Vermont Rivers Program - Stream Alterations

Map View of Current EPM Activities


DateProject #MunicipalityWatercourseAddressThreatsEmergency Protective MeasuresConfirmation DateConditions
04/17/2019EPM-008-2019ChittendenUnnamed tributary to Hewitt BrookMountain Top Road, culvert #162    
07/25/2018EPM-023-2018GuilfordGreen RiverBetween 1118 and 1380 Green River Road    
05/18/2018EPM-005-2018HighgatemissisquoiCemetery on eroded Missisquoi River Bank Monument Road* Flood-related erosion has just occurred, damaging property and infrastructure, and further erosion at the site is imminent.

* Making stream bed or streambank fills necessary to limit further stream channel movement(s) that have or will otherwise result in imminent threats when public access is eliminated or property is severely damaged by erosion.