Vermont Rivers Program - Stream Alterations

Map View of Current EPM Activities


DateProject #MunicipalityWatercourseAddressThreatsEmergency Protective MeasuresConfirmation DateConditions
04/15/2020EPM-001-2020DuxburyRidley BrookCamels Hump Road    
04/15/2020EPM-002-2020DuxburyRidley BrookCamels Hump Road    
04/15/2020EPM-003-2020DuxburyRidley BrookCamels Hump Road    
04/15/2020EPM-004-2020DuxburyRidley BrookCamels Hump Road    
12/19/2019EPM-019-2019MonktonPond BrookMountain Road near Preston Lane* Infrastructure (e.g., roads and bridges) has been destroyed or made unusable and the lack of public access will threaten lives.

* Repairing or replacing infrastructure, the loss of which is or would be an imminent threat to public health and safety.