The River Management Program provides regulatory review and technical assistance to landowners, municipalities and other agencies to help determine the appropriate channel management practices necessary to resolve conflicts with river systems.
This form fulfills the municipal obligation to electronically report an Emergency Protective Measure under the Stream Alteration Rules. Further guidance on the municipality’s obligations when authorizing an Emergency Protective Measure can be found here. A river management engineer (RME) will review the information. As part of verbal communications with the municipality, the RME may seek additional information to determine the existence of an imminent threat and the appropriate protective measure. Where the town has or will approve an activity to address an imminent threat to life or severe damage to property, the RME shall issue a preliminary written authorization.
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Emergency Protective Measures
The following Imminent Threat(s) exist because life is imperiled or there is a risk of severe property damage that would otherwise occur within the next 72 hours including:
(Check all that apply at the specific threatened site):

The Emergency Protective Measure(s) will be consistent with the standards in Subchapter 27-704 of the Vermont Stream Alteration Rules and will minimize imminent threats by:
(Check all that apply at the specific threatened site):

Has the River Management Engineer been notified by phone?