 AMWMD1822019
2019/03/28Hyde ParkGihon RiverLeaking septic on or near intersection of Route 100 and Route 100B in North Hyde ParkStateEquipment or System FailureHigh levels of bacteria and ammonia 3/28/2019 12:29:39 PMWSMD45
2019/03/21 12:00PMSpringfield 458 Craigue Hill RoadStateSpill#2 Fuel OilFuel oil provider performed delivery of 125 gallons of oil morning of 3/21. When homeowner returned later that day they discovered the legs of the basement AST buckled and the filter was knocked off which resulted in over 150 gallons of fuel on released on the basement floor. Basement floor is concrete but in poor condition with significant cracks. No floor drain. Brook is located approximately 50' away from residence. Legs on basement AST buckled resulting in fuel oil release. 11/10/2021 2:10:23 PMWMD1122019
2018/08/28 12:00AMMiltonLamoilleIcehouse RdMunicipalitySpill Liquid magnesium chloride (30% by weight) used for dust suppression and salting roads was being transferred from onsite tanks to a tanker truck for use. The tank on the truck was overfilled causing a release. magnesium chloride release1/10/2019 3:36:00 PMWMD3782018
2018/06/09 12:00PMColchesterLake ChamplainMallets BayStateSpillGasolineVessel caught fire due to engine failure immediately after filling up at the pump island at Mallets bay Marina. Passenger jumped ship and the wind pushed the burning vessel through several occupied moorings. One other boat that was hooked up to mooring caught fire as a result. The burning vessel came to rest on a private beach near the marina at which point the fire dept. applied fire retardant foam and water. It was reported that only a small volume of fuel was on the water surface and no sheens were observed. smoke damage was reported in nearby residence. Vessel caught fire6/13/2018 10:31:45 AMWMD2512018
2018/06/06 12:00PMRandolphPenny BrookDischarge on field adjacent to Penny BrookStateEquipment or System FailureResiduals from Digester including digested manure, composting leachate, brewery wastes and waterWhile pumping liquid waste from the Digester to the fields a coupling failed and 5,000 gallons of liquid waste ran overland and into Penny Brook6/8/2018 11:59:02 AMWSMD42
2018/05/15 03:00PMWhitinghamSauger Brook, Harriman ReservoirSauger Brook, Harriman ReservoirStateSpill#2 fuel oilAccidental release from AST to cellar floor drain. Floor drain connected to municipal storm sewer. Storm sewer discharges to Sauger Brook.5/15/2018 6:17:36 PMWSMD41
2018/05/11ProctorOtter CreekBox culvert behind 99 South StContractorUnknownSewageE.coli > 1000 col/100 ml5/11/2018 12:18:45 PMWSMD40
2018/03/12 12:00AMMontpelierWinooski River7 Green Mountain Dr.MunicipalitySpillMODF (mineral oil dielectric fluid)Sheen noted in river. FD tracked back to culvert that discharges from GMP Service facility. Transformer fell over7/3/2018 2:00:59 PMWMD1022018
2017/12/18 7:00AMFerrisburghunnamed stream that flows west across Rte 74270 US Route 7ContractorEquip/System Failure#2 Fuel Oilthin film of oil on several inches of water in basement. 14-18 ppm vapors in living space. Small amount of oil also discovered on snow and in a stream where it went down a sleeved pipe through the foundation wall. pinhole leak in copper line7/10/2023 10:24:16 AMWMD6512017
2017/10/30 09:00AMRichmondJoiner BrookManhole prior to RBC treatment unit at Bolton Valley Resort indirect wastewater treatment plant. StateEquipment or System FailureUntreated domestic wastewaterPower outage due to storm caused overflow of domestic wastewater from ski resort's indirect wastewater treatment facility. Power could not be restored immediately due to blocked access road from storm. 10/31/2017 9:17:43 AMWSMD36
2017/10/27AlburgWetland to Lake ChamplainStorm drain outfall located at 1 South Main St, Alburgh VermontContractorCross ConnectionSewageDomestic wastewater from private residences.11/20/2017 2:13:51 PMWSMD35
2017/05/04 12:00PMBurlingtonLake Champlain MunicipalitySpillMotor OilBurlington Dept. of Parks & Recreation boat was being launched into Champlain when personnel noticed sheen on water, source was identified as a loose fuel filter. The release was immediately stopped then contained. Incident occurred at the coast guard boat launch. Oil filter dislodged on vessel resulting is motor oil release to surface water5/5/2017 1:20:18 PMWMD1972017
