Project Details
Project Number4C1347
Project Name 
Number of Lots2
Project Address4309 Shelburne Road
Project TownShelburne
DescriptionAuthorization for a 2-lot subdivision, creating Lot 1 (2.51 acres) with an existing restaurant and an existing single-family home, Lot 2 (1.12 acres) including the construction of a new 8,000-square foot, 16-unit congregate care facility and associated access drive and parking lot, and a 0.40-acre parcel to be retained by the adjacent property owner to the east, subject to a 50-foot wide easement to the Town of Shelburne extending from Route 7 to the adjacent Shelburne Campground property. Additionally, this permit specifically authorizes the removal of two existing motel buildings and one existing cabin on the project tract (the Project).
Application TypeMinor
Project TypeResidential - Other Residential

Project Participants
Land OwnerCharles Bissonette CSJ Corporation4285 Shelburne Road Shelburne VT 05482
ApplicantDSLJ Ventures, LLC4281 Shelburne Road Shelburne VT 05482
Primary ContactRyan Morse O'Leary-Burke Civil Associates, PLC13 Corporate Drive Essex Junction VT 05452
Project Status
Date Application ReceivedAug 30, 2022
Date Deemed CompleteOct 04, 2022
Agenda DateNov 14, 2022
Permit Agenda Date (legacy) 
Notice IssuedOct 11, 2022
Pre-Hearing Date 
Hearing Date 
Response DeadlineOct 31, 2022
Date Decision IssuedNov 10, 2022
Current Status Permit   Status Definitions
Days to Review - all app types (from Received to 1st Review) (1):1
Days to Issue from End of Comment Period/Last item received - Minors only (2):0
Days to Issue after Adjournment - Majors only (3): 
Days from Deemed Complete to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Majors & Major(Minors) only (4): 
Days from End of Comment Period to Prehearing/1st Hearing - Major(Minors) only (5): 

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View HPK-GQH4-5VF3R-v1-SubmissionDownload.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/08/30
View 000 - Exhibit List.xlsxApplication DocumentsExhibit List2022/08/30
View 001 Act 250 Application Submittal.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/08/30
View 001a - Act 250 Cover Letter.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/30
View 002 - Signature Form.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/08/30
View 003 - Location Map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/30
View 004 - Soils Map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/30
View 005 - SH 1 - Existing Conditions 7-1-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 006 - SH2 - Site Plan 8-26-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 007 - SH3 - Lighting Plan 8-3-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 008 - SH4 - Roadway Details 7-13-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 009 - SH5 - Stormwater Details 7-1-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 010 - SH6 - Water and Sewer Details 5-4-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 011 - SH7 - Specifications 12-21-21.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 012 - SH8 - EPSC Plan 7-1-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 013 - SH9 - Post-Construction Soils Plan 8-17-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 014 - SH PL - Subdivision and BLA PLAT 5-4-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 015 - SH A-2 - Lakeview Elevations 4.18.22.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/08/30
View 016 - SH L1.0 Landscaping Plan 7-5-22.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 017 - Local and Regional Plan Excerpts.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/08/30
View 018 - Construction Waste Reduction Plan.pdfApplication DocumentsSite Plans2022/08/30
View 019 - Town Approval Letter.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/30
View 020 - VTrans State Highway Access Permit.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/08/30
View 021 - SFHA and River Corridor Map.pdfApplication DocumentsMap2022/08/30
View 022 - AAFM Review E-Mail.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/30
View 023 - ITE Trip Generation.pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/08/30
View 024 - Vermont Architecutral Resourse Inventory (VARI).pdfApplication DocumentsReports & Studies2022/08/30
View 025 - Wetland Determination E-mail.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/08/30
View 026 - Howard Center Sign.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/08/30
View Schedule G 4C1347.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/08/31
View HPK-GQH4-5VF3R-v2-SubmissionDownload.pdfApplication Documents(Blank)2022/09/27
View fee receipt.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsFee Documents2022/10/11
View 4C1347 noticeproposedpermitcos.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsNotices2022/10/11
View 027 ANR Comments and COS.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2022/10/27
View 028 Construction Waste Reduction Plan Apporval and Revision 10-20-22.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/27
View 029 VDHP Comments of CSJ Corp and DSLJ Ventures 4C1347.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/10/31
View 030 ANR Supplemental Comments COS.pdfApplication DocumentsComments & Requests for Party Status2022/11/03
View 033 C-4097-22.0 - ISSUED.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/11/07
View 034 Municipal Impact Questionnaire - Signed.pdfApplication DocumentsApplication Forms2022/11/07
View 035 WW-4-0863-2_Permit - ISSUED.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/11/07
View 036 Cover Letter and COS 11-7-22.pdfApplication DocumentsCorrespondence, Memos, & Approval Letters2022/11/07
View 032 9509-9050 - ISSUED.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/11/07
View 031 9509-9020 - ISSUED.pdfApplication DocumentsPermit (Other)2022/11/07
View 4C1347 lupexhibitlistcos.pdfDistrict Commission DocumentsLand Use Permit & Findings2022/11/10