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Project Number7R1359-1
Project Name Highland Center for the Arts Trust, LTD
Number of Lots 
Tract Acres 
Project Acres 
Location2875 Hardwick Street
DescriptionRevisions to the +/-26,000 square foot performing arts complex (under construction, and for which a permit was previously issued to the Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency). The project includes changes to architectural design, hours of operation, café occupancy, roof line, roof colors, and sign.
Project Type 
Application TypeMAJOR
Applicant Highland Center for the Arts Trust, LTD / 802-223-1000
Second Applicant /
ContactHalpert Robert / 802-223-1000
Date ReceivedAug 11, 2016
Date Notice IssuedAug 31, 2016
Date Entered 
Agenda DateSep 02, 2016
Permit Agenda Date 
Hearing DateSep 15, 2016
Hearing Time7:00
Hearing Request Deadline 
Date Decision IssuedJun 30, 2017
Date Permit Expires 
Appeal Date 
Days to Receive20 (Aug 11, 2016 to Aug 31, 2016)
Days to Enter 
Days to Agenda Date22 (Aug 11, 2016 to Sep 02, 2016)
Days to Permit Agenda Date 
Days to Hearing Date-35 (Sep 15, 2016 to Aug 11, 2016)
Days to Issue323 (Aug 11, 2016 to Jun 30, 2017)
NameTypeSizeFile Date
 Plans File folder 02/01/2018
 Schedules File folder 02/01/2018
 Supporting Materials File folder 02/01/2018
Exhibit List.pdf PDF file 47 KB 06/30/2017
Findings.pdf PDF file 69 KB 06/30/2017
Hearing Recording 9-15-16.wav WAV file 73,380 KB 09/22/2016
Major Newspaper Notice.pdf PDF file 12 KB 08/31/2016
Notice and COS.pdf PDF file 41 KB 08/31/2016
Permit and COS.pdf PDF file 101 KB 06/30/2017
Recess Order 2 Attachment - View C Photos.pdf PDF file 17,377 KB 02/23/2017
Recess Order 2 COS.pdf PDF file 44 KB 02/23/2017
Recess Order 2.pdf PDF file 32 KB 02/23/2017
Recess Order and COS (002).pdf PDF file 583 KB 06/22/2017
Recess Order Locus Map and COS.pdf PDF file 585 KB 10/14/2016
Recess Response and COS.pdf PDF file 5,570 KB 12/20/2016
Schedule Order 5-11-17 and COS.pdf PDF file 58 KB 05/11/2017
Schedule Order and COS.pdf PDF file 41 KB 01/06/2017
Town Clerk Letter.pdf PDF file 41 KB 06/30/2017
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