2017/04/26 11:30AMBartonWilloughby Brook/Barton River63 Glover RdStateSpillGasolineDuring construction drilling for bridge pier installation, a water main was broken causing upwelling of known contaminated soil to ground surface. Some of this contaminated sediment was discharged into the Willoughby Brook tributary to the Barton River. The amount of sediment could not be estimated, however water flowed out of the borehole for approximately 20 minutes before the water main could be closed. Cont. found during subsurface work6/19/2017 1:49:31 PMWMD1782017
2017/01/03St. Johnsbury Styles BrookNorth of Interstate 93 at Styles Brook MunicipalityCross Connectionbackwash from water treatment facilitybackwash from WTF is directly plumbed to town sewer; appears to be a break in the plumbing line between the WTF and the town sewer. Town is onsite repairing. 1/4/2017 3:33:40 PMWSMD32
2016/12/13 3:00PMMount HollyMill River1300 Route 103StateSpillAnti-freeze, Diesel, Motor OilTruck hauling 20 - 25 tons of calcium carbonate (bagged powder), according to Fire Chief, CC wet but not released. RP is a Canadian Trucking firm based in Ontario (See Contacts). Truck driver transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center. TT roll-over into Mill River - fluids lost6/13/2017 11:48:44 AMWMD5472016
2016/09/08Derby Clyde River31 Hinman Settler RoadStateEquipment or System FailureSewageFailed septic system leaking into small stream and state storm sewer system. Discharge is directly below Rte 105 bridge.9/8/2016 12:21:02 PMWSMD29
2016/08/22Pawlet Flower BrookMunicipal storm drain outfall behind 82 School StreetStateCross ConnectionSewageFailed septic system8/30/2016 11:13:52 AMWSMD22
2016/08/01Barre City Edgewood BrookMunicipal stormwater outfall located 150 feet north of baseball diamond at 70 Camp StreetContractorCross ConnectionSewageBroken house lateral discharging to storm line. Discovered after correction of leaking municipal sewer line.8/30/2016 11:04:11 AMWSMD18
2016/08/01Barre City Gunner's BrookMunicipal outfall to Gunner's Brook behind 112 Maple Avenue, about 366 feet upstream from Brook Street bridge crossing of brookContractorCross ConnectionSewageSuspected broken house sewer lateral on Maple Avenue is leaking into municipal storm drain discharging to Gunner's Brook.8/1/2016 1:53:32 PMWSMD16
2016/08/01Barre Town Edgewood BrookMunicipal stormwater outfall behind 30 Smith Farm RoadContractorCross ConnectionSewageSuspected sewer cross contamination from Countryside Drive neighborhood.8/1/2016 2:31:45 PMWSMD19
2016/07/26LunenburgUnnamed tributary to the Connecticut RiverMunicipal storm drain on Jefferson StContractorCross ConnectionSewageBacked up and leaking sewer1/15/2019 3:57:48 PMWSMD27
2016/07/26Lunenburg Neal BrookMunicipal storm drain outfall opposite 165 West Main St in Lunenburg VillageContractorEquipment or System FailureSewageFailed septic leakin into municipal storm drain. Unknown location9/8/2016 12:18:20 PMWSMD26
2016/07/05Fair HavenUnnamed tributary Poultney RiverMunicipal storm drain in front of 70 South Main St.StateEquipment or System FailureSewageFailed septic system1/15/2019 3:52:22 PMWSMD3
2016/06/09 10:00AMBurlington Lake ChamplainGlobal Bulk Facility by Oakledge ParkMunicipalitySpillFire suppressant foamUnpermitted discharge of fire suppressant foam7/8/2016 2:47:42 PMWSMD9
2016/06/07Montpelier North Branch of the Winooski River172 Main Street, MontpelierContractorCross Connectionsewageleaking sewer main into storm sewer 10/20/2016 2:03:46 PMWSMD10
2016/05/20 02:41PMOrange Wetlandwetland near the intersection of Highway 302 and Reservoir RoadStateSpilldriveway sealant (tar) Vermont HAZ-MAT team was notified by Emergency Management of an accident involving a pickup hauling a trailer; the trailer capsized causing the accident and associated spill of 40 gallons of driveway sealant (tar). The driver was evacuated. At time of notification approximately 15 gallons of the material had been removed through had excavation by the fire department and the cleanup contractor was in-route. The immediate threat was neutralized and preventative measures put in place. Excavation of soils for disposal is scheduled for the week of 6/27-7/1. 7/7/2016 3:42:21 PMWSMD6
2016/05/20Bennington Walloomsac River (Hoosic Drainage)Stormwater outfall between 1789 & 1955 North Bennington RoadStateEquipment or System FailuresewageSewer main break on First Street, Bennington College11/4/2016 1:32:12 PMWSMD8
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